Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Addition to the Taupe Family - Becca Lamé

My BECCA Lamé eyeshadow has finally arrived!
Because I'm too cheap to go buy for retail and I lost the last auction on evilbay for it, I managed a swap with the loverly cashmerewhore from MUA. Admittedly I swatched the shadow before she received my end of the swap which is a BIG "no-no" in swap etiquette, but it was calling to me.
The eyeshadow in a heap of packing peanuts was saying in a muffled tone:

"Elvira! Help! I'm all alone in this dark scary box and I need to see the light of day! Help. I'm scared that you won't love me as much as your other taupe eye shadows. Please swatch me to make sure. I know you already know what I look like because you used to own the BECCA Sateen Palette which had me in it, but you never know. I could have changed. I could be a totally different taupe. You better swatch me just to make sure. Elvira. Helllooooo! Is anybody out there?"

Well now that I'm back on my anti-psychotics my eye shadows don't speak to me as often, but I did manage to swatch the little sucker before the prozac kicked in. And here it is.....
Isn't it pretty? Isn't it unique?

OK. To non taupe addicts you are looking at this sad swatch thinking. "WTF is wrong with this woman? It looks like any other brown shadow. Didn't she just swatch this exact same color the other day?"

AH HA! I caught you.
That is where you are wrong, my mentally balanced friend.
That was MAC Smoke and Diamonds and
Majolica Majorca SV821. Which are sooooooo decidedly different than Becca Lamé.
For one, Smoke & Diamonds is gray based and SV821 is plum based while Lam
é is so brown based it's not even funny. Jeesh. You people!

Any new taupe editions to your stash lately?


  1. oh my, that is bee-yoo-ti-full! It makes me think of NYX Iced Mocha maybe? I could be totally wrong though- I'm bad about not labelling after I de-pot, then I forget the names. I don't have any Becca shadows- are they as fabulous as they look? If I ever cave on one, I think Lame might be the one!

  2. Aww, I would have given you my Lame. It's fugly on me -- matte and mudly looking.

  3. Soph, you can give it to me! lol so Elvira my love, I wrote the black eyeliner review and will be sending it to you tomorrow with swatches =)

  4. Valerie: The shadows are soft and well pigmented. They are VERY soft. They blend well and are mostly shimmery.

    Sophia: Aww. Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Have you tried using a shimmery base like MAC Bare Study Paint Pot underneath it? That might help. If not, you should give your Lame to Joeybunny. :-)

    Joey: See campaigning above ^
    I can't wait for the eyeliner review!! Yea!! P.S. Got the package 2day! TY!!!!!!!


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