Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sephora Maniac Liner - Discontinued Liner Has Been Duped!

My beloved Sephora Slim Pencil lip liner in #114 was discontinued. I'm not sure what's up with Sephora. Maybe they realized that they were making it too easy to find the PERFECT pale pink nude lip liner that matched my MAC Blankety, Chanel Tender, Naive and Lunasol Beige Pink lipsticks. Who knows. Maybe it wasn't even about me...but when is it NOT about me? *wink*
ANYWAY. I was starting to hyperventilate when I sharpened my 114 for the last time. The darn thing was down to a nub. I have gone through about 4 of these liners and all of them are so short I can't even sharpen them anymore. I realized I had to suck it up and look for another liner to replace my beloved #114.
I had to meet a member from MUA (Tessa) to do a swap in person (hey, it's an excuse to meet in person and go shopping why not?) Tessa had already been shopping, which was good because I had Darthypie with me, and we only spent a few minutes together. Oh and by the way, Tessa is a doll. She not only gave me a VERY generous sample of Sweet Sienna for our swap she brought a stuffed animal for Darthypie! How nice is that?!?
We wandered into the Sephora and as I was lamenting about the #114 pencil, I spied a new liner called Maniac Long Wearing Liner.

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Sephora describes it as "a highly pigmented, long-lasting lip liner." The pencil is about 2 times the length of the old Slim Pencil liner and it has a lip brush at one end. I probably won't get much use out of the lip brush but I guess it's OK. I have never successfully had the cap to a pencil with a lip brush stay on for the life of the pencil so inevitably the cap will fall off and the lip brush will be rendered useless as I seriously doubt I will be able to find the cap & keep it clean after that.
I snatched up a pencil in 12 Miel Dement (described as - matte beige putty) and as I studied it I thought, this might be a good dupe of the #114. The Maniac Long Wearing Liner is priced at $6 while the Slim Pencil was priced at $4, so a couple of dollars more and 2 times the length I was OK with that.
When I got it home I swatched the two liners side by side. Wow! It was almost an exact dupe of the #114! It was ever so slightly warmer but not so much that it would make a huge difference.
When I went to wash off the liners from the back of my hand I was amazed that the new Maniac Liner wasn't budging with light soap and rinsing. I really had to scrub it to get it off. Not hard scrubbing, but it definitely required effort. My only concern is that the liner may cause some tiny breakouts along my lip line if it requires that much effort to remove, but I'll let you all know if anything happens like that.
The Maniac Pencil does not use wood as the casing like the Slim Pencil did, so sharpening isn't as easy (in my opinion) as a wood pencil. I find that the "lead" can be broken inside the casing and while you spin the pencil around a few times to sharpen it, the "lead" may be broken and will fall out, so you have to sharpen again. Maybe it's just me, maybe it's the cheap sharpener I use I don't know, but I haven't been fond of this type in the past. I have only sharpened this once and so far so good. No breakage and no extra sharpening.

All in all. I say I'm quite pleased to not only find a dupe of the color, but to be able to find it for a VERY reasonable price and what looks like a superior formula!

Have you managed to successfully find dupes of products that were discontinued?


  1. I've been trying in vain to find a dupe for a LE Clinique cream shaper color- Cocoa Shimmer- it's the loveliest soft brown/taupey color. It was one of those duos that they released in Spring 08 (?), so it's very short and fading fast! I found another one on Evilbay (used! ewww! bought it anyway), but still searching for a dupe. Why does no one make taupey eyeliners??

  2. Valerie, have you tried looking at the MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliners? They have a fantastic taupe liner...#18 IIRC.

    And yay Elvira for finding the lip liner!

  3. Joey, I think I tried every brand in Sephora! I developed lots of lemmings for other colors, but didn't find a dupe. The closest thing I found was the Sephora brand jumbo eye pencil in beige, but it's not quite brown enough to match the cocoa shimmer. I'm banking on Clinique re-releasing the color at some point... seems like all brands recycle at one point or another.
    BTW, I think you can totally rock the black gloss! It'll be butt-mouth EXTREME! :-D

    Oh, and Elvira- I called my CCO, no Volcanic Ash. :-(

  4. LOL thanks Valerie! I pre-ordered the Lancome Piha set but the YSL gloss was OOS when I went to pre-order it =( it comes out in 3 weeks, so I'll try a YSL counter instead.

    Hopefully Clinique re-releases the eyeliner!!

  5. Can I tell you how I was hysterical laughing (although not funny!) when I read about the Sephora #114 liner!!! I have been calling about it, went into the stores, emailed all to hear a different story all every time! I, like you, had like 3 sharpened down to the last nub, where I coulden't even put the cap on! Now I have none left and am livid! I tried the maniac one, but still not the same to me! I did try something else though that I bought when I was on vaca in NJ - it is a liner made by NYX called natural - this is what I'm using for now, but still waiting for an email back from Sephora - as soon as I hear, I'll let you know! If you hear, I would love to know! Thanks - Karen

  6. Hi Karen: Thanks for the comment. I think I'll e-mail Sephora CS about the #114 as well, however I expect to get the same response as if I had typed my question into a "Speak and Spell", but we will see. If you do hear anything please leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at!

    Valerie & Joey! Yea! Readers helping readers. This is awesome! Everyone should feel free to have "conversations" here. Posting follow-up responses and other feedback for other commenters is what will make this place helpful for everyone! Thanks so much!

  7. Elvira -
    Hi All - guess what? I heard back from Sephora today regarding Lip Pencil #114!!! Here we go - "With automatic replenishment of inventory at our warehouse, the ETA for the #114 should be within the week of 9/3/08"> I can only hope this is true. It all remains to be seen!


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