Friday, August 22, 2008

OPI Tickle My France-Y is a Yawn Tastic nude!

I say Yawn-Tastic like it's a good thing!

I am revisiting this collection not because it is blow me down, unique. Far from that. OPI seems to have "reinvented" cherry nail polish again. Yup there are quite a few of the "I think I have seen this before" colors in this collection but thankfully the You Don't Know Jaques!, Tickle My France-Y, and Parlez-Vous OPI? are the stand out unique shades from this collection.

In my previous post about You Don't Know Jaques! I mention that my next purchase was probably going to be this nude color. I work in a fairly conservative environment and when I found myself reaching for my trusty Cutex Nail Polish Remover pads right before I had to train a Sr. Vice President on a new software system, I knew that I had to pick up Tickle My France-Y (TMF-Y) as soon as possible. I hate having chips in my nail polish but I hate, even more, having to remove a perfectly good manicure BEFORE it chips! That's why TMF-Y will be perfect for the office. If it chips it wont be very noticeable and even if it doesn't, my tips will be conservative enough to present to the CEO should I need to.

For even better pictures on FAR better manicured nails check out Scrangie's beauty blog for the OPI Fall 2008 collection. And hey, while you are there check out her swatches from the China Glaze Fall 2008: Rodeo Diva Collection. I think I NEED Wagon Trail. (Yet another color I probably can't wear to the office)

How about you. Can you get away with Vamp-y nails in a cubicle?


  1. That's a very nice nude on you! You *definitely* need Wagon Trail- it's such an Elvira color! I've been meaning to go by Sally's and see if they had the new China Glaze polishes in yet. I think I might need Prize Winning Mare.

    Oh- and I finally got around to swatching Parlez-Vous OPI last night, to compare it to my other dirty purples, and I agree, it is soooo gorgeous and unique! I love fall nail polish collections. :-D Now if Sephora would just get Metro Chic back in stock, I'd be good to go! *taps foot*

  2. Valerie: If you need a CP of Metro Chic I would be happy to pick one up for you. Just let me know. After seeing some swatches of it I'm lemming it too!

  3. Hey lady! I love that nude polish. very pretty and ladylike.

  4. hey pink sith! that's a really lovely nail colour there! never seen anything like that before :)

  5. Hi T: Welcome back. Thanks for the comment! It looks better in person and It's growing on me. :-)

    Hi Charlieee: Welcome! Thanks very much for the comment! It's a nice color to wear and I think I'll get a lot of mileage out of it!

  6. I don't work, but, I can get away with a chunky glittery nail polish, Sephora by OPI."It's Bouquet By Me" at church, and even get compliments on it, and that's saying something, because my church is conservative! LOL


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