Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder. My Holy Grail Highlighter.

BECCA is one of my love hate brands. I love a lot of the products but I hate the lack of access to it. I love the shimmer powders but I hate the on line swatches...not a terrible love hate thing but annoying just the same.
I have only used the pressed shimmer powders and never the loose ones. I have been told that the shimmer in the loose powders is more shimmery...does that make sense? The pressed version is supposed to be more subtle. But since I can't compare the PSPs to the LSPs I will compare them to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes and Dior Shimmer Star Pressed Powder.


BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder = PSP
BECCA Loose Shimmer Powder = LSP

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish = MAC MSF

Dior Shimmer Star Pressed Powder = Dior SSPP

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brisk = BB SB

The shimmer of the BECCA PSPs is more subtle than BB SBs and most MAC MSFs. The PSPs can easily be worn at the office and in more conservative environments without that disco ball effect like the MSFs can give off. Oh and don't get me started w/ the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks...Disco ball city! Many of the MAC MSFs are very metallic-y and I really don't get a "glow" from them like I do with the PSPs. I also like the PSPs for, :: gasp :: I can't believe I am even typing this, more mature skin. The shimmer does not emphasize wrinkles. OK and for our large pored gals :: raises hand :: it also doesn't make your pores look like moon craters. The texture for the BECCA PSPs are wonderful. They are almost creamy than powdery. They are very blendable and and lightweight.

Now I have had some people mention that there is a scent to BECCA products..especially the shimmer powders. If there is, I have never detected one. Sorry ladies. If you are sensitive, consider this fair warning that the BECCA products may have a scent to it....but personally I don't notice one at all.

BECCA PSPs are the best highlighters I have ever used. Dare I say it, they are a Holy Grail! The only thing I have tried, so far, that can even compare is the Dior 'DiorSkin' Shimmer Star Pressed Powder. The Dior SSPP is very finely milled , like the BECCA PSPs, and gives a wonderful luminous glow...so if you can't get your hands on the BECCA this is a good substitute..however the Dior SSPP is a harder powder and a tad more expensive.

Here are the prices



BBSB = $38 USD


As you can see MAC is far less expensive but the MSFs are usually released as limited edition so if you don't buy them when they are released you will end up paying over retail on ebay or other sites to get your hands on one.
I only have 2 of these PSPs but I would like to get at least one more. I currently have Hyawatha and Princess and I would like to pick up Gypsy some day.

BECCA Princess PSP - Direct Sunlight

Princess is a beautiful warm peachy pink color. The shimmer is ultra tiny and the radiant effect from use is amazing. I use it over my regular blush and I apply it with a fluffy powder brush on my cheeks up to my temples and on the tip of my nose. It gives me this almost sun kissed glow without being too orange.

BECCA Princess PSP Swatch - Indirect Sunlight

BECCA Hyawatha PSP - Direct Sunlight

Hyawatha is a light beige-gold highlighter, I am a medium fair skinned gal with neutral coloring so I can pull off warm & cool...but not too warm and not too cool. Anyway, I can use this powder all over. I have also been know to shake the extra powder in the pan into my loose translucent powder for an even more subtle all over glow.

BECCA Hyawatha PSP Swatch - Direct Sunlight

BECCA Just be warned that one should not tap a compact to get the loose powder out especially if one has hit the pan on said compact. Reason being is that if one were to tap compact on a hard surface after hitting the pan, one might shatter the remaining powder and see it all fall out in big chunks down the bathroom sink. If one were to be so unwise to do so in the first place. :: A-hem :: Not that I am speaking from experience or anything like that. :-P

RIP BECCA Hyawatha! Thank Goodness I had a Back Up!!


  1. Yet another thing we have in common :-). I adore my Becca PSPs, especially Hyawatha. The other two I have are Angel (a perfect soft, dusty warm pink) and Mermaid (the discontinued taupe-ish color). I rarely reach for the Mermaid though, and I’m thinking it might be too cool for me. I’ve kind of been wanting to try Nymph and thought about maybe trying to get back into swapping to see if I could swap the Mermaid. But so far I’ve been too lazy :-). There’s a salon near me that sells Becca- they don’t carry everything, but if you need a CP, let me know and maybe I can help!

    (And Oh the poor broken Hyawatha! The powders are soooo very soft!)

  2. I am getting a MAC MSF soon and am interested to how it compares to Stila's Liquid Luminzer and DuWop's Highlighter. I haven't found my HG highlighter yet, I'm still shopping around lol.

  3. Gypsy is gorgeous, you need it! *evil cackle*

  4. Valerie: I think you would look good in Nymph. Since the PSPs are so sheer it won't be too much color. KWIM?

    /lachesis: I like some MSFs but in reality my pores are too big to pull off that much shimmer. Which MSF are you getting?

    Sophia: Why not just buy it for me, evil woman!

  5. Isn't it OOS just about everywhere? I was lucky to get mine during the insane Sephora sale. It was the only PSP left by the time I ordered, so I figured "why not?" for $8? Anyway, I came to love it.

    *runs far, far away*


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