Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Poll

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1) Mascara of the Day? - Exceptionnel de Chanel tester I got from my wonderful Chanel SA. It's nice but a bit too thick clumpy for me. (even with the lash comb)

2) Did you watch the Olympics opening ceremonies? - Yes. In the US they televised it with a commercial break every 8 min. Thank goodness I TiVo'ed it. It was amazing and awe inspiring. I'm thinking of doing a Chinese Opera Star Makeup face for Halloween!

3) Funniest/Worst makeup catastrophe that someone else noticed on you? - Wore a Physicians Formula bronzer to work after I had fake tanned in the morning. The darn thing oxidized on me and I turned into an Oompa Loompa. I had a manager walk in and ask me if I had bought new makeup and how it was "...very ummm...bright.". I ran to restroom only to see a bright orange face staring back at me in the mirror. That night. bronzer went in the trash and self tanner followed.

4) What is your most elusive Makeup product/tool or skin care item? The often talked about but never seen Sonia Kashuk Skunk Brush, A.K.A. Highlighting brush. It's not even on!!

5) Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes? - I'm not sure; that's why I'm asking you!

6) Current "Lemming" Makeup and/or other? - Lancome Erika F eyeshadow and more closet space!


  1. Mascara of the Day: CG Lash Blast, some may not like it, I love it.

    Opening Ceremonies: Did catch some it, truly amazing and inspiring, but really sad about that 7 yr old little girl not getting to sing because she wasn't "pretty" enough. Been there, done that.

    MU Mistake: I live through the
    80's and was in my late teens, 20's @ the time. Enough said!

    I also cannot find the elusive Sonia Kashuk Skunk Brush, maybe it's just a figment of someone's imagination.

    Halloween????? Oh hale, let me just get past Labor Day, OK?

    Lemming: Cult of Cherry Spiced Chocolates E/S Palette and Blossom (ing) Blush

  2. 1)L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition (ol' faithful)

    2)Nope, was attending a bridal shower.

    3)I can't think of anything! I obviously need to take more risks! :-)

    4) It WAS the SK skunk brush but I got one at the Target in Atlanta Perimeter center over the weekend! Looking back, I should have gotten a few extra...I'm out of the habit of MUA-thinking. ;-)

    5) For me, yes. For you, no. :-)

    6) Fresh face luster in Northern Light and the perfect red/brown lippie for fall.

  3. 1) Mascara of the Day? - L'Oreal Telescopic. I really like it but I wish it gave me more volume. If it made babies with L'Oreal Voluminous , that baby would be the BEST MASCARA EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    2) Did you watch the Olympics opening ceremonies? - No, no interest. I was probably watching Maury or The Price is Right instead.

    3) Funniest/Worst makeup catastrophe that someone else noticed on you? - The makeover I got during the MUA NYC Meetup of 2007. It was horrific in ways I don't care to discuss. Board search it and read for yourself lol.

    4) What is your most elusive Makeup product/tool or skin care item? The Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner brush, L'Oreal Showstopping Taupes e/s palette, MAC Holiday 2006 Smoked Eyes palette, Lancome PS Kiss...I love LE/elusive stuffs lol

    5) Is it too early to start thinking about Halloween costumes? - If you're into that sort of thing, no. I'm not.

    6) Current "Lemming" Makeup and/or other? - A beer, Dior Earth Tones palette, and the Cult of Cherry stuffs I'm probably getting today lol

  4. No mascara or any mu for me today. At home and whiny b/c of TOTM.

    Heck yeah I watched the Olympics opening ceremony and just about every other second of the Olympics I could catch.

    MU mistake: Badly blended and badly matched foundation in HS when I didn't even need foundation back then. Thankfully my BFF yanked me into the restroom before the rest of the school saw. It was a Max Factor shimmer thing that was supposed to be used with another foundation or moisturizer, but I wore it alone, lol.

    I want that damn SK skunk, too.

    Too early for me, I operate on a week-by-week basis b/c that's how we do it at work =P

    Lemming was a Jill Stuart lip luster but I caved on that last night b/c I couldn't sleep.

  5. Mascara of the Day - None. Eye allergies said NO mascara today. Sad.

    Opening Ceremonies - I fell asleep during it. I was a sleeeeepy Aly. But I caught some of it. It was lovely.

    MU mistake - I came to school once having applied my concealer in the car on the way over. except I missed a spot when I was blending, so I came up to my group of friends with a big ole' dab of concealer on my cheek. cute. luckily someone pointed it out politely so I could fix!

    elusive mu item - well it WAS the BB stonewashed nudes palette but I got mine yesterday from EL's gone but not forgotten program. So right now, I am not chasing any unicorns.

    halloween costumes - Ohgosh. Yes. For me, it's too early.

    lemming - Unsure. I feel like shopping (that's a constant), but not sure what to buy. I think I'll buy a new bra or some underoos.

  6. p.s. the SK skunk is uh-ma-zing. If you want me to try and CP one for you, PM me on MUA. :)

  7. All: Thank you for setting me straight on the whole Halloween thing.

    Janine: My early teens in the 1980's I feel your pain sista

    Valerie: You must tell me how you like the brush! And It's OK not being in the MUA mindset. It's a healthier one I'm sure!

    Joey: It may be a PITA but try layering L'Oreal Telescopic and then L'Oreal Voluminous. I do this with CG Lash Blast and The New Chanel mascara and I have "drag queen" lashes as a result. But of course I WANT drag Queen lashes. You may not want that.

    Sophia: I had a dream about that damn JS lip Lister last night! Darn you evil lemming queen!

    Aly: You REALLY got a SWN from that program? Really? Wow. I hate you. (Just kidding) You should blog about that experience...if you haven't already. I would love to see pics too! Thanks for the CP offer!


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