Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bobbi is Mauvetastic and Chanel is SoChanel!

So I FINALLY got around to photographing the Nordies Anniversary Haul.

It comes with a brush that has its own velvet pouch. How cute is that?


exterior. natural sunlight


interior, no flash

This was hard to photograph. It has shimmer, however it's very fine. The powder (which I tested in store) shows up as a white highlighter with micro shimmer, and very little pink shows up.

The Chanel Illuminating powder will never be used. It's one of those items I buy, keep hidden away, and pull it out to look at once in a while. I might use it one day or I might sell it on ebay in like 5-8 years. Or I may be 98 years old and my great grand children wonder why that crazy old bat with the old wilted tattoos on her back has so much damn unused makeup in her tiny apartment, and why the hell does she insist on listening to TOOL all the time.

exterior, natural sunlight
What didn't show up in this picture is the micro shimmer in blue that is in this sheer pink polish

The nail polish, Rose Tourbillon (which translates to "Costs a small fortune" in English), isn't as durable over the years so I'll be wearing that soon. Right now I'm sporting the new Chanel Kaleidescope nail polish. It's one of my favorite Chanel purchases of all time. It wears better than any other Chanel nail polish I have ever owned too! A definite plus!

2 coats in natural sunlight.
An all time favorite Chanel Purchase. The perfect cool gold polish

Trust me though, I'll be sporting the Rose Tourbillon soon enough. It cost me enough money, I sure as heck am getting every drop outta this polish. I'll post pictures and a review as soon as I'm able.

So on to the Nordies purchase I can review right now. The BB Coco Mauve Collection is lovely!
The bag is even so great that I had to photograph it! (I plan to bring it on my upcoming trip to Chicagoland!)
The Liner - Coco Mauve Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner: Lovely consistency like any of BB liners. I find the cream gel liners spread easier than the shimmer ones and have a more consistent color when applied. This is Brown. Perhaps I'm not worldly enough to notice the subtle nuances of "mauve" in this liner but It just looks brown to me. Fortunately I don't have a brown gel liner without shimmer, so it's a keeper.

The Eyeshadow - Iced Mauve Metallic Eye Shadow: Calling all Taupe Hoors! Run, do not walk to your nearest Bobbi Brown (BB) counter and get this shade! It's sheer and buildable and just a loverly shade of silvery taupe. I will do a taupe comparison one of these days and I think this will rival many MAC taupes and possibly come close to BECCA....nah. Who am I kidding. Nothing beats BECCA...except Chanel. Anyway, A great color I plan to get a lot of use out of!
The Blush - Sand Pink Blush: A nice, warm, matte, pink blush. If you have a color similar, I don't see any need to get this one. It's very pretty but being a blush hoor I may not use this as much as others. The only nice thing is the compact packaging. Makes for great travel.

The Lipstick - Berry Mauve Creamy Lip Color: Ooooh. so soft, so creamy so delicious. No I'm not talking about a cream brule........mmmmmmmmm cream brule! I'm talking about the BB lip color. It's very sheer and shimmery BUT NOT FROSTY. It's buildable too. It does not rival any Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick but it certainly is nice and compliments the set well. I may get a lot of use out of this item too!

The Verdict: I like this set. While some items (Liner & Blush) aren't that unique they are all good quality enough to warrant the purchase. I even love the bag. I hardly ever like makeup bags. This one is big enough but not too big. It has pockets and a sturdy zipper. It's juuuuuuuust right! So if you have a Nordies near by pick up this little item....however, if you have enough brown gel liners, pink blush and don't need a makeup bag, take a chance that it may show up at your local Cosmetics Company Outlet in a few months. The one from last year did, and that was one that had the cream eye shadow that looked like a dupe of Benefit Skinny Jeans.



  1. Great pics! Kaleidescope looks loverly, and that BB liner looks delicious. BB is doing things right this fall- I thought her black mauve liner looked really nice as well.

  2. I am wearing the coco mauve liner today and I must say I like it better than MAC dip down. But Black Mauve Shimmer is know I have that already. :-)

    I'm tellin' ya. The Chanel n/p is super. It's a unique color and I get compliments on it all the time. I did the "Sticky Sandwich" technique when applying and it has held up through 3 baths for Dear Son, 2 dish washing marathons, multiple diaper changing hand washes and 3 showers for myself!


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