Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lancome Lotus Splendor - A Gem!

This little gem will have a place of honor on my makeup vanity. That is if I ever have a house large enough for a makeup vanity. For now it is on my dresser. I look at it a lot. Even my Dear Husband has commented how "neat" this item is.

In the United States, Lancome thinks Americans are all about form & function. That we couldn't be bothered with a Lotus Bud Shaped Makeup Delivery Device. They might be right, but there are at least a few Americans that want this. I happen to be one of them. Lancome came out with the Maharani Jewels Fall 2008 Color Collection in early June. The Europe/Asia release included 2 lotus Flowers 01 Warm Keva and 02 Brown Nalini they are Make up Palettes of a sort and they are exquisite. I glimpsed pictures from various blogs like A Touch of Blusher and others and I knew I had to have one of them.

I found on Evilbay for a mere $34 a limited edition Lancome Europe/Asia exclusive Lotus Splendor eye and lip duo! I got Warm Keva. The Brown Nalini was selling for almost 2times as much and I wasn't all that excited by the colors.

Here are pictures of the lotus palette in all it's glory.



Eye shadow 1

Eye shadow 2

Teeny tiny applicators that come with the palette

The Palette, if you can call it that, comes with a cute "instruction" sheet for various looks and ways to apply the products.

The little gem was marred by my repeated opening & closing to show people how cool the thing was so I decided to swatch it, realizing that I would have to actually USE the product rather than just stare at it.
So swatches for your enjoyment.
The Orange lipstick shows up as a bright yet sheer coral, the white gloss is sticky and very pearlized, the pink shadow is well pigmented and matte and the gray is well pigmented and sparkly. both shadows blend very well and are silky soft.

P.S. has 01 for sale here is the link


  1. Fancy! That little instruction booklet is precious :)

  2. Thats a thing of beauty! We need more creative packaging in the US. I really love the Indian winged eyes look, for the sheer fact that i has two toned lips! Awesome E-bay steal!

  3. I have to say that that looks so space age. It is pretty cool. How awesome is it to take that out at the dinner table.


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