Friday, September 12, 2008

Updates & a rant

As of 9/10/2008
The Sonia Kashuk Skunk Brush is nice but it isn't the MAC 187. I keep wanting it to be more dense than it is. But It's not terrible. Just post unicorn attainment depression (PUAD) I guess.

My Sephora #114 liner pencil dupe, Maniac Liner # 12, broke me out all along the lip line like I thought it might. A lovely reader informed me that Sephora Customer Service said that they are replenishing their stock of the slim liner pencils and may have them ready for purchase by October? Here's hoping.

MAC customer Service has responded to my haikus for bringing back the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, they sent an e-mail thanking me for my input and saying that they would be sending me a small gift!! (it probably won't be a BNIB VAE but it's the thought that counts.) Have you taken the time to write in?

The Shu Uemura Instinct Fall Mode Makeup in Mesmerizer and Tantalizer were both duds. The cream eyeshadow creased like crazy and I eventually ended up replacing the cream eyeshadow with a powder one and making 2 different compacts with an eyeshadow duo and a blush. I like them much better now and wear the powder shadows often.

I finally got tired of using my Urban Decay Primer Potion out of a 5gram jar and switched to Too Faced Shadow Insurance. TFSI was far more emollient than UDPP and seemed to make my eyeshadow even brighter/bolder. I had a problem with dispensing the right amount but I got used to it. Then I got even more lazy and started reaching for my MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. It's so close to my natural skin tone I could use it for concealer. This seems to keep my eyeshadow from creasing but it does not make the colors as bold as TFSI. Perhaps if I start going to bed earlier, when I wake up I won't be so tired and I'll go back to the TFSI...but for now the MAC PP gets the job done.

So either Sephora lives in fantasy land or only employees of Bare Escentuals (BE) and Smashbox participate in the Best of Survey. I mean what the heck? Best Zit Zapper is Bare Escentuals RareMinerals™ Blemish Therapy? Are you kidding? An item with bismuth and talc is the best acne fighter? I think not. Let's not get into "Best Foundation" and Best Concealer" status of the BE products. Gah! And what the heck are they thinking Best Beauty Innovation was Smashbox O-Gloss? O-My God are they insane? Red dye #27 is not a beauty innovation! Puhleeze!
Sephora is full of Sh*t! It's worst than Allure's best of.... And that's saying something!
/ end rant


  1. Thanks for the updates! I wonder what MAC will send you =) hope it's something good.

    I have a couple of updates:

    I have yet to use any of the items I ordered from UD F&F. The Dior IL and Earth Tones quints are gorgeous and I'm considering an IL back-up. I need more GA Lip Waxes. I've decided that I need a new foundation =/ and I used up an eyeliner (Lancome brown Artliner)!

  2. I feel the same way about the SK skunk, a tad more dense would be great.
    Let us know what MAC sends! when I emailed them about the VAE, they just gave me a "thank you, we will forward to blah blah blah"

    I have been enjoying my sample of TFSI- I think I will probably purchase when it runs out.

    And Joey! why did you have to mention the GA lip wax? that woke up my lemming and now it's growling...

  3. i like MAC CS but i HATE Sephora's!

  4. i love your blog! guess what i just bought that dam lip liner today because like you suggested the color is PERFECT for lipsticks like blankety and even myth!!! i am so nervous it will break me out now... just for ref i dont break out often (knock on wood) especially around my you think it will happen to me????? when that other one comes out in oct i will make sure to try it :)

    thanks pink sith!

  5. Hi Megan: No I don't think it will break you out. Like I said, I'm really breakout prone and I have not been good about using my clarisonic brush lately. Plus it's that time of the month so a lot a factors lead to my pimples. I think the lip liner will be perfect for you.

    Jojoba. I have to agree...sort of. Sephora CS where I live is VERY good in person but on-line they suck.

    Valerie: Joey woke up my lemming for that lip wax too. I'm off to NM today to see if they have the color I want.

    Joey: You were so right. I love the blush. I'm wearing it today. The MAC site describes it as a dirty peach but it's not that color at all. I'm so glad I got it. ans IL back up? Isn't that a bit much. As much as I adore some of my LE e/s items I know I will never use them up. I just have too many. :-P

  6. Hey Elvira,
    I absolutely agree about Sephora and their stupid list. I don't even pay attention to it anymore. Can you believe I have not used the SK skunk brush yet. I bought it about four months ago. I am such a slacker.


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