Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Laura Mercier - Stick Gloss Rediscovered!

As many Makeup addicts know, Shopping your stash comes in handy during a no buy. OK. So if you aren't a MU addict you aren't reading this blog but allow me to explain anyway.

Shopping your stash - Your collection of Makeup is so large that you probably have items you forgot about, have never used, or haven't used in months/years. Going back though those forgotten items to find a particular color/need/short term obsession is called Shopping your stash.

No buy - Makeup addicts tend to overspend, or over shop. perhaps we want to save up money for a big purchase like La Mer Translucent Loose Powder or The Mortgage. (lol) By not buying makeup for a pre-determined amount of time, MU addicts feel as if they are saving money...however many do compensate by buying up skincare, haircare and body care items, shoes, purses or mad swapping which costs postage. Either way, it's a lose-lose situation if you do this. I have been unsuccessful in my recent no-buy. I hauled skincare items, this I justified because I was running low on my staples....however I was not OUT of the items and I was also test driving some items from some recent swaps (postage fees) so I really had no excuse, other than stress from guests coming into town and boredom during one of Darthypie's recent nap.

So why explain all this?

Because I'm verbose.

So anyway, whilst shopping my stash of over 20+ lipsticks and 30+ lip glosses I picked up my neglected Laura Mercier Stick Gloss in Courtisane and slicked it on.

I forgot how lovely this color is.
I forgot how lovely the formula is.
I forgot how much I adored this lipstick when I first purchased it.

Laura Mercier Stick Glosses retail for about $20. This is part lipstick / part lip gloss. The color is sheer and the slip (how easily the lipstick glides on your lips) is wonderful. Courtisane has a rosey-gold finish that is translucent. It's neutral. Not too warm, not too cool. It's semi frosty but not so much so that your lips look shriveled and wrinkled. It's very moisturizing, which is important for me as I hate dry lipsticks, and the color wears off evenly. The standard size for lipsticks is 0.12 oz. and the Laura Mercier stickgloss is no different. The stickgloss has no scent nor taste which is a big plus in my book.
One con is that the lipstick does not last too long. That is because of the formulation. Stick glosses wear off faster than regular lipsticks. However if you use a lip liner prior to applications and lightly fill it in it may look like it lasts longer, but then you lose the sheer effect that the stick gloss gives.

Al in all I have fallen back in love with my Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Courtisane and plan to wear it more often.

Here are some pictures. Sorry for the used appearance. I prefer to look at NEW lipsticks rather than used ones but I wanted you all to see the color in the tube as well as a swatch and on my lips. As you can see it looks different in the tube than it does on the arm than it does on the lips. By the way. I hate taking pictures of my lips. I'm not saying that to fish for compliments, I'm saying that because that's how I feel. It may or may not be reality, but that's what I think. OK. /end neurosis

swatches taken in evening light so imagine them a tad cooler (sorry)

Lip picture. Yuk but this seems pretty true to life color. A nice rosy shine.

So any items you have recently RE-discovered?


  1. I recently re-discovered my BB gel liner in Bronze shimmer... I used to wear it almost daily, then got lazy for a bit and always reached for a pencil liner instead. But the BB Bronze gel is gorgeous- I'm glad it didn't dry out in the meantime! :-)

  2. I'm fixing to do a purge of MU. I'm finding I have color duplicates from different brands. I think I'm going to keep the texture I like better and swap the rest. That gloss stick is gorgeous on you! :-)

  3. Valerie: I really love gel liners. I haven't used a pencil liner in ages, even though it takes more time a pencil can never out do a gel, in my book. Glad you "found" it again.

    /lachesis: Yea! MU Purge! Those are the best. Good luck with the purging (oh that sounds so wrong) and thanks for the compliment. I'm not as pale as the picture, it was the lighting. I swear!

  4. Only 20+ lipsticks and 30+ glosses? I wish my stash was that small...I have more than 3x that =(

    Courtesan is GORGEOUS on you Elvira!!

  5. joey: I had a recent purge of lipsticks & glosses. I'm an e/s hoor more than a l/s hoor anyway. :-)

  6. i have been stash shopping the last couple of days. found a couple different pricey lip plumpers! yay team! skinmedica TNS lipplump system and dermaquest c-lipoic lip enhancer. i busted out the skinmedica first as it was the one i liked the least, only to find that it is pretty decent. it is two steps but i think i can deal. makes my lips smooth and plump. hot diggity! i also pulled out my MAC fluidline in royal wink. bright blue. fun for summer and makes my brown eyes (...oh i want to say blue..! a little crystal gayle for all you young'ens) pop.

    the Courtisane looks fantastic on you! i might have to go shopping at a real store now...


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