Friday, August 22, 2008

OMG! OMG! OMG! Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes at my CCO!

After an annoying phone call and having to go to the Dentist only to find I have 3 cavities, I decided I would break my no buy and do some "Retail Therapy". Not wanting to break the bank, I decided to go to my local Cosmetics Company Outlet (An Estee Lauder discount store containing Brands such as Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Clinique, Prescriptives, Origins, etc. all at a minimum of a 30% discount) to see if my beloved Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator had finally made it to the discount rack.

Upon walking in I looked for my exfoliator but it wasn't there. Boo. Then I went over to the Bobbi Brown display. I was hoping I would find the elusive Bobbi Brown Stone Washed Nudes Palette or maybe some of the metallic eyeshadow palettes. I saw a long black palette. It sure was the same length at Stone Washed Nudes. I picked up the palette and looked at the sticker on the bottom. It had the word Nudes on it...but wait. that word wasn't stonewashed.... it was SHIMMERING!
Shimmering Nudes?!? Wait a second. That's the new palette that is coming out this week. that's an exclusive on, that's not even on the Bobbi Brown website yet! Can it be? YES! YES it is and it's discounted 30%. Only $35 (from the regular $50 for our arithmetic challenged beauties)!

I picked up that palette, and in a sheepish voice I asked.

"Do you have any more of these behind the counter?"
"Sure" said the bored sales associate who eyed me suspiciously when I started to get giddy.

I had dragged along my poor son, and Darthypie was getting cranky so I had to do a quick sweep of the store and get out before he had a total meltdown. I spied 1 MAC heatherette eyeshadow trio, 3 different Bobbi Brown Metallics trios, 4 different MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes and a bunch of MAC Fafi collection paint pots. Since Darthypie was getting squirmy (I knew I should have changed his diaper before we went into the store!) I grabbed a Northern Light MSF and checked out. I knew if I had stayed I would have racked up a $200+ bill so it's good that Darthieypie saved me from spending too much. So here are my goodies!

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Palette
The back of the box with the price sticker just in case you don't believe me!
MAC Northern Light MSF. Even prettier in person!
Northern Light swatch in all it's peachy shimmery goodness!


  1. Score!! That is a lovely palette. How is darthypie feeling?

  2. I think I hate you. Yet I love you. So torn.

  3. What a fantastic haul! That nudes palette looks loverly. I dream about finding the Velvet Plum metallics at my CCO, but it's a bit of a drive, so I haven't tried it yet- but this is inspirational! :-)

    And sucks about the cavities! :-(

  4. OMG!!!! but must you rub it in??? :P

    I just added that palette on my wish list (to check). I have bought all the past BB palettes in chococlate and stonewashed but I bought them as gifts as NONE of them were my kind of e/s as there are matte in them...

    I am hoping I'd like this one.

    You LUCKIEST girl!

  5. T: Thanks! Darthypie is fine...once he got a new diaper!

    Sophia: You love me. You know it! BTW I think the nudes palette will look even better on you as some of the colors don't even show up on my light skin.

    Valerie: Thank you! I go to the Dentist on Tuesday. :-( Good luck on finding Velvet Plum...however it's not as plummy as I would have hoped.

    Jojoba: LOL. I couldn't help myself. You might like this one, however espresso and Nude are both matte. the metallic shades are quite soft and pigmented tho, and the shimmer wash formula might be perfect for you! I can't wait to read your review.

    To All:
    I went back to my CCO to return Northern Light. I just couldn't justify ANOTHER peach highlighter in my collection. I was going to go pick up a Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Metallic palette but they were out of the velvet plum and the shimmering nudes palette was G-O-N-E Gone.
    The ladies that work there are soooo odd. They are older house fraus that give me dirty looks like I'm a shoplifter. When I asked them about the Shimmering nudes and velvet plum metallics I was met with blank stares and *blink* blink*


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