Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Poll

I'm just back from my trip to Chicago. I was there for a business meeting/conference for a software system I use. Woo Hoo!

What was fun:
Getting to sleep in
Ordering room service
Meeting & Going Shopping with a MUAer - MrsCliveOwen ♥
Buying Shu Uemura makeup
Getting GWPs from Shu Uemura MAs
Friendly SAs in Neimans and Saks Fifth Avenue
Ginos Pizza!
Taking a bath with all those messy Lush brand bath bombs and not having to clean the tub after
Friendly TSA agents in Dulles

What was not:
Being away from my Dear Son

Being away from my Dear Husband
No BECCA Counters at Barney's or Neimans or Saks!
10% sales tax!
Having to go though airport security with my ziploc baggie of liquids that the TSA couldn't have given a crap about.
Cranky TSA agents in O'Hare

So participate in the poll to help make the work-a-day go faster.

1) LOTD? - Chanel Rouge Allure in Naive

2) Best movie to watch on a plane? - The 5th element! It's captivating, funny, fun and when people look over your shoulder they are like WTF is she watching?

3) Favorite item(s) from any of the Fall Collections? - Chanel Kaleidoscope nail polish

4) Current Podcast subscription? - NPR's Wait! Wait! Don't tell me.

5) Best new non-makeup blog discovery? Cake Wrecks - When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong. A HUGE Thank you to joeybunny for sending this my way!

6) Fragrance of the day? - Mark Jacobs Daisy (Yes. I know. I smell just like everyone else)

A Special THANK YOU to my wonderful Mother In Law. She stayed home with my husband & son while I was away. Not only did she take care of my baby boy she cleaned my car and my bathroom. The woman is a saint I tell ya! I love her!


  1. *squeals* I'm going to Atlanta next week, and I have been so excited about seeing Armani MU in person, and after reading your post, I just realized I can see Shu as well! It hadn't even occured to me. YAY!! That sucks about Becca. My small town actually has a Becca counter (in a salon), but I would trade it for a Nordie's or a Saks :). My answers:

    1)MAC Chintz on Chintz (LE color, from collection I don't recall, Originals maybe?)

    2)It has been toooo long since I've been on a plane!

    3)I'm anticipating the OPI France collection- Aug 6th!

    4)*sits in the dark ages in silence*

    5)Not "new" but my 2 favorite non-makeup blogs are and Go Fug Yourself

    6)au naturale baby, no perfume for me :)

  2. Lippie of the Day: The new Clinique Go Fig w/ Knockout Nude Gloss to "pop" it.

    Haven't been on a plane in ages and the last time I went through O'Hare it was a trip from the depths of Hell!!!!

    New Fall: Already have Nars Beautiful Liar Lippie & Cordura E/S Duo and eagerly awaiting Cult of Cherry for the Spiced Chocolate Quad

    Technologically Challenged

    Non-Makeup Blog??? Whassat?????

    L'Occitane's Ambre (love amber and I can still smell it the next day before I shower)

  3. I love the 5th Element. Every time it is on TV, I stop everything I am doing and just enjoy it thoroughly.

    LOTD? - chapstick and mini mark. it stick in berry.

    2) Best movie to watch on a plane? - Kung Fu Hustle. It's fun, fast, funny, and even makes me tear up in the end. I really enjoy watching that when traveling.

    3) Favorite item(s) from any of the Fall Collections? - hmm...I'm bad, I haven't kept up with the season.

    4) Current Podcast subscription? - I friggin love "Wait, Wait, don't tell me"! I am not subscribed to any podcast.

    5) Best new non-makeup blog discovery? Gala Darling. I like her tips and overall uplifting attitude.

    6) Fragrance of the day? - mark. caribeean instant vacation. It's ephemeral, but I am trying to use it up. I have about two days worth left. sweet!

    Kudos to your MIL. She loves you :-)

  4. Valerie & Janine: Sorry for making the assumption that everyone that reads my blog has entered the 21st century. * RAOKs you iPods *

    T: Use up a perfume? Error 404. Does not compute.

  5. 1) LOTD? - it was Cali Dreamin (yessss taking the opportunity to flaunt having a LE l/s lmao) but I ate lunch and now it's goner.

    2) Best movie to watch on a plane? - NOT Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. NO DIALOGUE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE. And I love horses.

    3) Favorite item(s) from any of the Fall Collections? - I don't have any. =X

    4) Current Podcast subscription? - I don't have any of these either. I suck.

    5) Best new non-makeup blog discovery? it's REAL ESTATE LISTING SNARK. omg. I work in the real estate business and I lol every time.

    6) Fragrance of the day? - I forgot to put anything on but I may smell faintly of buffalo wing flavored pringles. Try not to be jealous.


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