Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Clio Art Blush- A requisite blush for a blush hoor!

The Hoor has a new love and thy name is Clio:

Clio is a Korean Company who curiously manufactures their cosmetics in Italy...but we are a global economy now, aren't we? Well if we are so “global” why is it so hard to buy these dern things!?

OK. Back to the subject at hand, and next week perhaps we will talk about Six Sigma for manufacturing process and discuss the theory of Just In Time delivery or JIT as it relates to economies of scale.
OK. No we won’t.
A good portion of the Clio eye shadows and blushes are the baked type, so they usually have a dome and are hard/yet very pigmented. Imagine MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes (MSF) or Etude House Peach Beam Blushers.
I am an admitted Blush Hoor and I'm also a sucker for marbleized blushes/MSFs/etc. So when Amanda from MUA had a picture of these in her profile and then I read on the Lotus Palace blog that sasa.com was carrying them again, I just HAD to have them.
I rushed to buy 2 of the Art Blushers. sasa.com is not known for their reliability with swtaches. I once ordered some pupa blushes that looked nothing like the swatches...so I'm usually cautious. Thankfully I selected well.

To see the full collection from the Clio website chick Here. I have not found any other place on the Internet to purchase Clio Cosmetics for shipment to the US. If anyone knows of any I would LOVE to hear about it. I mean it!

What the Hoor Hauled:
I purchased # 2 Pink and # 4 Rose Pink. The Art Blushers come in 5 shades but sadly sasa.com only offers shades 1-4. #5 looks like a dupe of NARS orgasm only a bit deeper in color...so maybe is closer to MAC Springsheen?, but then again I'm only going on an on-line swatch. It could be dark brown for all I know....but looking at the swatches from the Clio site compared to the real life products I own, I'd say they were pretty close. and close enough to make we wish I had that #5 blush. It might be a dupe of MAC Dainty from the Sonic Chic collection if that is the case, then my MAC Shy Beauty blush from the Beauty Powder Blush collection, my MAC Springsheen blush and my NARS Orgasm blush are just like it so I can skip it. Did I mention I was a blush hoor?

Back to the hoor haul:
The blush compacts come adorned with the cutest "art" designs. The 2 I received have an Andy Worhol inspired theme. (If I am mistaken and have labeled the artist incorrectly please let me know) The are quite large and thick. I would say the size of the compact is about the size of a MAC MSF and the thickness is almost 1 and 1/4 the thickness of a Chanel Blush. It's sizable. When you open up the blush there is a little brush that fits neatly into the compact, a mirror and a protective plastic sleeve. I normally don't use the brushes in compacts so they get put away for one day when I have a daughter that wants to play pretend MU. (Yes. I think about those sort of things. Yes, I'm a dork that way.) The mirror is as large as the diameter of the compact so it's ample for use in application.

The Blush itself: In a word,
A lot of Asian makeup brands have fairly sheer blushes. This is NOT the case with the 2 Clio blushes I chose. One swipe of my blush brush (Body & Soul Cosmetics Brush #2) and I had enough pigment to use for both cheeks and maybe even more. I wouldn't say you need a "light hand" when applying these blushes but you certainly do not have to dig into them like other brands.

#2 Pink is the swirly one. My fave to look at. Light & Dark Pink, White & Bronze/Gold all fuse together to give a lovely glowy deep pink with shimmer.

#4 Rose Pink is all one color with fine gold micro shimmer throughout. This seems almost more pigmented than #2! It gives the most beautiful golden pink color. It's quickly becoming one of my faves. The micro shimmer does not turn into glitter on my cheeks. It's just glow-y.
The Hoor reflects:
I had recently purchased 2 of the MAC Sonic Chic collection Mineralize Skin Finish blushes before getting these Clio blushes. While the MAC colors are nice, I wish I had saved my money and skipped the purchase. The Clio Art Blushes are far superior! I will say that the MAC line has more choices in color but the quality of these Clio Blushes are far better than any MAC blush.
The Hoor has no regrets:
Even though I did lament above about MAC Sonic Chic being inferior quality to Clio, I must say that the range of colors does win me over. Thankfully the 2 MAC blushes I purchased (Gleeful & Gentle) are not similar to the Clio blushes, so I have enough variety. And seriously. though. I really can't own too many blushes.


The hoor will stop referring to herself in the 3rd person. This is an obnoxious way of speaking and reminds her too much of a self important football star that was signed by the Washington Redskins by a naive and capricious owner. Said football star basically did nothing but collect a paycheck. He was of no use defensively, having only 4 intercepts in the 1 pitiful season he played. It may have been 7 years ago, but those scars run deep....yes Deion Sanders. I'm looking in your direction.


  1. Zomg. They're GORGEOUS. =O *schwing*

  2. I think my heart skipped a beat. Those are beyond lovely!!!!

  3. Curse you, you blush hoor!! I need them, want them, got to have them child!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!! I will find these and make them mine.*runs off to sasa.com*

  4. aly: They are even prettier in person!

    tink: Take a nitroglycerin pill and get thee to sasa.com to get one. they are soo purdy

    Janine: Muwahahaha! My mission is complete then. :-)

  5. Follow up post. I DID find them and make one mine. These are so pretty and unique I even hate to touch it. I got the deep rosy pink one, and have yet to try it. It just sits safely in it's little home waiting. By far the most unique packaging I have ever seen for a blush.

  6. You can also get these from http://global.gmarket.co.kr/, which I believe is like a Korean version of ebay. They do international shipping.

    (I found out about this site from fleckenshnitte's blog, and I checked, they do carry Clio.)

  7. Ok, I know I'm 6 months late commenting on this post, but I finally got around to ordering my Clio blushes from sasa.com. I'm so excited!

    P.S. I love six sigma! I have a black belt (in six sigma, not in karate lol)


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