Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Poll

I'm just back from my trip to Chicago. I was there for a business meeting/conference for a software system I use. Woo Hoo!

What was fun:
Getting to sleep in
Ordering room service
Meeting & Going Shopping with a MUAer - MrsCliveOwen ♥
Buying Shu Uemura makeup
Getting GWPs from Shu Uemura MAs
Friendly SAs in Neimans and Saks Fifth Avenue
Ginos Pizza!
Taking a bath with all those messy Lush brand bath bombs and not having to clean the tub after
Friendly TSA agents in Dulles

What was not:
Being away from my Dear Son

Being away from my Dear Husband
No BECCA Counters at Barney's or Neimans or Saks!
10% sales tax!
Having to go though airport security with my ziploc baggie of liquids that the TSA couldn't have given a crap about.
Cranky TSA agents in O'Hare

So participate in the poll to help make the work-a-day go faster.

1) LOTD? - Chanel Rouge Allure in Naive

2) Best movie to watch on a plane? - The 5th element! It's captivating, funny, fun and when people look over your shoulder they are like WTF is she watching?

3) Favorite item(s) from any of the Fall Collections? - Chanel Kaleidoscope nail polish

4) Current Podcast subscription? - NPR's Wait! Wait! Don't tell me.

5) Best new non-makeup blog discovery? Cake Wrecks - When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. A HUGE Thank you to joeybunny for sending this my way!

6) Fragrance of the day? - Mark Jacobs Daisy (Yes. I know. I smell just like everyone else)

A Special THANK YOU to my wonderful Mother In Law. She stayed home with my husband & son while I was away. Not only did she take care of my baby boy she cleaned my car and my bathroom. The woman is a saint I tell ya! I love her!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guerlain Fall 2008 - A Look At The Game (Jeu de Dames)

A little trick I learned from A Touch of blusher blog: Some western cosmetic companies update their Japanese web pages with the new collections sooner than the Western websites. Guerlain is no exception. If you click on the western website you still get the 2008 Summer collection....BUT if you click on the Japanese Guerlain website you are greeted with images from the 2008 Fall Collection: Jeu De Dames (Translation is literally Game Of Ladies. Hence the chess pieces theme in the promo pictures)

I was lucky enough to happen into Neiman Marcus on July 2nd and my favorite Guerlain MA pulled me aside and excitedly told me "We got the new fall collection! Do you wanna see it?"


Do I want to see it?
I want to buy it! And buy I did.

I picked up the Ombre Éclat Eyeshadow (limited edition) in 401 Jeu de Nuit (Game of Night)

and KissKiss Lipstick in 578 Rose Salsa. 

Let me tell you Rose Salsa is the most perfect rose color ever. But sadly the shimmers in the kiss kiss lipstick are still gritty to me. I guess I am spoiled by Chanel Rouge Allure formula and anything else seems too gritty or thick...however the grit is minimal and I can overlook it for the fact that I get a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade and it's fairly long wearing too. No, they didn't have testers or anything out yet, but I told my MA that I was definitely going to buy the Rose Salsa lipstick and she let me swatch it before I bought it! I was in love!

The Eyeshadow quad was purchased knowing that I would probably never use it. I have a few pieces like that. I'll make a post about it some day. but for now, lets leave it as I have not used the eye shadows yet.
Jeu de Nuit comes in a matte compact with 4 dark shades: deep brown mocha, slate grey, carbon black and charcoal grey. Three are embossed with a cameo of a lady in pearly bronzy red. This palette can be worn on it's own but it really was released to coordinate with the other palette: Jeu de Nacres (Game of Mother-of-pearls). This is a shiny black compact with 4 pastel shades of pink, ivory, blue and green. The Cameo of the lady is in silver on three of the 4 shadows. This one reminds me of a very old Dior Quint I had back in the 80's. All the shades looked white but when applied they looked pink, blue, purple, gold or green depending on the light. So with this new Guerlain Quad the pastels are meant to be worn OVER the dark shades giving a 3 dimensional look to the eyeshadow. (Literal Moment: Someone should let the company know that we are already in 3-D) It's a great marketing tool. Two $57 compacts that need to be sold together to get "the look"!

Here are links from talking about the new 2008 Guerlain Fall line.

So are you going to buy anything from the new Guerlain Collection?
If so, what?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome 2 new taupe eyeshadows to Pink Sith's family

Welcome my 2 new additions. I feel like a proud parent. Welcoming in my 2 new little ones. A Brand new to the scene, MAC Smoke & Diamonds from the new Starflash Collection and An oldie but goodie, Majolica Majorca SV821!
I went to Nordstrom to return my MAC Anniversary MU (click here to see how lame that collection was) and saw that they had the new Starflash Collection out. Since I didn't see it on MAC's website or on the Nordies website I can only assume that the SAs took it out early or I need to empty my cache on my browser and reload the web pages.

Here is the new Taupe I picked up called Smoke & Diamonds. This formula is soooooooo creamy and smooth and heavily pigmented. the SA said that there were jojoba oils in the shadow...OK. whatever. It's taupe eyeshadow. Outta my way!
And in the mail from my order was a loverly Majolica Majorca eye shadow single in SV821. It's so beautiful and shimmery....however tiny and oh so lonely all by itself. I must pick up a few more to put in a palette so it will have some other Japanese friends to chat with. Poor thing. A Stranger in a Strange Land. Don't worry SV821 your buddies from Japan will be here soon.

Did you recently acquire any new taupe eye shadows? Any new eye shadows at all? Please share!

Lip Stains was lost, but now is found. was bland but now I'm glam

Vincent Longo has some wonderful makeup. My favorite liquid foundation is from this line, I have a few lipsticks that I picked up form ULTA when they were pulling the line from their stores , but I never got a chance to get the lip stains until recently.

The lip stain colors are pretty and wearable and the the product itself is buildable, wears well and fades evenly. At $22.50 each I can't justify getting a ton...OK. Yes I can, but I would rather spend my $ on Chanel...if you want me to be completely honest.

During the last Bath and Body works 50% off sale, I took advantage of the deal and picked up a Pearlessence Gel Stain in Dolceaqua and a Lip & Cheek Gel Stain in Liquid Kiss. (Both for the price of just one gel stain. I love deals!) So I wore the heck outta that combo the first few days I got it. It was great to kiss my Dear Son goodbye at daycare and not leave him with "lipstick face" and have the teachers think he has a new bruise.

One hurried day, a few weeks ago, I stashed my lip stains in a plastic grocery bag along with an extra umbrella that I keep in my car. I had put the umbrella in the bag because I had heard it was going to rain that afternoon, and not wanting to melt from the rain (a la the wicked witch of the West...or was it East?), I went along my merry way. At the end of the day the rain never came so I forgot about said umbrella in bag and left it, along with my Vincent Longo lip stains....until yesterday. It was raining when I was getting ready to leave work and I remembered that I had never returned my extra umbrella to the car. I reached for the bag and lo and behold the Vincent Longo lip stains were there! I thought I had lost them, as I am wont to do from time to time. It's so nice finding a makeup item you lost or forgot about. It's like getting something new all over again!

I like to wear liquid kiss as a base and then Dolceaqua as the shimmer on top. I finish it with a clear lip gloss or balm and I have glam lips that don't fade or feather for hours on end. I like the fact that the Vincent Longo stains don't grab on to the lines on my lips or dry flakes that I might have. I also like that it wears evenly and does not disappear from the inner lips leaving a lip color ring around my lips too.

For $22.50 I have not found a better stain...but I certainly have found better long wearing lip sticks. But if you like the lightness of a stain and like shimmer this combo is perfect. The only complaint is that the packaging seems to leak a least with the pearlescent color (as evidenced in the photo above). But it could be because the product was jostled around too much b/c I thoughtlessly put it in a plastic grocery bag and not in a proper makeup bag/purse/clutch/train case/etc. as it should be.

Have any recently "found" items from your stash?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Nordies Haul Part 2 - I'm a sucker for gimmicks & paid the price.

The Purchase:
I picked up 2 items from the MAC Color Forms collection, Pop Circle Lipstick and Play Around Pink Color Forms Powder. These items are exclusive to the Nordstom Anniversary Sale. I wasn't all that interested in the rest of the collection, but I'm always a sucker for pink blush & lipstick with a different inner core.

I remember in the early 80's when I first learned about inner core lipstick. I wanted those shiny vinyl lips the models had. Of course I was still in elementary school, but I wanted to have that dramatic look like Pat Benatar.

Ms. Benatar, being my fashion icon at the time, drove all of my fashion and makeup purchases. Just when I had perfected the teal-blue lined inner rims of my eyes, *poof* the 80's were over and we had moved on to the brown lipstick of the 90's.

I digress.

Play Around Pink:
So the blush or "Color Forms Powder" as MAC calls it, is just O.K. It comes in a shiny black case, the same size as a regular beauty powder, and there are 4 colors that mix together to form a matte, pink-plum color. I know there is a white highlighter in there but I found no shimmer to this powder at all. When applied it gives me a cool-neutral toned pink/plum hue to my cheeks. I applied using my MAC 187 skunk brush and I got a lot of coverage. Using a regular blush brush would probably give too much pigment on your face....but if Pat Benatar is your icon, then that won't be a problem.

Pop Circle:
The lipstick is from the Lustre formula so it's going to be semi sheer already. The core is the Strobe Lipbalm formula. A limited edition (if I recall correctly) set of lip balm looking tubes of shimmery tints. Anyway. It gives a nice subtle shimmer to the color and it's not overly frosty...however it's not THAT shimmery either and I think it's sort of gimmicky as most inner core lipsticks are. Once applied the color looks rather flat. I had to juj (kik) it up a bit by applying Chanel Glossimer in Magnifique on top. Which, by the way, is a VERY close dupe to the lipstick color so if you already have the glossimer you don't need the lipstick. I would describe the color as warmer than Lancome Pixel Pink and Lighter than Guerlain Fleur de Feu stick gloss. Muwhahaha. Don't you hate it when people use 2 very hard to find and limited edition colors to compare a color? This is just my not so subtle way of advertizing "HEY! I HAVE LANCOME PIXEL PINK AND GUERLAIN FLEUR DE FEU! SUKAAAAZZZ." MAC Pop circle is a warm yellow based pink lipstick, that has minimal shimmer and is semi transparent. There. Is that better?

The Verdict:
All in all, I feel like MAC phoned it in for the Nordstrom Anniversary least with these 2 items. My interest in MAC is waining as they come out with ever more "collections du jour", the collections are all limited edition, re-promotes and/or close to existing colors already. I mean how many shades of taupe eye shadow does on person need?........Oh wait. Forget I asked.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Poll

So Here we are. Thursday again. Tomorrow is my day off. Whoo Hoo! but having worked 10 hour days this week I need a break. So to ease me into the weekend I have a new poll. Please participate as I love to read everyone's responses!

1) Lip of the day? - MAC Pop Circle lipstick and Chanel Magnifique Glossimer

2) Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? - Haagen Daaz Honey Vanilla. (yeah I'm boring)

3) What's in the mail? - My recent order from!! (Kose Esprique Precious Glamourous Glossy Eyes)

4) Latest Makeup Purchase Disappointment? - Becca Sateen Palette. All I really like are Lamè and Chantilly shadows. the rest are meh and the Bambi liner is too orange toned for my liking. I guess it's time to start swapping!

5) If you only had money to do one, which would you do? Hair Cut at a very posh & fab salon from an amazing stylist or a Dr. Fish Pedicure. - I can't decide...but I'm leaning towards the Dr. Fish pedicure.

And you??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lancome Color Fever Gloss - Sometimes a gloss wand is just a gloss wand.

Freud is misquoted as saying, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." He never actually said far as the experts can find, but he was also a cocaine fiend with latent sexual feelings toward his mother, so let's not go there shall we?

But Freud never saw the Lancome Color Fever Gloss applicator wand. Perhaps if he had, he would have really made that statement above, or accused Lancome of having an Electra Complex. Who knows?

Unless they change the applicator I will not buy another Color Fever Gloss. It's not so much the yonic applicator that turns me off...ok maybe a little...but I just don't find the applicator effective in applying gloss. I prefer a brush applicator (not the Bobbi Brown ones tho, they splay too easily). I usually end up putting the gloss from a doe foot on the back of my hand and using a lip brush to apply. But when I'm on the go I just want to apply straight from the tube. This Lancome gloss wand makes it difficult for me to get enough gloss and get it evenly applied. I think I might be the only person with this problem as Lancome is not the only company to use this type of applicator, and Lancome surely does not have a problem selling theses glosses.

This is Femme Petale from the Color Fever Gloss Roses collection. It's a medium, sheer, warm. bubblegum pink gloss with gold and red shimmer.

It's very pretty and looks good alone or over lipstick (for example Lancome Pixel Pink to warm it up if you like). It's that dern wand that gets me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clio Art Blush- A requisite blush for a blush hoor!

The Hoor has a new love and thy name is Clio:

Clio is a Korean Company who curiously manufactures their cosmetics in Italy...but we are a global economy now, aren't we? Well if we are so “global” why is it so hard to buy these dern things!?

OK. Back to the subject at hand, and next week perhaps we will talk about Six Sigma for manufacturing process and discuss the theory of Just In Time delivery or JIT as it relates to economies of scale.
OK. No we won’t.
A good portion of the Clio eye shadows and blushes are the baked type, so they usually have a dome and are hard/yet very pigmented. Imagine MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes (MSF) or Etude House Peach Beam Blushers.
I am an admitted Blush Hoor and I'm also a sucker for marbleized blushes/MSFs/etc. So when Amanda from MUA had a picture of these in her profile and then I read on the Lotus Palace blog that was carrying them again, I just HAD to have them.
I rushed to buy 2 of the Art Blushers. is not known for their reliability with swtaches. I once ordered some pupa blushes that looked nothing like the I'm usually cautious. Thankfully I selected well.

To see the full collection from the Clio website chick Here. I have not found any other place on the Internet to purchase Clio Cosmetics for shipment to the US. If anyone knows of any I would LOVE to hear about it. I mean it!

What the Hoor Hauled:
I purchased # 2 Pink and # 4 Rose Pink. The Art Blushers come in 5 shades but sadly only offers shades 1-4. #5 looks like a dupe of NARS orgasm only a bit deeper in maybe is closer to MAC Springsheen?, but then again I'm only going on an on-line swatch. It could be dark brown for all I know....but looking at the swatches from the Clio site compared to the real life products I own, I'd say they were pretty close. and close enough to make we wish I had that #5 blush. It might be a dupe of MAC Dainty from the Sonic Chic collection if that is the case, then my MAC Shy Beauty blush from the Beauty Powder Blush collection, my MAC Springsheen blush and my NARS Orgasm blush are just like it so I can skip it. Did I mention I was a blush hoor?

Back to the hoor haul:
The blush compacts come adorned with the cutest "art" designs. The 2 I received have an Andy Worhol inspired theme. (If I am mistaken and have labeled the artist incorrectly please let me know) The are quite large and thick. I would say the size of the compact is about the size of a MAC MSF and the thickness is almost 1 and 1/4 the thickness of a Chanel Blush. It's sizable. When you open up the blush there is a little brush that fits neatly into the compact, a mirror and a protective plastic sleeve. I normally don't use the brushes in compacts so they get put away for one day when I have a daughter that wants to play pretend MU. (Yes. I think about those sort of things. Yes, I'm a dork that way.) The mirror is as large as the diameter of the compact so it's ample for use in application.

The Blush itself: In a word,
A lot of Asian makeup brands have fairly sheer blushes. This is NOT the case with the 2 Clio blushes I chose. One swipe of my blush brush (Body & Soul Cosmetics Brush #2) and I had enough pigment to use for both cheeks and maybe even more. I wouldn't say you need a "light hand" when applying these blushes but you certainly do not have to dig into them like other brands.

#2 Pink is the swirly one. My fave to look at. Light & Dark Pink, White & Bronze/Gold all fuse together to give a lovely glowy deep pink with shimmer.

#4 Rose Pink is all one color with fine gold micro shimmer throughout. This seems almost more pigmented than #2! It gives the most beautiful golden pink color. It's quickly becoming one of my faves. The micro shimmer does not turn into glitter on my cheeks. It's just glow-y.
The Hoor reflects:
I had recently purchased 2 of the MAC Sonic Chic collection Mineralize Skin Finish blushes before getting these Clio blushes. While the MAC colors are nice, I wish I had saved my money and skipped the purchase. The Clio Art Blushes are far superior! I will say that the MAC line has more choices in color but the quality of these Clio Blushes are far better than any MAC blush.
The Hoor has no regrets:
Even though I did lament above about MAC Sonic Chic being inferior quality to Clio, I must say that the range of colors does win me over. Thankfully the 2 MAC blushes I purchased (Gleeful & Gentle) are not similar to the Clio blushes, so I have enough variety. And seriously. though. I really can't own too many blushes.


The hoor will stop referring to herself in the 3rd person. This is an obnoxious way of speaking and reminds her too much of a self important football star that was signed by the Washington Redskins by a naive and capricious owner. Said football star basically did nothing but collect a paycheck. He was of no use defensively, having only 4 intercepts in the 1 pitiful season he played. It may have been 7 years ago, but those scars run deep....yes Deion Sanders. I'm looking in your direction.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bobbi is Mauvetastic and Chanel is SoChanel!

So I FINALLY got around to photographing the Nordies Anniversary Haul.

It comes with a brush that has its own velvet pouch. How cute is that?


exterior. natural sunlight


interior, no flash

This was hard to photograph. It has shimmer, however it's very fine. The powder (which I tested in store) shows up as a white highlighter with micro shimmer, and very little pink shows up.

The Chanel Illuminating powder will never be used. It's one of those items I buy, keep hidden away, and pull it out to look at once in a while. I might use it one day or I might sell it on ebay in like 5-8 years. Or I may be 98 years old and my great grand children wonder why that crazy old bat with the old wilted tattoos on her back has so much damn unused makeup in her tiny apartment, and why the hell does she insist on listening to TOOL all the time.

exterior, natural sunlight
What didn't show up in this picture is the micro shimmer in blue that is in this sheer pink polish

The nail polish, Rose Tourbillon (which translates to "Costs a small fortune" in English), isn't as durable over the years so I'll be wearing that soon. Right now I'm sporting the new Chanel Kaleidescope nail polish. It's one of my favorite Chanel purchases of all time. It wears better than any other Chanel nail polish I have ever owned too! A definite plus!

2 coats in natural sunlight.
An all time favorite Chanel Purchase. The perfect cool gold polish

Trust me though, I'll be sporting the Rose Tourbillon soon enough. It cost me enough money, I sure as heck am getting every drop outta this polish. I'll post pictures and a review as soon as I'm able.

So on to the Nordies purchase I can review right now. The BB Coco Mauve Collection is lovely!
The bag is even so great that I had to photograph it! (I plan to bring it on my upcoming trip to Chicagoland!)
The Liner - Coco Mauve Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner: Lovely consistency like any of BB liners. I find the cream gel liners spread easier than the shimmer ones and have a more consistent color when applied. This is Brown. Perhaps I'm not worldly enough to notice the subtle nuances of "mauve" in this liner but It just looks brown to me. Fortunately I don't have a brown gel liner without shimmer, so it's a keeper.

The Eyeshadow - Iced Mauve Metallic Eye Shadow: Calling all Taupe Hoors! Run, do not walk to your nearest Bobbi Brown (BB) counter and get this shade! It's sheer and buildable and just a loverly shade of silvery taupe. I will do a taupe comparison one of these days and I think this will rival many MAC taupes and possibly come close to BECCA....nah. Who am I kidding. Nothing beats BECCA...except Chanel. Anyway, A great color I plan to get a lot of use out of!
The Blush - Sand Pink Blush: A nice, warm, matte, pink blush. If you have a color similar, I don't see any need to get this one. It's very pretty but being a blush hoor I may not use this as much as others. The only nice thing is the compact packaging. Makes for great travel.

The Lipstick - Berry Mauve Creamy Lip Color: Ooooh. so soft, so creamy so delicious. No I'm not talking about a cream brule........mmmmmmmmm cream brule! I'm talking about the BB lip color. It's very sheer and shimmery BUT NOT FROSTY. It's buildable too. It does not rival any Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick but it certainly is nice and compliments the set well. I may get a lot of use out of this item too!

The Verdict: I like this set. While some items (Liner & Blush) aren't that unique they are all good quality enough to warrant the purchase. I even love the bag. I hardly ever like makeup bags. This one is big enough but not too big. It has pockets and a sturdy zipper. It's juuuuuuuust right! So if you have a Nordies near by pick up this little item....however, if you have enough brown gel liners, pink blush and don't need a makeup bag, take a chance that it may show up at your local Cosmetics Company Outlet in a few months. The one from last year did, and that was one that had the cream eye shadow that looked like a dupe of Benefit Skinny Jeans.


Friday, July 18, 2008


So the Groucho Marx incident at 5am today is a distant memory now that the warm glow of new cosmetics warms my heart.

I got a mail haul and a Nordstrom Anniversary haul today!! I'll post more pictures later but just wanted to put all my new goodies all together for a nice group photo....that, and I was busy chasing around my son during the daylight hours and didn't have time to take pictures in decent lighting. He's quite destructive on makeup and I have a Laneige blush with a huge divot in it as proof.

What I got in the mail:
Paul & Joe Lipstick #03 Framboise-Mauve
Becca Sateen Eye Shadow Palette

What I got from Nordstrom Anniversary Event (picked up my pre-orders)
Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection
Chanel So Chanel Illuminating Powder - Rose Perle
Chanel Nail Color - 139 Rose Tourbillon
and Free Samples from my LOVELY and ADORED Chanel SA - Precision Eye Makeup Remover & Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara!! Sadly, I'm most excited about the free mascara. I am such a mascara hoor. I'm not even going to mention the Lancome lipgloss I bought on line with free shipping mainly because it included a free sample of the Courbe Virtuose Mascara. Nope. Not going to mention it at all. I'm keeping mum. Nope. Loose Lips, soon to be colored with Color Fever Gloss Roses in Femme Petale, sink ships. That's what I always say. (check back in a week or so for my review on that gloss!)

5AM and Brow Gel - FAIL!

I normally wake around 5 in the morning. I have a 17 month old who likes to wake up around 6:30 and I need time to shower, get dressed, PUT ON MAKEUP and do my hair. So 5am is enough time to do all that and still get my dear son dressed, fed and off to daycare by 6:45. This gives me 15 minutes to get to work and start the day at 7AM.
OK. so some days I fall asleep and have no problem sleeping through the night. But my Dear Husband went to a midnight showing of the Dark Knight (new Batman movie) with the guys and came home around 3am. He just had to wake me up and tell me it was "the best movie of all time.". I smiled and nodded as he relayed details of the movie to me and told him that I would go see it next weekend with him. I finally fell back to sleep at 3:45AM, and in what seemed like a nano-second, my alarm started blaring it's annoying BLAAP BLAAP BLAAP buzzer at 5AM. I only his the snooze once. so at 5:09am I was up and getting ready.
So you ask yourself. "Why the hell should I care?"
Well I'll tell you why: a) You are reading this and b) Because.
My routine for makeup is normally Foundation, Concealer, Blot Powder, Blush, Eye Brows, Eyeshadow/Liner, Finishing Powder, Mascara and Highlighter. It's a lot I know, but it's a ritual I enjoy every morning and I don't care how long it takes me. Well, this morning instead of reaching for the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel...(This stuff is fantastic. It holds all day and no flaking or wear until I take it off at the end of the day. I have rather unruly brows - Thanks Dad - and this stuff is a godsend) I picked up my L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara in Black and applied it to my eyebrow. For a second I was "Oh SH*#!%*T" then I just laughed as I saw the start of a Groucho Marx look. I had to run and get the camera and document it for you all. ("you all" = the 2 people that actually read this blog.) It was just too funny and sooo "me" to do something like this.

Lessons learned.
a) LOOK before applying brow gel.

So as you can see the Brow gel and mascara not only LOOK different they are different sizes and Hellooo, one is pitch black! Guess Which One!

Thankfully I was able to clean it up and finish my eye of the day.

I'm wearing:
MAC Painterly paint pot as a base. MAC Mercurial mineralized eyeshadow all over lid, BECCA Shantung in the crease and Lurex on the brow bone. I have lined with MAC Liquidlast Liner in Dress Khaki on top and Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Bourbon on the bottom lashes. Mac Graphic Brown Fludline is on my lover waterline. Please note that Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Golden Blonde and Clear Brow Gel is used on my EYEBROWS and Cover Girl Lash Blast in black and L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara in Black are used on my EYELASHES.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Poll

The day after Wednesday is always like purgatory to me. It's one day closer to Friday...or my day off (I work an alternate work schedule where I get every other Friday off) and yet it's not quite the weekend. So I'm kind of aimlessly wandering through the day, making plans but knowing I can't quite implement them yet. Reading people's answers to inane polls such as the one below makes the day go faster. Please comment so I can pass the day! :-)

So Here is my Poll this week

1) Lip of the day? - Laura Mercier Courtisane Stick Gloss

2) Current Beverage? - Hot Tazo Awake Tea

3) Last Movie Seen in a Theater? - Hell Boy II

4) Did you like the movie? - Nope

5) Are you going to see The Dark Knight Movie with Ultra Dreamy Christian Bale? - Yup!!

6) Next Planned Makeup Purchase? - Kose Esprique Precious Glamourous Glossy Eyes

And You???

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara shaking up the mascara market by standing still

So with all the talk about vibrating mascara wands I’m surprised not many have mentioned the new Givenchy mascara debuting in August. While the other brands of mascara may shake, Givenchy’s new mascara is going to shake up the market when it releases a new mascara called Phenomen’Eyes.
Phenomen’Eyes mascara features a spherical brush. You can use it in all directions and it will allegedly reach every single lash from all sides. The formula is also said to be easier for gliding on the lashes and it contains elastomer; but it also has a high proportion of fluid wax, a modelling polymer, and panthenol. The mascara will be available in black and brown.
Personally I’m not sure if this old dog can learn a new trick and stop applying mascara the “old fashioned” way. But being a sucker for new makeup products I will probably buy this when it comes out. A spherical brush sounds a heck of a lot safer than a brush vibrating near my eye.

So the question is do you think this brush will work for you?

Clinique finally turns this Sith with Happy Heart

Clinique is a dirty word in my book, well as far as makeup goes.
I still cannot shake the tragic makeover I received in 1987. (Yes. 21 years ago, but makeup tragedy scars run deep! I still shed a tear every time I think about the Dior eyeshadow quint I threw away accidentally back in 1985.)
Imagine if you will, Cobalt blue pencil eyeliner, matte peach eye shadow, clumpy blue mascara, some sort of fuchsia lipstick (dare I say Clinique Almost Honey??? perhaps I don't remember the name) and foundation that turned orange on my skin.

I swore off Clinique for 20 years.

Those pseudo lab coats making a mockery of scientists whilst the "Skin Computer" 
made a Speak and Spell look like a CRAY super computer. That "computer" was merely a dumb woman's slide rule. It told you what you already knew about your skin: Oily, Dry, etc.
Then there is the cornerstone to the Clinique brand, The infamous 3 step cleansing system. I inevitably was suckered into buying all 3 items and the soap dish holder. (basically a green coffin for my soggy soap) That turned me off even more. Stupid soap and yellow moisturizer that broke out my skin. Oh and those Gift With Purchase (GWP) ALWAYS containing that dang yellow skin menace? I mean how many tiny bottles of dramatically different Moisturizing Fluid does one need in a GWP

Right now you are thinking

"So is this a rant about Clinique skin care or a rave for perfume?"

Excellent question!
And if you have read this far, the answer is ...........

OK So when this brand came out with perfume I swore I would never get something as pedestrian as Clinique perfume (said with my nose in the air and a sneer on my face). But then it was the free sample that wooed me.
Damn those free samples!

Happy Heart was sitting there in my latest order from who knows where, in all it's free sample cuteness and at first spritz I fell in love. ♥

Green and white floral, Hyacinth, a touch of citrus and a crisp floral scent that lasts fairly well for an Eau de Toilette . It mellows down to a soft, but not powdery, floral. It's a white t-shirt and jeans scent in my book. Casual, easy, uncomplicated, spray & go. I don't think you can apply too much. It's not overpowering and has little silage, but if perfume is worn for the owner and not for the admirers this is a nice spring/summer treat. I will say it's a scent that attracts a lot of men to ask what perfume I’m wearing. No marriage proposals come from it but it might be the wedding band I am wearing and the screaming child on my hip...but who knows.

I have worn Happy Heart for so long that I find it hard to detect on me. I have decided to give it a rest for a few months in hopes that my nose forgets the scent and I will be able to appreciate the fragrance once again.
Clinique had started on the path to redemption with Happy Heart. Mind you they are not completely forgiven; cobalt blue eyeliner is a hard thing to forgive, even if it was the 80's.

Any perfume surprises on your vanity? Something you didn't think you would like but fell in love with despite the 3 step cleansing I mean despite your previous bias?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Chanel exclusive is tough on the bank account but easy on the eyes

So I have been waiting for months for the exclusive Chanel Robertson Blvd. nail polishes to come out. 4 creamy LA inspired shades sold ONLY at the Robertson Blvd. Chanel Store in Los Angeles, CA....and now on line at
I even considered calling the store in LA...Oh excuse me...Boutique... to order polishes before they were available for purchase on the Chanel website.
Kinda glad I didn't.
At $25 a piece and $100 for the whole set (Yup. I can do math) I just can't justify buying all 4, let alone just one. I don't think I have ever spent that much on one nail polish in my life.* Maybe $25 for a couple of them but not for just one. I really can't see buying JUST ONE. It's a set after all... and being the OCD/Product junkie that I am I couldn't break up the set.
The colors are adorable and yet vaguely remind me of the 1980's

Here is a breakdown:

LA Sunrise is a bright yellow. It's probably my least favorite as I have no use for yellow nail polish but would have to buy it because I wouldn't want to break up the set. (Please see above in reference to my OCD behavior.)

image from
Melrose is a Pretty Bubblegum Pink (a huge lemming but dupeable I'm sure**)

image from

Rodeo Drive a Grape-y / Lavender Purple (Probably my biggest lemming as I just searched through my stash and I found I have no purple ::Gasp::)

mage from

and Last but Not Least:
LA Sunset a pedicure perfect Orange (My biggest lemming for toes this summer...but dupeable I'm sure **)


So I say that I won't cave and buy them...this will be an exclusive from Chanel I may regret not purchasing, but I must stay strong. I need to save my money up for Zoya Blogger selects, Sephora Friends & Family (In November) and the upcoming Kose and Kanebo fall collections. Plus for $100 I could drive 500 miles in my car!

If anyone actually reads this blog (which I highly doubt) and has purchased these polishes, please let me know how you like them...and please understand how jealous I am of you!

* Note I am writing this before picking up my Nordstrom anniversary exclusive Chanel nail polish, which I pre-ordered not knowing it was $20! Eeek!

** Dupeable is what I tell myself so I don't buy the polishes. I know they are truly not dupeable...I'll tell you about my Chanel Orange Blossom dupe hunt one day. It wasn't pretty

OK. Dupeable may be possible for this collection.
Zoya (a nail polish brand which I adore because the polishes are free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.) has the following shades. Please let me know if I'm off on my guesses.

 Chanel LA Sunrise = Zoya Creamy

image from
Chanel Melrose = Zoya Tobi 

image from
Chanel Rodeo Drive = Zoya Juicy is a dark purple so it's not really close in real life , but it's close to the promo picture. Zoya Venus (a suggestion from the fabulous Vanessa from Casual Lavish Blog) may be closer in color...just a more metallic/sparkly than the Chanel.

image from
Chanel LA Sunset = Zoya Heidi

And now that several blogs are participating in the ZOYA "free three" Click here to see a complete list from Casual Lavish Blog, at only $6 a piece for the Zoya polishes one could totally dupe the Chanel set for way less than $100 and 3 FREE extra shades at the same time!
How great is that!?!
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