Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara shaking up the mascara market by standing still

So with all the talk about vibrating mascara wands I’m surprised not many have mentioned the new Givenchy mascara debuting in August. While the other brands of mascara may shake, Givenchy’s new mascara is going to shake up the market when it releases a new mascara called Phenomen’Eyes.
Phenomen’Eyes mascara features a spherical brush. You can use it in all directions and it will allegedly reach every single lash from all sides. The formula is also said to be easier for gliding on the lashes and it contains elastomer; but it also has a high proportion of fluid wax, a modelling polymer, and panthenol. The mascara will be available in black and brown.
Personally I’m not sure if this old dog can learn a new trick and stop applying mascara the “old fashioned” way. But being a sucker for new makeup products I will probably buy this when it comes out. A spherical brush sounds a heck of a lot safer than a brush vibrating near my eye.

So the question is do you think this brush will work for you?


  1. Actually i guess it isn't suitable for me, my eyelashes are long and heavy, this kind of brush could it be great only for some touches of refining.

  2. So that little nubbin is the applicator? Or am I missing something? I'm intrigued, too bad I don't have a Givenchy counter =/

  3. Hi Alice! I envy your lashes and ADORE your website. I get to brush up on my pitiful grasp of the Italian language! I agree. I don't think this would be a good brush for your type of lashes.

    Hi Sophia!
    Yup. That nubbin thing is the applicator. Actually I was thinking that apply mascara using only the tip of a regular brush might actually like this type of applicator since it's basically a bit tip of a brush.

  4. Oooh, intriguing! But I'm pretty sure that the angle you would use with that brush would equal a poke in the eye with my clumsy hands. I like that they're thinking outside the wand, so to speak...

  5. Every time I see that brush it freaks me out!

  6. Valerie and T: It's a lot to pay for a sea urchin on a stick..but I have a feeling the engineers that designed this took into consideration the eye poking potential. It's probably low...but you never know. At least I won't confuse this stuff for Bow gel! LOL!


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