Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lancome Color Fever Gloss - Sometimes a gloss wand is just a gloss wand.

Freud is misquoted as saying, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." He never actually said far as the experts can find, but he was also a cocaine fiend with latent sexual feelings toward his mother, so let's not go there shall we?

But Freud never saw the Lancome Color Fever Gloss applicator wand. Perhaps if he had, he would have really made that statement above, or accused Lancome of having an Electra Complex. Who knows?

Unless they change the applicator I will not buy another Color Fever Gloss. It's not so much the yonic applicator that turns me off...ok maybe a little...but I just don't find the applicator effective in applying gloss. I prefer a brush applicator (not the Bobbi Brown ones tho, they splay too easily). I usually end up putting the gloss from a doe foot on the back of my hand and using a lip brush to apply. But when I'm on the go I just want to apply straight from the tube. This Lancome gloss wand makes it difficult for me to get enough gloss and get it evenly applied. I think I might be the only person with this problem as Lancome is not the only company to use this type of applicator, and Lancome surely does not have a problem selling theses glosses.

This is Femme Petale from the Color Fever Gloss Roses collection. It's a medium, sheer, warm. bubblegum pink gloss with gold and red shimmer.

It's very pretty and looks good alone or over lipstick (for example Lancome Pixel Pink to warm it up if you like). It's that dern wand that gets me.


  1. Another interesting piece of Freud trivia- he developed the concept of penis envy to help him feel better about the fact that his own daughter was succeeding in his field. Sexist prick.

  2. Hi Jenna! LOL I love it! and Yes. he was. Female hysteria was a crock! TY!!

  3. I feel like I have seen this gloss wand before. Does NYX have the same type of wand? I have been wondering about its efficacy in applying gloss. Good to know that it is lackluster.

    BTW, I totally enjoy your blog. I came across it while reading up on the makeupally boards. Best wishes.

  4. Hi T!
    Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your blog and what a blast! I love your reviews and the rating scale you use! Excellent! I'm adding you to my blog list so others can save some $$ and have happier wallets too!

  5. yay! BTW, your watermark is fantastic. You are so much fun!


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