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Clarins pure melt cleanisng gel - Amazing invention. Pricey Investment.

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I'm a big fan of oil based cleansers. I have tried Shu Uemura (The green one and the original), DHC, Lumene, and one other, but I forget the name. I wear sunscreen and foundation so at the end of the day I want to make sure all of that is off my face as it will cause me to break out if I don't effectively remove it. I use the Clarisonic Brush and have been using it for many years now. The brush is amazing and one day I will sit down write a review of it. The brush really scrubs my skin and the thought of scrubbing my makeup & sunscreen into my skin makes me feel oogey so I want to make sure I remove it before I use the Clarisonic. That's where the oil cleanser comes in. The oil cleanser will effectively remove my sunscreen and makeup,rinse away clean, with no oily film left on my face. In addition, since I'm effectively cleansing twice (Oil then Clarisonic) I want to make sure I don't strip my face and dry it out too much. There is really nothing worse than having acne and dry patches!

The drawback with such oil cleansers is that they are runny and I feel like I waste some of the product when rubbing it between my hands. Clarins pure melt cleanser has fixed this but making the oil into a gel, and it stays as a gel until it comes into contact with the makeup on your face! Then and only then, does it melt into an oil cleanser. It effectively removes all of the makeup (even waterproof mascara, with minimal rubbing) from my face and when I go to rinse it rinses clean like any other oil based cleanser!
According to Clarins the pure Melt Cleansing Gel "preserves the skin's hydrolipidic film as it softens, soothes and refreshes skin, and rinses off easily." OK. Whatever hydrolipdic means, (water & oil = Hydro-lipid) it works. my skin is soft after use and never feels tight or dry. I will say that if you are not wearing makeup this gel cleanser can feel sticky and may not melt into the oil. You may need a washcloth to effectively remove it if you are sensitive to any residue left over from rinsing. I have used this alone, without my Clarisonic brush, but I didn't feel like my face was fully clean. Perhaps that's a result of using a Clarisonic for so long, perhaps it's a residue from the Clarins. I'm not sure, so I treat this cleanser as a makeup remover not a full fledged cleanser. Also one last thing to note is that this product does have fragrance. Perhaps it is the c-Marula oil but whatever it is, if you are sensitive to fragrance I would avoid this. I happen to love the scent. It's clean and semi flowery .

The biggest drawbacks to this item is the price and the speed in which I go though it. I try to be conservative and use a nickle size dollop in my palm but I still feel like I go though this quite fast. At $30 a tube for 3.9 oz it's spendy to say the least. The packaging is good because cheap-o me can cut the tube in half and get in there to scoop out every trace of product once I near the end. But as I said, nearing the end of a tube comes all to quickly some times. I have purchased this product 2 times in the past 8 months. I that's bad because some days I skip it and use my Shu Uemura cleansing oil.

So will I buy this again? No. Once I run out of my Shu oil I'm getting more of the Shu. The last bottle (150ml) lasted me over a year so I won't be picking up the Clarins any time soon. I'm trying to use up all my skin care items before I buy or swap for more. I found myself overrun with cleansers and acne treatments and toners and masks and you name it. I had to pair down so I'm on a "Use it up/No Buy". You might see some more reviews from me in the coming months as I go though using up products.

My skin is combination Oily in T-zone, It is clog prone and sensitive to silicones. I have fine lines near my eyes and am starting to get dryness under my eyes and on my cheeks. My skin loves deep cleansing and exfoliation (manual & chemical) and hates silicone-y type products that sit on top of my skin and cause my pores to suffocate.

For reference, here are the cleansing oils I have used.
All of them are effective in removing makeup and sunscreen, but some are more effective than others In order of effectiveness & best value they are:
Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/I 5.07oz/150ml = $32.00
Lumene Lift Touch Rejuvenating Cleansing Oil 6.8oz/200ml = $9.99
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 6.7oz/199ml = $24
Clarins Pure Melt Cleanser 3.9oz/115ml = $30


  1. i am also started getting into Clarins recently. I just got the Double Fix Mascara today! Your review makes me want to try yet another of its product. I find this brand is so little spoken but many worth a try.

  2. ELVIRA - I have no idea if you even read these. OMG I love Clarins......JK JK. I have enjoyed reading your makeup blog and look forward to more sarcastic comments in the future. Oh, it is Pam and I have no idea what my blogger/google username and/or password is so I am anonymous for now.

  3. Hi Jojoba: I personally find a lot of Clarins skincare overpriced for what you get, but there are some gems hidden in the line.

    Pam: You dork. GOOHWTBS. Look that one up! I love you anyway!

  4. i forgot to update this! i did remember reading your post. then i forgot to come back to see if we see this product in the same way.

    looks like we do feel similar. the gel doesn't last long for me either. i thought it was because i use heavy eye makeup or something. and though i have dry skin, i also don't think this cleanse enough when there is no makeup.

    thanks for the review again. this is something too expensive to buy regularly.

  5. I found your blog searching for an answer to whether you can use a cleansing oil WITH your Clarisonic? I just bought the Clarisonic and I don't want to mess it up using oils, but I've heard great things about Shu Cleansing Oil.


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