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Cle de Peau Concealer - I'm in love

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OK. I have been hesitating to write this review because I know there are some haters out there that will scoff at me when they find out I paid almost $70 for this concealer. Yeah. that's right. $68 plus tax. Now allow me to preface this ghastly amount I spent on concealer by saying the following. a) I have tried so many concealers and this was yet another one that I had to try because of the good reviews I have read. b) I purchased it for my birthday. Every year I buy one very high end item of makeup and/or perfume and splurge...this was my splurge. c) It's really none of your business and yet I feel so compelled to "explain" to you all why I spent so much money on a freakin' concealer! d) I need therapy.

Well, at least this concealer is ah-freakin-mazing. At least I am writing about how my $68 + tax monies were spent well. This stuff really works! I have tried and loved/hated the following concealers
Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer
Besame - Souffle Foundation*
Estee Lauder - Smoothing Creme Concealer
Kevyn Aucoin - Sensual Skin Enhancer*
Lancome - Effacernes Concealer
Laura Mercier - Secret Camouflage
LORAC - Coverup
MAC - Studio Stick Concealer
Make Up For Ever - Full Cover
Stila - Concealer
TheBalm - TimeBalm concealer
Not to mention the gamut of drugstore brands and the wretched mineral powder
* I know these are foundations but according to the brand they can be used as concealers.

So if it was just my under eyes I was covering up, and of the above brands would have worked just fine. Many of them did work just fine on my under eye area. But all of them failed when used to cover up acne scars, emerging pimples and any other spots on my combination skin.
My skin isn't pretty. I have to use a myriad of products to look "normal". I NEED a concealer that can last all day, not crease, match my skin tone, not break me out, not flake, blend easily, and actually COVER up those imperfections. I believe ladies and gentlemen (if any gentlemen are reading this) I have found said concealer, and thy name is Cle de Peau.

Marcus, Cle de Peau is a Japanese brand. Don't let the fake French name fool you. (translates literally to Key of Skin) CdP as I like to refer to it, is owned by Shiseido. The brand is ultra high end, where a concealer will cost you $68 and tax and a lipstick will run around $40-$45. CdP isn't hard to buy on line but isn't easy either. The CdP website does not list prices for their products. I guess it is the old adage. "If you have to can't afford it." You can find it on-line at, cosmeticsmall and amazon but in store you can purchase it at select Neiman Marcus Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

OK. The product itself.
The concealer comes in three shades. Ivory, Beige and Ocher.
I purchased Ivory. ( I am a MAC NC20, Chanel .5 Limpide, MUFE F&B 20.) I have slight yellow and red undertones and have fairly neutral skin coloring. Ivory is my perfect match. When I apply it to my skin it looks almost invisible. I hardly need to blend it to make it disappear. People with lighter skin tones may not be able to blend this as well and those darker than MAC NC 35/40 may not find Ochre dark enough for them.
I apply concealer AFTER foundation or BB cream. Lately I have been using BB cream and then CdP concealer and then Guerlain Parure Powder foundation. This gives me a full coverage yet not a cakey look. It's good for the warmer months as my skin is oily and spotty. yuck!
CdP concealer has no scent. Love that.
It comes in a stick form that you swivel up like a lipstick. You don't need to swivel it up too high as a little goes a long way. The concealer is hard in the tube but a little swipe is all you need and it spreads better when you have your own body heat "melt" it a bit. What I do is put two swipes under my eyes, and then spot/dab on various blemishes/spots on my face. By the time I'm ready to blend in the concealer it's warmed up enough to melt nicely into my skin.
I have heard of some people saying that it was too dry on them. Honestly I don't see that but I have oily skin and the eye cream & moisturizer and BB cream I use may help in alleviating any dryness that is associated with this concealer.
I can wear CdP concealer all day and it does not fade away under my eyes or on any spots I have. However it does melt away on my more oily areas like the crooks of my nose (the sides)...but nothing stays there. I like to use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder to set the concealer in this area but I find I really don't need it under my eyes.

Is this a Holy Grail? I'm not sure. I have been using this concealer since July. I thought Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer was a HG but after a year of use...though all the season changes I decided it wasn't. I want to reserve awarding CdP HG status until a full year of use.

So Should you buy it? I can't say no. It's quite good and it the perfect color match for me, but it's such a huge investment. If you have had problems finding the right concealer, I say go for it. But I recommend testing the shades before you purchase if you can.
One thing to note. It has been rumored that CdP has changed the formulation of the concealer. That's a bummer. I still see the old version for sale on the web but the brick & mortar stores like Neimans and Saks may not carry the old formula anymore.

What was your most expensive makeup purchase?
Did it live up to your expectations?


  1. oh how I hate you and albion keep reminding me of this concealer!!! I have CdP in town and I know our CdP isn't as expensive as many other places but still it's a very pricy brand.

    I hate you because you and i have almost same colouring. grrr. so it's a perfect match for you and so it is probably my perfect match. the SA didn't have a sample for me the last time I went or else I probably have aready caved in by now if it also works for me. darn it.

    This concealer reminds me of the old shiseido stick concealer that's so very popuplar and then shiseido had to kill it. I wonder if CdP used the same formula???!!! if so, then I must and will try as I missed out the Shiseido version. (d/c'd before I had a change to brab a tube.)

    ps: i recently swapped for a CdP quad #1 and I hate it so much that I feel like throwing it to the bin. I just have no luck in swapping unless it's a CP. I love and hug my CdP #14 but I could spit on this #1! talk about not consistant in quality!

    anyway, that's side tracked and I do love you for your great and fun reviews...

    review something cheaper soon, will you? (I am bad at this too. LOL)

  2. I love your blog because I am Chinese American. I have found that asian base make up seems to work better for me because no matter how many people rave about laura mercier foundation, the color is always too pink on me.

    I also hemmed and hawed ad CdP but i finally bought it about a month ago. My color ranges from beige to ochre for the concealer. I have combination skin and if i dont use an eye cream i also find the concealer becomes very flakey and unflattering. All in all I like the concealer but i don't think i would buy it again. The reasoning is that i only really try to cover my undereye circles (and yes they are terrible indeed). Don't get me wrong, i do have terrible skin but i find that trying to mask it too much makes it look a lot worst. After my CdP is finally used up i will probably stick with whatever foundation i am using at the moment to cover up the undereye. I have tried Besame, MAC skinfinish, Shu Uemura fluid foundation and Kanebo Sensei. All these work fairly well for concealing dark circles with MAC being the best.

  3. jojoba: LOL. I'll try to keep my lemming making to under $50 USD in the future! I think you might be a mix between beige and ivory but ivory might work for you in the winter, I'm sorry to hear about the CdP #1 quad. I almost bid on one on evilbay. Glad I didn't now. :-) Thanks for the compliment and the comment!

    Anonymous: I am Caucasian but having a lot of red in my skin and some yellow undertones Asian makeup bases look better on me too. There are some eastern lines that have good yellow bases, like Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever but not enough. I seriously urge you to pick up some inexpensive, light moisturizing eye cream and you will find the CdP works better under your eyes. You also might want to check out Shiseido concealer stick as jojoba mentioned. I still see it for sale on (it might be old tho) Thanks for the comment!

  4. What Shiseido concealer stick is everyone talking about? I just bought one a couple of weeks ago, Shiseido The Makeup concealer stick. It has three colors. If that is the one let me know and I can CP!

  5. After reading all the good press I bought the new "Honey" shade of cle de peau. I immediately noticed it had the same look and consistency as the the $15 Derma Blend/Quick Fix I had been using for years. To check performance, I conducted a comparison test (i.e. left vs. right eye) each day for a week and no one I asked could tell the difference. Conclusion: Good, but not good enough for the price difference.


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