Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guerlain Fall 2008 - A Look At The Game (Jeu de Dames)

A little trick I learned from A Touch of blusher blog: Some western cosmetic companies update their Japanese web pages with the new collections sooner than the Western websites. Guerlain is no exception. If you click on the western website guerlain.com you still get the 2008 Summer collection....BUT if you click on the Japanese Guerlain website guerlain.co.jp you are greeted with images from the 2008 Fall Collection: Jeu De Dames (Translation is literally Game Of Ladies. Hence the chess pieces theme in the promo pictures)

I was lucky enough to happen into Neiman Marcus on July 2nd and my favorite Guerlain MA pulled me aside and excitedly told me "We got the new fall collection! Do you wanna see it?"


Do I want to see it?
I want to buy it! And buy I did.

I picked up the Ombre Éclat Eyeshadow (limited edition) in 401 Jeu de Nuit (Game of Night)

and KissKiss Lipstick in 578 Rose Salsa. 

Let me tell you Rose Salsa is the most perfect rose color ever. But sadly the shimmers in the kiss kiss lipstick are still gritty to me. I guess I am spoiled by Chanel Rouge Allure formula and anything else seems too gritty or thick...however the grit is minimal and I can overlook it for the fact that I get a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade and it's fairly long wearing too. No, they didn't have testers or anything out yet, but I told my MA that I was definitely going to buy the Rose Salsa lipstick and she let me swatch it before I bought it! I was in love!

The Eyeshadow quad was purchased knowing that I would probably never use it. I have a few pieces like that. I'll make a post about it some day. but for now, lets leave it as I have not used the eye shadows yet.
Jeu de Nuit comes in a matte compact with 4 dark shades: deep brown mocha, slate grey, carbon black and charcoal grey. Three are embossed with a cameo of a lady in pearly bronzy red. This palette can be worn on it's own but it really was released to coordinate with the other palette: Jeu de Nacres (Game of Mother-of-pearls). This is a shiny black compact with 4 pastel shades of pink, ivory, blue and green. The Cameo of the lady is in silver on three of the 4 shadows. This one reminds me of a very old Dior Quint I had back in the 80's. All the shades looked white but when applied they looked pink, blue, purple, gold or green depending on the light. So with this new Guerlain Quad the pastels are meant to be worn OVER the dark shades giving a 3 dimensional look to the eyeshadow. (Literal Moment: Someone should let the company know that we are already in 3-D) It's a great marketing tool. Two $57 compacts that need to be sold together to get "the look"!

Here are links from specktra.net talking about the new 2008 Guerlain Fall line.

So are you going to buy anything from the new Guerlain Collection?
If so, what?


  1. I'm not woman enough to buy any Guerlain (or at least my checking account isn't), but I do love living vicariously through you! Those shadows look divine and that rose lipstick is fabulous. Pink doesn't usually catch my attention, but that shade is truly lovely. I couldn't stop looking at the pic! Thank you for some good porn to start my day :)

  2. Elvira, stop shopping and making me want to buy things!

    Lovingly yours, the Bunny =D

  3. yup you were right on asian mirror site (esp. Japan/Taiwan) update mu a lot faster.

    I have looked at pic of this quad online but your pic is a lot better. Wish it had a BLACK black. I've been looking for a shimmery true black but nothing has come close.

    the quad is pretty but i can't wear most guerlain stuff.

    (no EOTD? :P)

  4. Hi Valerie: It's not that you aren't woman enough. it's that you are smart enough NOT to buy Guerlain. Whoo that stuff is expensive. I even admit it.

    I promise to stop making you buy things. Step 1) Delete this website from your bookmarks. 2) Stop buying things. Done & done!

    I am aware of your quest for the perfect shimmery black eyeshadow. I have also been searching for it. What about that new quad from Chanel you featured on your blog? And no, no EOTD. I never plan to use this quad. I'm crazy I know. Some makeup I just buy to keep and never use. I'm crazy that way. Maybe one day I will break down and try it. We will see. :-)


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