Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome 2 new taupe eyeshadows to Pink Sith's family

Welcome my 2 new additions. I feel like a proud parent. Welcoming in my 2 new little ones. A Brand new to the scene, MAC Smoke & Diamonds from the new Starflash Collection and An oldie but goodie, Majolica Majorca SV821!
I went to Nordstrom to return my MAC Anniversary MU (click here to see how lame that collection was) and saw that they had the new Starflash Collection out. Since I didn't see it on MAC's website or on the Nordies website I can only assume that the SAs took it out early or I need to empty my cache on my browser and reload the web pages.

Here is the new Taupe I picked up called Smoke & Diamonds. This formula is soooooooo creamy and smooth and heavily pigmented. the SA said that there were jojoba oils in the shadow...OK. whatever. It's taupe eyeshadow. Outta my way!
And in the mail from my order was a loverly Majolica Majorca eye shadow single in SV821. It's so beautiful and shimmery....however tiny and oh so lonely all by itself. I must pick up a few more to put in a palette so it will have some other Japanese friends to chat with. Poor thing. A Stranger in a Strange Land. Don't worry SV821 your buddies from Japan will be here soon.

Did you recently acquire any new taupe eye shadows? Any new eye shadows at all? Please share!


  1. I acquired some mark. shadows, but I love to look at the majolica majorca shadows (only in pictures. These are so mysterious to me). The packaging is so pretty. Those shades are really pretty. The Majolica shadow looks so smooth and silky.

  2. Oh those are both lovely! And very different shades of taupe, which makes the case of why a girl might need multiple taupe eyeshadows :)

  3. I'm going to MAC on Friday to buy Smoke and Diamonds...along with almost every other item in that damn collection =/

  4. Dang MAC, when I think they have done it all make something else I might "need". Smoke and diamonds looks great.

  5. T: The majolica shadow is smooth and silky. It's fun because they can be easily de-potted and put into palettes or you can keep them in their own little slide out containers. You should try some :: enabling ::

    Valerie: Thank you very much for validating my addiction. You are the best!

    Joey: I would love to hear a review from you on the new MAC collection. :: hint hint ::

    Tink: I know. I was just bitching to someone about how I am starting to get over MAC and they come out with this formula. I'm serious when I say this is the creamiest powder I have used in a long time. A treasure in an abyss of re-promotes and collections of the hour.

  6. This blog is inspiring too many Lemmings for me!!!!! I just purhcased Smoke and Diamonds today.........once a taupe hoor, always a taupe hoor!

  7. Janine: You won't regret it. I promise! You HOOR! LOL


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