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Urban Decay Primer Potion - Release the Genie from the Bottle!

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Allow me to be the One zillionth person to review this much debated product.
Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion is a great product, IF YOU HAVE OILY EYELIDS. It's also a great product if you like to have your eye shadow look “morning perfect fabulous” all day long.
It’s a bold statement and I’m not afraid to say it.
UDPP, as I like to call it, is stupendous, incredible, amazing, it slices, it dices it… wait. That’s the Ginsu Knife.
Allow me to give you some background on my skin.
I thought I was going to solve the world’s energy crisis because of the amount of oil my eyelids were producing. I could have supported the Tli Cho land transport truckers in Yellow Knife Canada. You know what I’m talking about…near the Arctic Circle…. Ice Road Truckers TV show….is this thing on? :: taps microphone ::
So as I was saying…my eyelids are oily.
UDPP has managed to quell that oil and keep my eye shadow in place and crease free for up to ten hours! TEN! Count ‘em, ten full hours. No creasing, no smudging, no migrating crease shadow with outer V shadow with brow bone shadow. Heck, even on days when I just wear one color (gasp! Yes it does happen from time to time) UDPP keeps my shadow from creasing like a cheap suit. I love this stuff. My ode does have some caveats though:
a) The packaging is awful. I would prefer a squeeze tube (like Too Faced Shadow Insurance). The rigid and opaque lavender Genie bottle-esque container is cute to look at but impracticable as a bicycle is for a fish. You never know how much product is left, and the little stopper at the top of the tube may actually cause many consumers to think there is less product remaining than there actually is. Personally, I’m just not fond of the color. I think it looks kinda kiddie makeup-ey like. For such a wondrous product it needs wondrous packaging. Silver, gold, high shine black lacquer… something regal. Not some reject from the “I Dream of Jeanie” TV show. Barbara Eden’s characters of Jeanie, (for those old enough to remember) was one of my favorite characters and as much as I like the misogynist idea of keeping a sexy woman in a prison like bottle for ones own personal amusement…oh wait. I have gotten off course my apologies to all readers and Gloria Steinem.

2) The doe foot applicator stinks. That awful doe foot makes people feel like not enough of the product is being delivered on their eye…which makes many people use more than they need and in turn they get poor results. I have nothing against Bambi but the doe foot has to go. I don’t like them for gloss and I certainly don’t like them for UDPP! Alas, I am just one woman. I cannot convince Urban Decay to change this aspect of their product…trust me I have written to customer service.

IV) Corporate Greed. I love Gordon Gekko from the movie “Wall Street” just as much as any child of the 1980’s. The mantra “Greed is Good” has stuck with me all these years (Thanks Oliver Stone!) but only when it is MY GREED not Urban Decay’s greed. The stopper at the top of the tube (as mentioned above) wipes off so much product from the stupid doe foot applicator that many people believe their tube is empty before it really is, which in turn makes them throw a most likely half used tube away only to plunk down more money for another tube which they didn’t need in the first place. Get my drift? Keep your own greed & money; remove that stopper from the tube when you feel that the product is getting low. You will be amazed at how much is still there. If you want to take it one step further, cut the darn thing in half and scoop out more than 5 grams of product to keep in a pigment sample jar, use a small concealer brush to pick up the product and apply to your eyes....Just be careful not to use too much.

This UDPP tube was 8 months old at time I cut it open. I had removed the stopper after 6 months

I filled a 5g pigment sample jar with product and that was AFTER I threw away some product that had plastic shavings on it from cutting it open!

This brings me to my last point
I cannot stress this enough. A small rice sized dab on clean eyelids, patted out w/ your ring finger is ALL you need. People complain that it isn’t working for them or it dried their eyes out….Bunk. (OK maybe not “bunk” but they were probably using too much product and that’s why they had problems.)
Trust me. This stuff is gold. OK it’s actually beige colored w/ no shimmer at all but it is worth its weight in gold…not that I know the price of gold on the market today but if gold is worth a lot at the time you are reading this review then UDPP is worth just as much.

Have you taken the steps to cut open your UDPP?
- Me!!
Have you moved on to Too Faced Shadow Insurance as your daily eye primer? - Me!!

What eye primer do you like to wear? - Too Faced and UDPP, they both do the job


  1. Yes, I too used UDPP, and threw it out Loooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg before it was ever used up...this was before people learned to perform surgery on this baby.

    I have since moved on to Two Faced Shadow Insurance as I am not a victim of the "oily eye" I much prefer this product and similar to UDPP you only need a "raindrop" sized amout to hold your eyeshadow on all day. Being a person with two jobs (one being a cosmetic SA), this holds my shadow in place ALL day with no retouching.

    It also is worth it's weight in gold and right now gold is worth a freakin' fortune, if you watch enough QVC as I do!!!!!!!!!!

  2. UDPP is evil Elvira. Evil!! It burned my damn eyelids. Thank goodness for ArtDeco and TFSI!

    Although I did hear awhile back that Wende Zomnir is in the process of redoing the UDPP bottle so that it doesn't waste so much product.

  3. I did find UDPP to be drying- I didn't use too much, I swear!! I use Clinique Touch Tint in Natural Suede for a base, and it does the job well enough. I'm not one of those people who needs her eye makeup to be perfect at the end of the day. I have been pondering the Two Faced though...

  4. Janine: Yup I think moving on to TFSI was a good move for both of us. I especially appreciate the fact that you need perfect MU when you get up early and have to work 2 jobs! Yikes!

    Joey: If I was able to get my hands on Art Deco I would, but now that I have my TSFI, UDPP (evil) and MAC Paint Pots it seems silly to introduce a 4th primer. That's overkill right?

    Valerie: I believe you. UDPP has been know to do that to people. I have never tried the Clinique item you mentioned. Sounds like a nice color base. I really love my TFSI. You should go by sephora and pick up a sample to test before you buy!

  5. you crack me up. GREAT review. best one I've read yet for the infamous UDPP

  6. Hey :) love the post. Following your blog. Decided to purchase the Eden as well as the Greed (gold) potion to try out. Can't believe the amount of product that still remains in the product when you opened it up. Good idea about creating a little pot of it! I haven't started using either potions yet (been so lazy to apply for work!).


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