Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Poll

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If it's Thursday it must be Poll time. While I refrained from buying the Chanel quad during the Neiman Marcus event I did manage to spend enough to get the gift bag. It's a very cute bag. A few have shown up on evilbay (I have already seen 15 auctions) so if you don't want to spend the outrageous minimum with Neimans, maybe you can get just the bag for about $12-$15 on evilbay! I went shopping with a lovely member of Make Up Alley and thank goodness she was there or else I might have lost my self restraint and spent more. Plus we went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory so yumm!

1) Lip of the day? - Chanel Rouge Allure in Silhouette

2) Most recent makeup purchase? - MAC Blooming Blush. (from the new MAC Cult of Cherry Collection) I adore it. It's the perfect dusty cool pink with not too much shimmer. It's lighter than Chanel Rose Dust JC (which I still am lemming) but not too dark. It's totally Goldilocks!

3) Place you want to vacation and money isn't an object? - Japan. I want to go there sooooooo badly. I want to be ensconced in cuteness, fresh sushi and hard to find makeup brands. Not to mention the scenery and culture! I'm obsessed. Some day I'll get to go. Some day.

4) Favorite Beverage? - Aside from water. Yes. I actually love to drink water. I adore Tazo Awake Tea. It packs a punch in the caffeine department and it's smooth. I don't drink coffee anymore so this stuff does the job quite well.

5) If one were to put lipstick on a pig, what brand, formula and/or color would it be? - I think I would put Revlon Cherries in the Snow. a) because it's inexpensive since you'll have to reapply often and b) because it's cool toned and with a pig's pink coloring I think it would compliment and enhance the pig's skin tone.


  1. Gah, I can't believe it's just Thursday. Longest. week. ever. My answers:

    1) MAC Chintz on Chintz & L'oreal bare naturale gloss in soft spice (I've never gone through a tube of gloss as fast as this one, loves it.)

    2) Not Metro Chic! Whaddup Sephora?? Still waiting on my Becca Nymph PSP from maybe today! :)

    3) I lived in Japan for 2 years, and I think you would love it! I think my dream vacation would involve Italy or Ireland... maybe just a European tour!

    4) I've never thought about it... maybe orange spice iced tea?

    5) I'm sure there's some background to this question that I've missed...maybe just some cherry chapstick for a light tint :)

  2. LOTD: The Old Standby, NYX Iced Latte Gloss

    Recently Ordered: The Legendary and much lauded MUFE HD Foundation, just praying I ordered a good skin match.

    Vacation, money no object: ITALY!!! The home of my ancestors. I want to do the "Under the Tuscan Sun" thing and may find a Marcello......

    Beverage: Unsweetend Iced Tea, so I can dump as much Splenda as I need in it or a Diet Coke with alot of ice.

    Lipstick on a Pig: Hmmmmm, Clinique's Raspberry Glace'

  3. It's Friday now lol but we'll just pretend otherwise.

    1) Lip of the day? - Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Beauty. It was in a GWP and this is the first time I'm using it. I really like it!

    2) Most recent makeup purchase? - First off, I TOLD YOU MAC BLOOMING WOULD BE GREAT ON YOU! My last MU purchase was the GA Lip Wax and the #4 eyeliner two weeks ago.

    3) Place you want to vacation and money isn't an object? - Ibiza, for sure.

    4) Favorite Beverage? - Water and gin and tonic. And vodka Red Bull. And Brooklyn Lager Pennant Ale. I'm an alcoholic.

    5) If one were to put lipstick on a pig, what brand, formula and/or color would it be? - Hm, it'd be NARS Dolce Vita. It's a classy, flattering lip for a pig (and it'd probably look stunning on Sarah Palin - despite her politics, I think she's quite gorgeous).

  4. Valerie: I didn't know you lived in Japan. How exciting! I have been to Italy & Ireland. Both are great just for the food alone!! The lipstick is a reference to a blown out of proportion quip from Obama.

    Janine: Italy! I have never been to Tuscany but your ideal vacation sounds dreamy!

    Joey - Ibiza looks Beautiful!!! Wow. That's on my list now too. Dolce Vita is awfully pricey for a pig don't ya think? & Sorry I can't get past how ugly that woman is on the inside to see any sort of beauty on the outside.

  5. I love the last question on the Thursday poll. I totally agree with you, Elvira; I can't get passed the nastolaness. blah.


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