Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If you say taupe nail polish is too much, You Don't Know Jacques!

image from opi.com

OPI's fall/winter line "La Collection De France" has 12 new shades. Most are in the deep, plummy, dark, dusty taupe-y....Taupey? Did you say taupe? Mais Qui! Taupe. Well more like slush...you know the kind of gray/brown snow that is left on the side of the road a few days after a snowfall. Yup that's it. Nice!! And what is this color called?
"YOU DON'T KNOW JACQUES!" (from here on in this shade will be shortened to YDKJ! because I don't like to type all that much)

YDKJ! Is not for everyone but I adore it. Helloooo Taupe Hoor! Cest Moi!

I'm a fan of dark nail polishes. I only wish my work environment was a bit less conservative so I could wear them more often. When I wore Zoya Freja last year, people were like "OMG you are wearing BLACK nail polish!". I was like " Um. As if! Freja is a gunmetal gray, not black. Duh." They just didn't get it. So I switched to China Glaze Beatnick. It was a cross between a gray taupe and frost that was light enough for the office but still gray/taupe/ edgy enough to satisfy my pseudo goth wannabe tendencies.

When Valerie ( a regular reader and hopefully guest reviewer some day. Hint! Hint!) mentioned that she was getting this shade I had to get it too. We are nail polish twins and what she has I must have and vice versa. Boy was I glad she mentioned it. I stalked the MUA nail board for pictures and saw several nice ones. I just had to have it. Instead of placing an order at one of my favorite discount nail polish websites I just went to the store and picked it up. For $7.50, it was money well spent.

The polish just does not seem to photograph true to life. It looks better in person than in any picture I have seen. Now mind you the last time I had a manicure was about a week before Darthypie was born, (that was almost 18 months ago...) so if the cuticles are looking ragged and I have a hang nail or two, please forgive me....hey, at least I'm not showing you a picture of my feet!
Here is a picture of YDKJ! in direct sunlight. (I have no idea why the picture was flipped on it's side, and I honestly don't feel like trying to fix it. Sorry)

Here is a picture of YDKJ! Take on a sunny day inside my house. Please ignore any mess you might see. I tried to crop it out as best as I could.

I think the model in the picture above is wearing YDKJ! but she could be wearing "PARLEZ-VOUS OPI?" which may be my next purchase, but I might try to get "TICKLE MY FRANCE-Y" next. It's a boring beige/nude but as I mentioned above. Bleh conservative office. Did I tell you about the time that they acted like I must be going to a "Rock Concert" after work when I wore Chanel Kalediscope? Yeah. Those good old "Rock Concerts" where they play that "Rock and Roll" music and girls go crazy with taupe-ish gold nail colors and rip their shirts off for those cool "Rock Stars" Ugh.

So will you be brandishing this slushtacular color this fall?


  1. Great pics! Man, I love that color. I got Parlez vous-OPI as well, but I haven't tried it yet. LMAO at the "rock concert" comments. :-)

  2. Oh - beautiful. I can see a trip to ulta in my future.....

  3. if buttmouth were a nail polish YDKJ would be it. meaning, I need it ASAP despite my hatred of nail polish!!

  4. Valerie: I'm not kidding about my office either! Oh and now I must have Parlez vous-OPI my twinny!

    Tessa: Run to ulta. Maybe we can find you a bottle this weekend!

    Joey: You like it? really? Queen of all who hates Nail Polish likes this? I think I hear the four horsemen...watch out.

  5. Good lord, where do you work? Utah?

  6. lalagirl: LMAO. No Worse.... Washington, DC!


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