Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Addition To The Taupe Pink Sith Family - Sonia Kashuk Burnished

On my never ending quest for the unicorn. (The Sonia Kashuk Highlighter Brush) I wandered through the cosmetic aisles in Target hoping I would find something inexpensive to quell my hunger for new makeup. Then I saw it. Taupe! Taupe Eyeshadow! How could I resist?

Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow single in Burnished is a VERY close dupe to BECCA Lame eyeshadow. It's a nice brownish-greyish taupe with microshimmer.
For less than $7 this is definitely wallet friendly so I snatched it up. Like Golem from "Lord of the Rings" I stroked the eyeshadow whilst in line. Chanting "My Precious" under my breath. It's so odd but I always have people let me go in front of them in line when I do that. People are so friendly!
So here's the 411 on the shadow.
While it's similar to Becca Lame it's hardly a dupe. It's harder than BECCA (but really what shadow isn't?) and tends to be ever so slightly warmer than BECCA too.

Most important, it does not blend as well as BECCA. It blends very nicely, but when comparing the two the Sonia Kashuk Burnished is a tad chalkier than the BECCA Lame.

All in All I think it is lovely and a nice addition to my Taupe Family. I know I will get a lot of use out of it!

Today I am wearing it with BECCA Chantilly and MAC Brassbeat Liquidlast Liner (My favorite taupe liquid liner)


  1. This is now added to my list when I make my weekly pilgrimage to the Target. I swear, I have had more lemmings fed fromt his blog lately than any other!!! Also, I am insanely jealous you found BB Shimmering Nudes @ your CCO.

  2. This is a lovely taupe. I think Pink Traincase featured it too. It is definitely a must have.

    BTW, I found the SK highlighting brush at a Target in Montclair/Woodbridge area. Call around to see if they still have in there. It's the newer Target in that area.

  3. Dude I LOVE Brassbeat =D great EOTD!!

    By the way, I just ordered the Dior Earth Tones quint with the eGC you sent me a month ago. Thanks!! It's my present to myself for the beginning of the school year...and now I need to make a UD F&F order as my second present lol! =) I figured UD Gash l/s and l/l will look INCREDIBLE with the quint.

  4. I seem to have developed a thick skin against eyeshadow lemmings lately- good thing, with all your taupey goodness pics!

    I took a chance a called my MAC counter to see if they still had the Volcanic Ash- no luck. :-( I haven't called the CCO... I'm afraid to, 'cause if they say that they have it, then I'll have to drive up there and get it! :-P I did email the MAC CS though, to beg & plead. :-)

  5. A woman after my own heart! I love deep taupes.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Janine: Muwahahaha! ::evil laugh::

    t: Hey! I'll have to check out Pink Traincase's review of it. I enjoy the search for the unicorn. having a CP would make it less of a challenge. I may have to go out to IKEA so maybe I'll stop in Woodbridge on the way there. Thanks for the tip!

    Joey: I love brassbeat! The perfect taupe liner. and it wears like iron too! Yea for Dior Earth Tones. Would love to know how it works for you!

    Valerie: Hi: I'm glad you can resist! Too bad about the VAE at your local MAC counter. THANK YOU for writing in to MAC CS!

    Hailey: Hi ya! Gotta love dem taupes! I'm hoping to do a taupe retrospective as soon as I get my ArtDeco 218 in the mail!


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