Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clinique finally turns this Sith with Happy Heart

Clinique is a dirty word in my book, well as far as makeup goes.
I still cannot shake the tragic makeover I received in 1987. (Yes. 21 years ago, but makeup tragedy scars run deep! I still shed a tear every time I think about the Dior eyeshadow quint I threw away accidentally back in 1985.)
Imagine if you will, Cobalt blue pencil eyeliner, matte peach eye shadow, clumpy blue mascara, some sort of fuchsia lipstick (dare I say Clinique Almost Honey??? perhaps I don't remember the name) and foundation that turned orange on my skin.

I swore off Clinique for 20 years.

Those pseudo lab coats making a mockery of scientists whilst the "Skin Computer" 
made a Speak and Spell look like a CRAY super computer. That "computer" was merely a dumb woman's slide rule. It told you what you already knew about your skin: Oily, Dry, etc.
Then there is the cornerstone to the Clinique brand, The infamous 3 step cleansing system. I inevitably was suckered into buying all 3 items and the soap dish holder. (basically a green coffin for my soggy soap) That turned me off even more. Stupid soap and yellow moisturizer that broke out my skin. Oh and those Gift With Purchase (GWP) ALWAYS containing that dang yellow skin menace? I mean how many tiny bottles of dramatically different Moisturizing Fluid does one need in a GWP

Right now you are thinking

"So is this a rant about Clinique skin care or a rave for perfume?"

Excellent question!
And if you have read this far, the answer is ...........

OK So when this brand came out with perfume I swore I would never get something as pedestrian as Clinique perfume (said with my nose in the air and a sneer on my face). But then it was the free sample that wooed me.
Damn those free samples!

Happy Heart was sitting there in my latest order from who knows where, in all it's free sample cuteness and at first spritz I fell in love. ♥

Green and white floral, Hyacinth, a touch of citrus and a crisp floral scent that lasts fairly well for an Eau de Toilette . It mellows down to a soft, but not powdery, floral. It's a white t-shirt and jeans scent in my book. Casual, easy, uncomplicated, spray & go. I don't think you can apply too much. It's not overpowering and has little silage, but if perfume is worn for the owner and not for the admirers this is a nice spring/summer treat. I will say it's a scent that attracts a lot of men to ask what perfume I’m wearing. No marriage proposals come from it but it might be the wedding band I am wearing and the screaming child on my hip...but who knows.

I have worn Happy Heart for so long that I find it hard to detect on me. I have decided to give it a rest for a few months in hopes that my nose forgets the scent and I will be able to appreciate the fragrance once again.
Clinique had started on the path to redemption with Happy Heart. Mind you they are not completely forgiven; cobalt blue eyeliner is a hard thing to forgive, even if it was the 80's.

Any perfume surprises on your vanity? Something you didn't think you would like but fell in love with despite the 3 step cleansing I mean despite your previous bias?


  1. Hewwo =)

    Ok so I have two (maybe three) beauty surprises. My perfume surprise would have to be Bond No. 9 New Haarlem. Cavewoman sent me a decant of it and when I opened the bottle I was a bit leery of the heavy scent of incense that hit my nose, but on it's the sexiest scent I've ever come across. It'll be my first Bond bottle, beating out Chinatown!! And I love Chinatown!

    Brand surprises would include all the super cheapo drugstore brands, especially Black Radiance, Wet and Wild, and Jordana; for high end, Estee Lauder - I think the line as a whole is extremely underrated. Their eyeshadows are so soft and pigmented =)

  2. Let me first say I am known to the blogger Pink Sith she knows I am an SA for Clinique and has apologized to me in advance for this particlar blog. Bless her ever lovin' heart. So my I "must" respond to this Rant. On the Happy Heart perfume I have to agree with her 100%. However, on the 3-Step program, weeeeeellllllll, the yellow stuff pretty much is an evil potion IMHO, it WILL clog pores and make you break out, an as an SA I could probably be fired for such blasphemy. But as I said to the Sith, hey I use what I like and leave the rest. As for her horrendous makeover, well, we've come a long way since then and colors and mindsets have changed.

    By the way, my most favorite perfume is L'Occitane's Ambre. It smells soooooo good and lasts on me.

  3. happy heart is my signature scent too!:)

  4. I heard Clinique is doing away with the slide rule — perhaps they're trying to win you back??


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