Friday, September 5, 2008

Paul & Joe - Inspiree collection Haul

Paul & Joe's Inspiree collection is lovely. Sheer natural looking shades that flatter most skin tones. I recently won an auction on evilbay for a lipstick and face powder from the Inspiree collection. As you can see from the promotional photo above, I won the #60 collection. #060 Inspiree – Feminine pink (A sheer natural pink) lipstick and a #060 Lullaby - (A Pink brown/Creamy pink) face powder.

I am a relative Paul & Joe n00b (newbie). The brand is virtually impossible to find where I live and on-line availability is spotty and sometimes very expensive shipping accompanies any products you might find. So when I saw this auction on evilbay I jumped at it.

My auction arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, but I just haven't gotten around to taking pics until recently. Yes. the 2 items sat in my train case, unused, untested for 2 weeks until I took pictures.
I'm crazy to have waited so long because the lipstick is afreakinmazing! Its a "My Lips But Better" color (MLBB). A sheer pink moisturizing lipstick with the most beautiful chrysanthemum flower impression all over the lipstick bullet.

The Face Powder (a.k.a. eye shadow) is very sheer and can be layered for a deeper application but I seriously had to layer 4 or 5 times for the dark brown shade to show up well on me...and by that time my application was getting messy so I wouldn't call this the best in the world. The pink/champagne color is very nice and can be used as eyeshadow or as a all over highlighter. Since the brown color is so small in the pan you don't run the risk of getting too much (if any) on your brush if applying all over to highlight.

Both the lipstick and face powder apply sheer. The swatch below is of the face powder swatched 2X and the lipstick swatched 4X. Please note that the llipstick looks more sheer because of the reflection from the sun.

Overall I adore the lipstick. The little cardboard tube and the design on the product make this a very CUTE item. I love the moisturizing properties of this lipstick and the slip (how much it drags or doesn't drag when applied) is amazing. It's so smooth and silky it's actually a pleasure to apply. I know. I sound kinda psycho talkingabout the "slip" of a lipstick, but it really does make a difference. Plus, in these hard times a little indulgence like a lipstick really makes the day go better. If you don't believe me look up. According to the Leading Lipstick Indicator is an indicator based on the theory that a consumer turns to less expensive indulgences, such as lipstick, when she (or he) feels less than confident about the future. Therefore, lipstick sales tend to increase during times of economic uncertainty or a recession. This term was coined by Leonard Lauder (chairman ofEstee Lauder), who consistently found that during tough economic times, his lipstick sales went up. Believe it or not, the indicator has been quite a reliable signal of consumer attitudes over the years. For example, in the months following the September 11 terrorist attacks, lipstick sales doubled.
Granted I don't believe Mr. Lauder understands how much Paul & Joe Lipstick costs but I think you get the idea.

Places to find Paul & Joe cosmetics
According to the Paul & Joe Website it can be found at select Anthropologie stores and you can click on your state to see where it is sold at boutiques. (if your state is even listed) has a less than decent selection but sometimes you find what you are looking for
Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. Actually I hear that the entire line of Paul & Joe is available in store. The Bergdorf Goodman website doesn't have Paul & Joe on it, but if you are interested in any specific items, you can call Bergdorf Goodman and ask for Paul & Joe counter. They are More than willing to take your order and money over the phone. They will ship anywhere within the US. The phone number is 1-800-218-4918
HQ Hair has Insane shipping from the UK
So not that great of an opportunity to buy Paul & Joe unless you are in NYC, or don't mind ordering from a sales associate on the phone. I wish it was more available..but maybe that is a good thing as I'm sure at about $20 a lipstick I would be broke shortly.

Thanks to mandi for providing some additional websites to find Paul & Joe cosmetics in the comments section!!

So what lengths have you gone to get makeup? - I have called and e-mailed all over NYC to get my coveted Caron Loose Face Powder...I hope I won't have to go through such a production to get more Paul & Joe in the future.


  1. Oooh, I've been waiting for this post! Lovely pics! I just got my 058 Muse lipstick in the mail yesterday, so I can share in your P&J joy. :) I'm one of the idiots who paid ridiculous Beauty Closet shipping charges- I don't know how you find these things on Evilbay- you've got some kind of secret talent! Let me know if you run across a Cafe Bonbon powder from the last collection :-)

    That is so interesting about the economic situation and lipstick! I can totally see the logic though. I am ALWAYS buying makeup to cheer myself up. A bad habit I guess, but as they always say on MUA- better than a crack habit! ;-)

  2. You know if you ever need anything from NYC to just ask me =)

    Today I find out if my replacement Earth Tones palette is broken or not...wish me luck!

    In terms of searching for something, I once dragged the boy to EVERY drug store south of 14th Street in Manhattan to look for the Wet-n-Wild palettes when they first came out (not the last LE ones but the originals: Sand Castle, etc.). We finally found them after a month in a Kmart and he was so relieved to not have to look that he offered to buy them =D

    And also, I want that P&J powder!!

  3. Here are a few more places to buy Paul & Joe online: (UK) (UK) (HK) (HK) (?)

    I got the new Fall beige lipstick (059) a few weeks ago, and I agree, the texture is divine.

  4. Hi Valerie: It's my secret powder to find amazing deals on evilbay. If I tell you I have to kill you..or make you wear frosty pink lipstick and dark lip liner...which ever is more painful.

    Joey: Thanks for the offer. I may have to hit you up for a CP some day.

    Mandi: THANKS! The links are great. Thank you so much for the information. I'm going to update the posting to include your info!

  5. oh these are gorgeous!!! i think i need to dash to paul & joe soon! i walked by the counter the other day but didn't pay any notice to its stuff. i should have!

  6. Jojoba:
    You must get these. They are all so beautiful!

  7. Dear Elvira

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It's a real pleasure to have you leave a comment!

    I HAVE THIS TOO!! I haven't tried it out yet, but I will do a review very soon. So very glad that I can now get hold of P&J in London.


  8. Dermstore also carried Paul and joe brand

    so does soft


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