Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My ideal everyday neutral eye quad

So I'm kinda a palette junkie. (In addition to being a taupe hoor) I like to have my eye shadows in trios, quads or quints to grab & go. It saves me time at 5:30 am when I am trying to decide on an eye look for the day. I can grab one of my palettes and just go with the application, rather than having to fumble around for shades that compliment each other and go through 20-30 some pots of eyeshadow.
The quad palette above is one of my favorites.
First of all it has MAC Satin Taupe. An infamous fave among MAC addicts and taupe fans alike. It's no Chanel Safari or BECCA Lamé but MAC Satin Taupe is a great taupe. It's on the plummy side, and while that's nice and all, I want something more neutral, so to counteract that in this quad I added in MAC Jest, a lovely frosty peach, a staple highlighter known as MAC Shroom, and finally a new love, MAC Smut. Smut is a very dark brown with black and red undertones. The Palette's overall look isn't too warm and isn't too cool. I love making my own palettes almost as I love buying pre-made ones.
MAC sells most eye shadows in pots but one can also buy many of them in pan form for about $3-$4 less. They fit nicely into the MAC quad palette, 15 pan palette and E.L.F. cosmetics quad palette ( which by the way is only $1 and comes with a mirror.) I store random pan shadows in my 2 E.L.F. Palettes until I have a quad to put together. Then I transfer it to a MAC Quad.
Because I'm anal retentive. I can't get any more clear than that.
Oh and the MAC quads have a clear cover so I can see what the quad is at a glance rather than opening up each palette. But I digress.
So when I have hit the snooze button 3 times, I'm running late and Darthypie is starting to wake up I grab this palette and I don't even have to think. The MAC shadows blend so nicely. They are pretty pigmented and I really can't mess up the application. The end result. A nice neutral eye of the day that will last well past the time I leave the office.
MAC is great for having a large variety of shades that I can put together into quad palettes for grab & go. As much as I love BECCA cosmetics MAC offers more variety in the color, and the shadows are easier to depot, (limited edition shades won't come in pan form so I have to preform some surgery on them).
I think I have about 8 MAC quads right now and I really only need 4, but each one of them has a taupe eyeshadow so I must be doing something right. I did debate putting all taupes in a quad or separating out all taupes and building a quad around each. I think the latter is working for me now, but when the day comes that I have 15 MAC taupes I'll be putting all of them into a 15 pan palette.

So here is the look:
Please note that this pic was taken at 6:30 am and my eyebrows have not been threaded in over 2 months. So while I may look like Groucho Marx, at least I have a pretty taupe eyeshadow on my lids!
I used Jest all over lid, Satin Taupe in crease and outer V, Shroom on brow bone and inner eye and Smut on lids to line, Smut was used wet to line upper lids and dry for lower lids. Guerlain Oriental Metal Kohl was used on the waterline and Dior Show mascara was layered over CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara.

So which do you prefer? palettes or singles
How do you store your singles is you do prefer them? Buy color, by brand, other?


  1. Palettes! I cannot for the life of me remember the brand name of the kind I use... they have small and large wells so that I can put my MAC and Stila shadows in a palette together...oh that's driving me crazy that I can't think of the name! I also have a MAC 15 palette with the insert removed and that's where I put random d/s shadows and oddly shaped ones (like NYX). I have been wanting to better organize my palettes though- they're kind of random.

    What the frick is that brand name? Japonesque? Did I make that up? Gah, it's too early.

  2. LMAO! Yes. Japonesque sounds correct. I have an awesome powder brush from them and a mini lip palette. :-) Have some coffee!

  3. While I have many random MAC shadows and have a huge 15 pan palette and a 4 pan palette waiting to receive any MAC e/s I would depot, I simply have not mastered depotting, I attempted the heat method, the floss method and have to try a method where you get clipper and snip the pan and then drop alcohol to loosen the glue. But I digress, I do love palettes, latley by two Bobbi Brown palettes have been getting alot of love from me. Why? Because they are basic, the work, the quality is good and the colors are neutral enough to work with everything, I also have quite a few MAC palettes from various collections, my favortie being the smokey eyes palette from a long ago collection, this include the infamous satin taupe.

    I agree with the Sith when she says for us working gals this is the easiest thing. Sometimes we need "no brainers" in the AM!

  4. I use the no heat method for depotting. enkore's tutorial on youtube is the best. It's really easy and I have only ruined 1 shadow using this method, and that's b/c my dog barked and scared me. lol

  5. That's a pretty quad! My ideal everyday neutral quad is MAC Naked Lunch, MAC Era, MAC Haux, and MAC Mystery =)

    I depot my MAC singles and my other brand singles are organized by brand =)

  6. Oh, my goodness this post is so old! But I was googling if anybody liked my favorite combo and here it is! Green-eyed beauties think alike, I guess :)


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