Monday, June 29, 2009

Sephora 500 point Beauty Insider joke...err... I mean Gift!

This is what you get for 500 Sephora Beauty Insider points. According to my local Sephora (Tysons Corner) this "gem" is what you get when you save up all your beauty points and finally have 500 to cash in.
Yes ladies. This "all in one" palette of shadows, blushes, face powder lipsticks and glosses can be yours start on July 2nd for a mere 500 points from your Sephora Beauty Insider Beauty Points Bank. I am not aware if this is available on line. It seems to be in store only but perhaps it is also available on line since they have a specific date when this item will be available.
Now before you get too excited, which I know you ALL are, allow me to tell you that I was not able to swatch the palette. I was only able to get my husband Mr. Sith to take a covert picture of this while I was checking out. They only had this at the register and only one for us to view. I have no idea if the shadows and blushes are the same quality as the Sephora brand, which are pretty decent. But from first looks (and sorry for the bad picture) it doesn't look very exciting at all.
First of all, the blushes, except for one, are all very warm toned and the face powder is obviously for a medium-light toned individual and the Bronzer looks matte. The lipsticks/glosses in the palette are useless unless you are going to carry this around with you all the time. The brushes look substandard, but semi usable. The eyeshadows are a decent mix of cool toned and warm, but nothing jaw dropping or unique.
At first glance I do not believe this is is worth 500 points from my Sephora bank. Maybe if I have a chance to play with it...maybe...but even then, I don't think so. I'm not a fan of these "all in one" palettes. That's just me. There's nothing wrong with them. I just don't have a use for them.
Lastly, this palette reminds me of a makeup palette that was marketed in the early 1980's via a catalog. Buy 3 products and get this super deluxe palette free. Anyone remember those? It wasn't Mary Kay or Avon. But it was lame & the quality was terrible.

So. Will you be cashing in your points for this palette?

What other sort of perks for 500 Beauty Insider points would you like to have?


  1. Perks would be a selection of products to choose from. I too, have a strong dislike for all-in-ones, the one size fits all of the cosmetic world. I like my palette with it's magnetic base and endless possibilities.

    I remember the buy three and get the palette offer. We used to order it out of my Mother's women's magazine. I remember getting a "Facebook" blue liquid eyeliner. All the products in that order were equally useless.

    I vote for choice.

  2. LOL that kind of reminds me of those "play" palettes that you can get at the drugstore for like 10 bucks. That's horrible for your 500 Sephora points.

  3. I am not sure if this is selling in malaysia

  4. Sherry: We don't have Sephora here! :(((

    OK, my dear Elvira, I don't care about points. I don't know why many women and points are always such good friends. But I am not one at all. I don't tote around department store cards or whatever plastic to collect points. I get a headache just thinking about this idea...

    The palette itself looks good for a daily use but I'd be bored after about 3 days because it's all au natural. Besides, I have learnt my lesson not to get anymore giant palettes or else I'd have a problem handling it. I love my Tarte The vanity Palette but it's hell to hold and to carry!

    Ps: I love your writing style! Always cracks me up.

  5. I'm happy they had the Philosophy Microdelivery Wash minis - I got two with my 200 points when I purchased a full size. I think the cashier thought I was an addict. This 500 point "gift" is awful looking. Thanks but no thanks.

  6. They already had this palette as a normal product for sale last year, or one very similar to the one I gifted, I remember it was around $30. So for $500 already spent you get a product worth retail $30, and it's a repromote? Way to make us feel special.

  7. I should've cashed in some points when they were offering the Best of Korres set online...sadly now I have enough points to buy 2 of those kits, and the ladies at Sephora don't even bother to ask me if I want the regular 100-point samples.

  8. Hum...this kit looks a lot like the FREE palette that ELF was giving away a few months ago w/ a $10 purchase...check it out:

    They're not identical but very much alike.

  9. I redeemed my 500 points a few months ago for the Best of Korres set which WAS totally worth it and the products were good quality... but I hate all-in-ones and it's kind of ugly. So I'll probably continue to hoard points until a better bonus comes out.

  10. lol I always thought this palette was not worth 500 pts! Not worth my hard spent/earnt $500 (to get the 500pts).

  11. Psh no! Of the million things I would use my points for - that is not one of them.

  12. Sigh. Why are they doing this? I bet the wouldn't be able to sell it on its own. I've been saving up my points- about a month or 2 ago a sweet SA at my old sephora told me that they used to have a huge awesome Korres set for the 500 points. Sigh again.
    Like you, I have all in one kits- what am I supposed to do with the lippies? Plus it takes up too much room on my vanity.
    I'm not saving them anymore. Bleh

  13. i think the elf one looks better! lol

  14. I feel bad for you! I actually came across your blog because I was about to claim a second 100 point prize and decided to stop myself. Out of curiosity, I googled "Sephora Beauty Perks 200 Points" and that's when I found this entry. Truth is, I'm better off with my itty bitty sample of Sephora's primer in a tube. Still, I just claimed one a few days ago and received it in the mail today. As much as your kit blows, I have to see what 200 points gets me. Again, I'm sorry that offered you crap on a palette; I thought Sephora took better care of their customers. Most especially the ones who really drop money there (and people like me who shop there all the time but can't really afford it so I go home and get metaphorically spanked by my boyfriend because I spent way too much). By the way, I hate palettes too. It's like they expect one set to suit the needs of those who are fair, light, medium, and dark. Then, you have those with cool and warm tones, pink, yellow, beige, and neutral undertones. Silly Sephora.

  15. Remember ladies. You get 1 point per 1 dollar. That's FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS you have to spend to get that puny plastic piece of crap.

  16. just for the person above me - its $500 we spent to get that puny plastic piece of crap AND $500 worth of other products. DUH


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