Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Smashbox O-Glow Blush - A rant-o-rama

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If any of you are old enough to remember the first time “mood” lipsticks were introduced in the early 1980’s you probably aren’t reading this review or were smart enough to avoid this lame gimmicky “blush” from Smashbox.

I am putting quote marks around the word blush when I refer to O-Glow “Blush” in this review because I don’t consider it Blush. It’ more of a vile and wretched ooze that summons the evil mood lipstick nymphs of the 1980’s to ruin your complexion. But I digress.

I remember my first tube of that green waxy mood lipstick. It looked so “punk” (I, being a suburban kid in the 80’s, wanted to be Punk Rock Oh so bad.) I bought it secretly so my parents wouldn’t object…just like how I shaved the side of my head when they went out of town. What a rebel I was walking around the mall with half of my hair gone and combat boots purchased at the Army/Navy surplus store…but I digress again.

I wanted to try this O-Glow product when I saw it because I was feeling nostalgic. Perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t find it in stores or the fact that my Misfits CD had just gone missing but in a grasp to hold on to the warm and fuzzy teenage punk rock angst memories, I clicked “complete order” and the “blush” was shipped to me the next day.

I put a little bit of this clear gel on my cheeks and it immediately started to turn my skin a bright, gaudy, fuchsia pink. Eck! The only good thing about O-Glow is that it came off with a little makeup remover...which is more than I can so for those dang “mood” lipsticks from the 1980‘s.
Those things were lip stain’s evil twin! The fuchsia color clung to your lips like white on rice and wouldn’t fade for two or more days. Chapped flakes of bright pink lip skin would remain on your lipsmackers tube for days after use. But I digress yet again.

The gel was too watery and almost slid off of my face before I could rub it in. Perhaps it was trying to save me the shame of a fuchsia cheek but I think it’s just a bad product. I gave this junk “blush” it to my niece as a big “phbbbtbtbtt” to my brother for making fun of my black khol eyes and shaved head whilst cracking my favorite Clash LP (The Clash first album- self titled) as he ripped it off of the record player to listen to ::barf:: Bruce Springsteen. Let’s see HIS little girl walk around w/ “mood” cheeks & combat boots* for a change.

So to bring back a catch phrase from the 80’s “Just say NO” to O-Glow. It’s a gimmick and not worth the HIGH price (financially and physically) I paid for this product. Oh and just so you know, red dye #27 is all that this “blush” has that makes it go from clear to crap…uh I mean pink.

*Note: Combat Boots are no included with your purchase of O-Glow Blush.


  1. *feels smart for not buying O-glow* :-D

  2. Valerie: You are soooo very smart.

  3. I have to say, this is the most gimmicky yet natural-looking blush I've ever owned. I love it and O-Gloss too. I'm sorry! lol


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