Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Laneige Eyeshadow - I'm asking you for help

The other day I received a fabulous eyeshadow from a swap I arranged for with someone from Indonesia. This was not the only thing I received. I also got my much lemminged (desired) Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Mask. (I love this and a review to be posted soon.)

In this package was a Laneige Professional Selection Eye Shadow Single in G767- Gold Kakhi. It is beautiful. So beautiful I decided to wear it alone today. Yes. the woman who usually puts 3 to 4 shades of shadow on at one time has just one on today. No crease color, no highlighter, nada. Just this amazing color. It's not green, it's not taupe it's not gold, but it is all of these all at the same time.

Oh and the texture? Sure the surface looks like the Neil Armstrong walk of fame but seriously, its so smooth and pigmented. It reminds me of a cross between MAC Starflash shadows and Chanel singles. It applies like a dream. My brush picks up a lot of color and it spreads evenly over my eyelid and a little goes a long way. It lasts all day too. Of course I used an eyeshadow base but even at the end of a long day there is some creasing, but with this shadow, no creasing at all!

I also just realized why I love this shadow so much. Because it looks a lot like my Chanel Kaleidoscope nail polish!!

So here is my conundrum.

Where can I get more of these singles?

Do they make a palette to put them in? (You all know what a palette hoor I am!!)
Where can I see reliable color swatches? The swatch for this one on the Laneige website shows G767 Gold Kakhi as a BLUE color. Yes. That's right. Blue! WTH??

I have looked on e-bay and a few other Asian beauty sites but no luck. I really really don't want to deal with gmarket if I don't have to.

Oh and before you even suggest it. It is a different size than the Shu Uemura eye shadows. I already checked.

Any information you could provide would be most helpful. I know most people go to blogs to GET information but this time I need you to PROVIDE information if you can. If you cant, well you can revel in the gorgeousness of this shade. Isn't it just divine?

I used MAC Bare Study Paint Pot as a base, Laneige Gold Kakhi on lid, MAC Dress Khaki as a liner, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara layered over it.

And because couldn't resist doing JUST one color for a 2nd day in a row I added Shu Uemura IR Green 50 and IR White 900Y to the mix. In this look I used Lancome Arliner in Star Shower and same mascara combination as above.


  1. You know what I going to say right??

    Gmarket! Gotta be worth a go?

    You have stunning eyes!

  2. girl, why did you forget to ask fleckenschnitte? she will know everything about it i am sure!

    that is a gorgeous colour. i am hopeless when it comes to asian brands aside from some very limited stuff. sorry can't be more helpful!

  3. Ask Albion. She's another Asian makeup freak.

  4. TBH, I have no idea where you would get more of those singles. So I'm of no help, but on the plus side that shadow is super gorgeous! I think I may have a taupe e/s lemming now. :-)

  5. Sweet lawd, that's hot! You need to ask Fleck, Alby, or Lunasol87 (Cargolover) - they would know!!

  6. I'm with Joey! I'm experiencing gorgeous eyeshadow-nail polish nirvana.

  7. Thank you to everyone for responding. Sophia Was here and Glo Chaser both Sent links to gmarket and Kathi from Lotus Palace had another idea as well so I am much closer to getting more of the Laneige eye shadows! I'll let you know how it goes.

  8. Beautiful color. Oh I can't wait to hear about the strawberry yogurt peeling mask.

  9. Have you found them yet?
    We have Laniege in Thailand. I can go check for you, but I don't think I ever see that type of e/s. Will let you know later.

  10. Try your local Korean market, if you have one? I just scored a BOGOF deal on Laneige shadows at mine last weekend...


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