Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Too Faced Mommie Dearest. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at the dirt."

Too Faced has some ingenious names for the eye shadow duos in their collection. Rich Bitch, George & Weezie, Mommie Dearest, etc. And being a HUGE fan of the move Mommie Dearest I felt compelled to pick this little number up.
Some of you may find it odd that Mommie Dearest is one of my favorite movies. That's fine. I have my reasons. I don't care if you judge me or think I'm crazy. It's a horror movie. It's a Documentary. It's Fiction. We all may ever know the truth. Only Joan and Christina know, and since Joan ain't talkin' and Christina talked after Joan couldn't, I guess we will never know. But Gosh Darn, What a FanFreakinTastick movie! I have watched it countless times. I have practically memorized all the lines! I have been in search for a pair of white shoes that Joan wore while she did her housecleaning and announced to her maid "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt!" What a great line!
OK. I digress.

I'm not one for bright colors, nor am I one for buying makeup just because I like the name of the color, but I found myself with a $41 T. J. Maxx merchandise credit, I had forgotten about from over a year ago, and a $3.99 Too Faced eye shadow duo looking up at me from the bottom of a basket full of cheap makeup brushes and left over Stila Guinevere palettes (which I will review later), well one thing led to another and wellllll...you know. So after picking up Darthypie a new winter jacket for $19.99 and some Dr. Seuss Books, I had just enough left over to pick up some makeup for moi!

The eyeshadow is sub par, what did I expect for $3.99? It's VERY sheer and it applies OK, but because it's so sheer it's almost impossible to build the color. So what you see in the pan is NOT what you get on your eye. Both colors are duochrome. The purple color is a purple/blue duochrome and the white is a white/pink duochrome. The white is actually more pigmented than the purple. I tried mixing them together and I ended up getting a really soft pink color.
All in all, I would not recommend this to anyone unless they want something very subtle and sheer. Me thinks my days of buying makeup because it "sounds" good are over.
Here is my eye of the day using only the Too Faced Mommie Dearest eyeshadow duo, Shu Uemura Mascara and Koji Line Queen eyeliner.
I tried to take it at an angle so you could see the flash of the pink duochrome

So, have you ever bought makeup just because of the name?


  1. Hi there - I am loving your blog...really detailed and I adore the fact you hate yoga - me too! Would love to do a link exchange - I'm based in the UK where we don't have as much choice make up wise as you guys (sob for Anna Sui lipgloss rings) so I live in eternal envy - a country without a Sephora? How can that be...but sadly it is!! My link is www.britishbeautyblogger.blogspot.com. Congrats on a great site. BBBx


    But seriously, remember when I'd announce on MUA that I was watching it for the 1000000000x time and you'd always be the only one to appreciate that? I miss that. I should watch it soon.

    Also, I'm wearing the Dior IL quint. Holy monkey socks, it's incredible =)

  3. the swatches look pretty,pretty and shimmery. i like :)

  4. Hi BBB: Thanks for the nice comment. Your blog is interesting. Please contact me via gmail. heyelvira@gmail.com

    Joey: I am older than you so therefore I have seen the movie more than you. "Don't f*ck with me Fellas! This ain't my first time at the rodeo!"

    Miemiemie Thanks! They were very shimmery. I don't know if Mommie Dearest is still in stores but most of Too Faced eye duos are shimmery. I'm sure you can find a few you like!

  5. Beautiful colors! Odd choice of collection though. That movie creeps me out.


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