Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Poll

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I have this Friday off but it will be spent cleaning the house and waiting for guests to arrive. I hate cleaning, as evidenced by my messy house. Seriously. I have two dogs that shed so much they shed enough for a new dog every other week. Add in an 19 month old and a cat and you have a lot of mess. Thank god my MU is locked up in nice clean boxes away from the dog hair and child!
OK. Moving on. So what good is a poll if you don't participate? 1/2 the fun is reading OTHER people's answers to the poll but the other 1/2 is actually ANSWERING the poll.
Get it?

Got it?


1) Mascara of the day?
- Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara with Maybelline Voluminous over top. I have gotten over the icky smell, and this stuff really does make my lashes FAT! I love it!

2) When you travel, how soon before you go do you start to pack?
- I pack the night before. I have it all in my head what I'll bring but it never gets put into a bag until the night before I leave. Makes for some interesting stress. I should be more proactive.

3) Have you returned any makeup recently?
- No. But I'm still thinking of returning the GA Lip Wax #2. I still have yet to decide. 1/2 of me wants to return it b/c of the color and the other 1/2 does not want to trek all the way back t Neimans and face the SA's sneers as I return used MU.

4) You know your are a ___________ addict when you ________.
- Taupe eye shadow / Swatch shades from different brands that are almost identical and have to have someone talk you out of buying both! (Please note your answer does not have to be makeup related)

5) TV Show(s) you are most excited about having a new season? - Heroes, The Shield, and The Ultimate Fighter. (I'm a closet UFC fan!)


  1. Cleaning? What's that? Sounds horrid. *shivers*

    I love Thursday poll! I think because I don't get makeup talk out of my system on MUA anymore...

    1. L'oreal full definition voluminous. So Shu Basic, huh? You said the magic word ("fat") and I'm intrigued...

    2. On the rare occasion I go anywhere, I'll start making a list at least a week before, but don't like to put anything in a bag until 1-2 days prior.

    3. Last thing I remember returning was UD Stash liner (just too dark on me). I bet that lip wax would swap like hotcakes if you didn't feel like returning... but I'd return. Or exchange! :-)

    4. Neutrals/can wear almost any combination of makeup in your stash and LOOK THE SAME every day. (And for me neutrals=brown/taupe/beigey colors. Maybe pewter, if I'm feeling crazy!)

    5. Ooooh, good question! Is this where I admit that I watch Gossip Girl? Forget I said that. I am MOST looking forward to The Office, but will also be looking forward to Lost and Battlestar Galactica which don't start until January I think...

    Good luck with the cleaning- show that pet hair who's boss!

  2. Mascara: CG Lash Blast (first things I grabben, bright orange stands out in the AM)

    I pack the night before, I am going on first Business trip on an airline since the quart bag was implemented.....I am NOT HAPPY about this!!!

    None but my MUFE HD just may get just isn't living up to the hype on MUA.

    You know you are an Makeup Addict when you want a license plate that says WRMORMU (wear more makeup_

    TV Shows: Ugly Betty and Dancing with the Stars, you gotta love a show where both Cloris Leachman and Rocco DiSpirito can be on at the same time!!!

    AND I want to share my Clinique Rave with you all:
    57745 Email Verbatim 08/26/2008 09:32:59
    To whom it may concern, My name is A______ and I just had a
    consultation with the best customer service that I have seen in a long
    time. I wanted to credit your Clinique Consultant Janine in the
    Harrisburg East Macy's store in Pa. She was very inviting and friendly.
    After sharing some laughs together she had truly brightened my day. I
    will always return to her for my business. I could tell she has a deep
    passion for what she does and in making people feel good about
    themselves. It is associates like her that keep business' thriving and
    customers always wanting to experience more. Thank you for your time,

  3. Janine- what a fabulous customer comment! I feel warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

  4. Yay Poll Time!!!

    1. Rimmel Glam Eyes in Extreme Black. Love this stuff. Much, much better than Fresh and waaaay less expensive!

    2. I pack the night before. I'm a procrastinator, and packing is an action designed to make me nuts.

    3. I returned... hmm... MAC Starflash Mink & Sable and got Smoke & Diamonds instead. Mink & Sable didn't pop like I wanted it to, so back it went!

    4. You know you're a make up addict when in the space of 2 months your stash out grew a MU bag, a train case and has moved onto a stackable drawer system that sits in your bathroom.

    5. I am looking forward to Prisonbreak, Feasting on Waves, Mythbusters, SmashLab, The Chef Jeff Project, and the new season of Bizarre Foods. :-)

  5. 1) Mascara of the day? - L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. I gave up on Telescopic, and I've decided to not stray from Voluminous for awhile.

    2) When you travel, how soon before you go do you start to pack? - A week before, because I'm OCD about packing and making sure I have EVERYTHING I need. I create long lists and think out all aspects of what I'll be doing on my trip.

    3) Have you returned any makeup recently? - Nope. The only thing I've wanted to return was MAC Smoke and Diamonds, but I've decided to keep it for the meantime.

    4) You know your are a ___________ addict when you ________. - Makeup junkie/make the boy late to class because you couldn't find your Clinique Quick Eyes cream e/s in Muffin, and since his nickname is Muffin you made it his job to find it, and you cried about how he would have to buy you the UD Book of Shadows if Muffin was indeed lost. It wasn't lost, btw - it was with my lipsticks, strangely.

    5) TV Show(s) you are most excited about having a new season? - DEXTER!!! and that's it. I don't really watch TV. Just Dexter, and I watch my Comedy Central shows on the webz.

  6. I enjoy these polls, they are fun to read and participate in. Great description of the dog hair, lol

    1)CG lash blast in black. I am still enjoying this thick tube.

    2) I usually think about what I am going to back three days before, but I make it a reality the night before.

    3) Hmm...I felt like returning Maybelline Colossal mascara, but I never got around to doing that.

    4)lipstick/when you open your lipstick drawer and mistake it for candy. yum

    5)Pushing Daisies and Life. I love those shows!!!

    Congrats to Janine on the glowing CS review. You better get a bonus!


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