Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Poll

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I am recovering from the Dentist.

Bleh. I hate the dentist.
Every time I go to a new Dentist I always ask them if they have ever seen the movie "Marathon Man" with Dustin Hoffman. It's a great movie but there is this one scene where this German guy tortures Hoffman by drilling in his teeth without any Novocaine! It's gruesome.
I ask them if they have seen it because it's a very famous torture scene and if my Dentist claims they have never seen it I automatically don't trust them. How, as a Dentist, can you not be familiar with that movie let alone know anything about it? I assume they have seen the movie and just won't admit it to me because they secretly enjoyed the torture scene.
"Ah Ha!" is what I want to say when I catch them in the act, popcorn in hand, the dim light from the TV set highlights their ghoulish features as they watch with glee when Dustin Hoffman gets drilled! Then the shame will wash all over them and they will have to admit what sadists they are to have become Dentists in the first place. They will eventually leave their practice and join the peace corps making sure that people in Africa have clean drinking water. It's a fantasy of mine....but I digress.

Off to the poll!

1) Lip Of The Day? - Lancome Color Fever Shine lipstick in Pixel Pink. It's slick, Creamy & Shiny and Helllooo PINK! How could I not love it!?

2) Anything Waiting for you in the mail? - My Paul & Joe Lipstick and Face Powder from this fall's new collection. Pictures & a review soon!

3) Any plans for this Labor Day? - Nope. My husband works retail so I pretty much rely on any major Holiday not to see him. Darthypie and I will hang out, maybe go to the park and for a brief shopping trip.

4) When was the last time you washed your Makeup Brushes? - I don't even want to admit how long it has been. I plan to wash them all this weekend. It always hurts my back to stand that long at the sink but it needs to be done. I'll pull up a chair this time.

5) Last Movie You watched in the theater? - Tropic Thunder. It was the funniest movie I have seen in a long, long time. Robert Downey Jr. is ah-freakin-mazing. (not to mention HAWT!). It's a must see.

6) Favorite Moisturizer? - La Roche Posay - Toleraine. However I'm looking for something else a bit more moisturizing with no SPF.


  1. Oh poor darth! I feel your pain on the dentist. The majority of my teeth have fillings. :-(

    1) Sephora brand G15 (I think?)- I don't like the fruity scent of Sephora lipsticks, but I literally gasped out loud when I swatched this gorgeous pinky-brown on my arm. Nice creamy formula too.

    2) Oooooh! If you got the brown lipstick (Muse 058?) I will be *so* jealous! I bet you got the pink/taupey powder too! The only thing I have coming in the mail is my (used!) Clinique eyeliner from Evilbay. I'm trying to think of it as a 'swap'...

    3) No plans. No work though, which makes me VERY happy :-)

    4) Umm, I plead the fifth. It hurts my back too! I'm glad I'm not the only one...

    5) I. Cannot. Remember. Maybe the Will Ferrell step-brother movie? Yikes.

    6) I like the C.O. Bigelow intensive one without SPF, forget the exact name... only drawback is that it comes in a jar. But most good creams do, i guess. For daily SPF I use Cetaphil, but it's not a "favorite" really, just does the job.

  2. Dear Darth,
    I have avoided the Dentist for years (yes, I am a very bad girl). They have to give me laughing gas just to get me calm enough! I hate, hate, hate the Dentist!

    LOTD: NYX Iced Latte (an oldie but a goodie)

    Waiting for: The Infamous BB Shimmering Nude Palette, I am weak, I caved on this! (many curses to karlasugar's blog for the lemming)

    Labor Day Plans: Picnic I got to every year with family on Sunday, and Wednesday after Labor Day I leave for the BEACH!!!!!!! YAY!!!!

    MU Brushes: You don't wanna know!

    Movie: I haven't been in a theatre in ages.

    Moisturizer: Clinique SuperDefense Preview I just got to try (perks of being an SA)

  3. I want to go to the!

    1) Lip Of The Day? - Nothing yet but I'm thinking YSL Rouge Pure Shine #29 =) it's very pretty, just wish it wasn't so damn gritty.

    2) Anything Waiting for you in the mail? - Yup!: Dior Earth Tones quint with various Sephora samples, UD Gash lipstick, UD Gash lipliner, and UD Deluxe Shadow in Underground!!

    3) Any plans for this Labor Day? - Well, a party on Saturday night, and Sunday will be spent shopping...Monday just hanging out with my Wii, a pitcher of beer, and a large pizza with Jason =)

    4) When was the last time you washed your Makeup Brushes? - Last weekend =( I need to wash a couple tonight!!

    5) Last Movie You watched in the theater? - Tropic Thunder. I saw it for a second time, and it was even better!! "I'm a lead farmer, motherf*cker!!"- GENIUS! And Booty Sweat and Bust a Nut Bars!! OMG!

    6) Favorite Moisturizer? - I don't have one...still looking for my HG =(

  4. 1. LOTD is Guerlain Fleur de Feu

    2. Lots, I've been on a shopping binge. BB longwear eye palette,, order. Nars Best palette.

    3. No major plans, I have to work Monday. Yay for double time!

    4: I washed my brushes last night, actually.

    5: The Dark Knight.

    6. Boscia Oil Free Hydrator

  5. 1) Lip Of The Day? - Urban Decay Lip Stain in Naked

    2) Anything Waiting for you in the mail? - Nothing. Bah.

    3) Any plans for this Labor Day? - Probably going to the beach for the day.

    4) When was the last time you washed your Makeup Brushes? - Two weeks ago.

    5) Last Movie You watched in the theater? - Kung Fu Panda.

    6) Favorite Moisturizer? -Garnier Moisturizer, the one in the green bottle,

  6. 1) Lip Of The Day? - MAC Bare Slimshine (my go-to job interview lip lately)

    2) Anything Waiting for you in the mail? - Today's mail sucked but I have a few things coming...a HC order (yes, I caved) and a meow cosmetics order (caved on that sale too!) and some swappies.

    3) Any plans for this Labor Day? - Not really. My mom AND my stepdad's birthday is on 9/3 though so we'll be getting together sometime next week. I have to stall them because mom's bday presents haven't arrived yet. :| freaking amazon sellers...

    4) When was the last time you washed your Makeup Brushes? - *pleads 5th* I guess I'll be washing them this weekend too. And PHOTOGRAPHING MY STASH with my new camera. WOOT.

    5) Last Movie You watched in the theater? - The X Files Movie.

    6) Favorite Moisturizer? - Alba Botanica Sea Lipid Daily Cream. It's a bit of a mouthful but it's AMAZING. And btw it doesn't have SPF, and it's great for oily skin. :} oh and it's only like $14.

  7. Valerie: Nope not the brown one. I got the nude one 060(boring I know). I'll wait until cable for the Will Ferrell movie. As much as he amuses me, he makes me a bit twitchy and its better if I see him in small doses. :-)

    Janine: The Beach! Yea!!! Have a great time! Wear Sunscreen (of course)

    Joey: I am going o own that DVD. Can't wait to see the extras! I find my YSL Golden Glosses Gritty too. Bleh

    Sophia: Nice haul! Certainly not usual for you to get so much at one time. I know you will have fun playing with all your goodies! I would love to see pictures!

    Kathleen: Kung Fu Panda! I really want to see that. It looks awesome! My DH uses the same moisturizer...that is when I remind him to use it! It's a great every day moisturizer and not expensive either! Garnier has some great products!

    Aly: New Camera!! Whoot! Can't wait to see stash pics!! Oh and I forgot about the Alba Botanica Sea Lipid Daily Cream. I'm going to have to look for that on my next trip to the store!


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