Friday, August 29, 2008

Eyeliner Love from Guest Reviewer Joey

Hello All: I am honored and to pleased to have a guest reviewer!
Apparently I left out some "important" eyeliners in a recent
review .
Here is the lovely Joey with a
review on 3 black eyeliners for you all!

Hello faithful Pink Sith readers! I’m Joey, known to MUAers as the long departed Joeybunny. Nowadays I pass my time arguing with Elvira about her blog entries. OK, maybe I generally agree with her on most things, but there are times when I just feel the need to hold up my paw and state my case. Her black eyeliner entry was one of these times.
If there’s one thing I was known for on MUA besides my highly irrational love of "Teh Buttmouth", it was my love of eyeliner. I love eyeliner in ways that are illegal in 32 states. I breathe it. I own an unholy amount of it, and because of this, I just had to note some black liners Elvira left out of her review.
One of the notable liners missing is L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense (it’s a liquid liner Elvira, a liquid! Why did you forsake it?!). Usually I only do super cheap-o drugstore makeup as I feel that brands like L’Oreal and Revlon, etc., are too expensive for drugstore makeup. However, this stuff is AMAZING. Before it, I was using Wet and Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eye Liner in black. While it was in fact very black, it was hard as hell to apply because it dried so fast, and it was too waterproof. I eventually gave up on it because I was losing lashes every time I removed it. And it glopped on my lashes often. However, Carbon Black gives me none of these issues. It’s extremely black with a smooth (ungloopy!) consistency, dries quickly to a glossy (but not patent leather-y) finish, and it doesn’t come off during the day (but comes off easily when you use eye makeup remover). It has a felt-tip applicator, which I love because it gives me flexibility in line shape and thickness. You can find it for about $7 or $8 in any drugstore.
Another incredible black eyeliner is Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in True Black. I absolutely adore this! This liner has a very creamy texture but it doesn’t melt off my eyes. I often use it when I tightline because it has a completely matte finish and can look very natural when used for subtle definition. It has incredible staying power too, and never runs on my oily lids (unlike MAC Blacktrack - I’m still heartbroken over my inability to use Fluidlines but that’s an issue for my therapist and not you guys). When compared to L’Oreal Carbon Black, it seems less black, but I’m going to blame the different finishes for that – something glossy always seems more vibrant than something matte. But the depth of the black is equal.
Lastly, I have to discuss my newest black eyeliner love. I didn't think I’d fall so head over heels, but I have. The wedding is next month, and we’re registered at Crate and Barrel. My future spouse? Laura Mercier Black Caviar Eye Liner. Laura Mercier claims to have invented tightlining, and she has a series of three cake liners that she recommends for this usage. And then there are her Caviar cake liners. The black one is the original color, and for her Fall 2008 color story she’s introduced a brown and blue. The Caviar cake liners have a different consistency from her other cake liners. Instead of a powdery texture, the Black Caviar liner has the consistency of shoe polish (the kind in the tin). And unlike her other cake liners, Black Caviar can be used wet or dry. Laura recommends using the Caviar liners for smoky eye looks because of its creamy texture but I’ve found that I can tightline or make a dramatic wing or do her smoky eye. But the best part? This stuff is BLACK. If used dry, the effect is a powdery soft black (I typically use it dry when I want a smoky eye). If used wet, it rivals any other black eyeliner I’ve ever used. It has a matte-er finish than the L’Oreal Carbon Black but it’s not as matte as the Clinique, so it’s versatile. It’s similar to MAC Engraved Powerpoint pencil liner, if you’re at all familiar with the black of that pencil.
So below is a small comparison picture of my hand and the three eyeliners. The one on top is the Laura Mercier Black Caviar (and a dry application is right below that line). The bottom left line is the L’Oreal Carbon Black, and the bottom right line is the Clinique cream liner. So there we go! I hope this was semi-useful. If not, Elvira will beat me =(
I promise not to beat Joey for such a great review! She's a good little bunny!
For your shopping list:
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Eyeliner, Carbon Black is $8.50
Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner is $14.50
Laura Mercier Black Caviar Eye Liner is $22.00


  1. Joey:
    Thanks for an awesome review! I love the way you write!

  2. I am commenting because the MUAer formerly known as Joeybunny is my adopted MU daughter!!! I am very happy she mentioned a Clinique Product and she has done a fabulous job!!!!!! ((((HUGS)))))

    fatbottmdgrl from MUA!!!

  3. I do not wear black liner, but great review regardless! :-)

  4. Aw guys =D *blushes* Thanks for posting it, Elvira!

    Momma Janine =D I'm back on MUA! I made my reappearance last night! *hugs*

    And Valerie, thanks!! I actually wear colored eyeliner more than black =) I'm just a ho for eyeliner!!

  5. joey: i am so glad you wrote this review as i, too, love eyeliners! and that WnW liquid liner looks just like my kind of liner! i don't think we have it though. WAH!!!!

    but i am sold on the LM cake liner thing. i like what you said it's like a shoe polish. i love my MUDE diamond shadow 307 used wet and it's somewhat what you described. but i just want to try LM's to see if that is better. hahaha

  6. Jojoba, if you want any of the liquid liners I mentioned, let me know! I'd be happy to mail you one!!

    Also, if you buy the LM Caviar liner, you only need to wet the brush a tiny bit to get that incredible black. Too much water makes it too runny. hth!

  7. joey: that's super generous of you! thank you!

    i've been to 2 LM counters and each time there was no one to help me. i did see the cake liner and it looks very interesting. i'd try my luck with the last counter i know when i am more free. i will be busy preparing DS's 5th birthday party this following week so makeup has to wait!



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