Monday, September 8, 2008

TJ Maxx haul - Stila Guinevere's Deluxe Palette

OK it was 2 things. But a haul is a haul. I picked up that Too Faced Mommie Dearest eyeshadow and a Stila Palette in my recent T. J. Maxx shopping trip.

The Stila Palette is nice. It is suited for warm complexions and comes with 3 eye shadows a blush, a lip gloss and a brush to apply the gloss. The eye shadows are fairly sheer but the blush is really well pigmented. I would say it compares in color to NARS Orgasm or a lighter version of MAC Springsheen. The lip gloss is a total write off in my book. It's very sheer and unpigmented and I don't like cream/gloss products next to powder products b/c they get "contaminated" with the powder. I'll probably scoop out the gloss & press in another loose eyeshadow or pigment or highlighter to finish off the palette.

The palette advises that the lightest shade of eyeshadow be used as a base, the middle shade as a crease shade and the darkest as a liner shade. Since I find the colors very sheer, I use the middle shade all over as a base, the darkest for a crease shade and the lightest for a highlighter. I prefer liquid, gel or cake liner anyway so I use my trusty MAC Graphic Brown as a liner shade with this palette.
The look is VERY subtle. It's suitable for work, but I would not recommend it for a night look as I think the staying powder of these shadows is minimal and the pigmentation is too light for evening. The real winner in this palette is the blush. It's really soft and gives a lovely glow to your face. I anticipate hitting the pan on that one in the near future.

This is a nice little palette, good for travel and since I only paid $4.99 for it I really can't complain.

Any great deals to be found at your local discount stores?

Is it breaking a no buy if I use a store credit?


  1. girl, that's even too suble for me for a day look without working. lol.

  2. What a great deal! I don't think it's that subtle... but subtle is my middle name. :-) My TJ Maxx never seems to have any name brand makeup... maybe the occasional Lancome lipgloss.

    And store credits are made for no-buys! How could we survive without them? I have been known to actually RETURN something that I might have otherwise kept just to get store credit during no-buys when I felt that urge for something new...

  3. I cannot STAND Stila but that's a really cute palette!

  4. Jojoba: It is waaay subtle! :-)

    Valerie. Thank you for justifying my purchase. I feel much better now that I am enabled.

    Joey: I'm not a fan of Stila either. I really was drawn to the palette. I'm a sucker for palettes. I was happily surprised by the blush, which alone for $4.99 was a great deal.


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