Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Chanel exclusive is tough on the bank account but easy on the eyes

So I have been waiting for months for the exclusive Chanel Robertson Blvd. nail polishes to come out. 4 creamy LA inspired shades sold ONLY at the Robertson Blvd. Chanel Store in Los Angeles, CA....and now on line at chanel.com
I even considered calling the store in LA...Oh excuse me...Boutique... to order polishes before they were available for purchase on the Chanel website.
Kinda glad I didn't.
At $25 a piece and $100 for the whole set (Yup. I can do math) I just can't justify buying all 4, let alone just one. I don't think I have ever spent that much on one nail polish in my life.* Maybe $25 for a couple of them but not for just one. I really can't see buying JUST ONE. It's a set after all... and being the OCD/Product junkie that I am I couldn't break up the set.
The colors are adorable and yet vaguely remind me of the 1980's

Here is a breakdown:

LA Sunrise is a bright yellow. It's probably my least favorite as I have no use for yellow nail polish but would have to buy it because I wouldn't want to break up the set. (Please see above in reference to my OCD behavior.)

image from Chanel.com
Melrose is a Pretty Bubblegum Pink (a huge lemming but dupeable I'm sure**)

image from Chanel.com

Rodeo Drive a Grape-y / Lavender Purple (Probably my biggest lemming as I just searched through my stash and I found I have no purple ::Gasp::)

mage from Chanel.com

and Last but Not Least:
LA Sunset a pedicure perfect Orange (My biggest lemming for toes this summer...but dupeable I'm sure **)

 from Chanel.com

So I say that I won't cave and buy them...this will be an exclusive from Chanel I may regret not purchasing, but I must stay strong. I need to save my money up for Zoya Blogger selects, Sephora Friends & Family (In November) and the upcoming Kose and Kanebo fall collections. Plus for $100 I could drive 500 miles in my car!

If anyone actually reads this blog (which I highly doubt) and has purchased these polishes, please let me know how you like them...and please understand how jealous I am of you!

* Note I am writing this before picking up my Nordstrom anniversary exclusive Chanel nail polish, which I pre-ordered not knowing it was $20! Eeek!

** Dupeable is what I tell myself so I don't buy the polishes. I know they are truly not dupeable...I'll tell you about my Chanel Orange Blossom dupe hunt one day. It wasn't pretty

OK. Dupeable may be possible for this collection.
Zoya (a nail polish brand which I adore because the polishes are free of toxic Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.) has the following shades. Please let me know if I'm off on my guesses.

 Chanel LA Sunrise = Zoya Creamy

image from artofbeauty.com
Chanel Melrose = Zoya Tobi 

image from artofbeauty.com
Chanel Rodeo Drive = Zoya Juicy is a dark purple so it's not really close in real life , but it's close to the promo picture. Zoya Venus (a suggestion from the fabulous Vanessa from Casual Lavish Blog) may be closer in color...just a more metallic/sparkly than the Chanel.

image from artofbeauty.com
Chanel LA Sunset = Zoya Heidi

And now that several blogs are participating in the ZOYA "free three" Click here to see a complete list from Casual Lavish Blog, at only $6 a piece for the Zoya polishes one could totally dupe the Chanel set for way less than $100 and 3 FREE extra shades at the same time!
How great is that!?!


  1. I plan to cave on Melrose and LA Sunset ... you know you want to, my dear Darth!

  2. Yea! You are caving! I have Zoya Sweet that is oh so close to Melrose but the siren song of LA Sunset is calling my name. It's keeping me up at night! Ssshhh LA Sunset. Ssshhh!


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