Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunasol Lighting for Eyes #03 Soft - Not what I hoped for

Timing is everything isn't it?
I will be reviewing the Lunasol Lighting for Eyes #03 "Soft" eye shadow palette but before I do let me tell you how I got it.

I used to get makeup from (Snet) all the time. I then stopped buying because my brand interest lead me elsewhere and Snet didn't have what I was looking for. Well they would send me e-mails now & then, offering me 5% discount, 7% discount, and finally a 10% discount. I decided I would buy something. When I went to check out, the discount wasn't applied to my order so I wrote to customer service and they apologized and said they would apply it the next time I checked out. I never completed that order. So what did I do? I waited. I waited until Snet sent me another e-mail asking me to spend my money with them. This time it was a "Congratulations! we've been named a top etailer on blah blah Save 10% on your next purchase." AH HA! I clicked on through and found the Lunasol palette I was looking for and decided to purchase it. Not only did I save 10%, I saved an additional 10% for my come back to us bonus and another 5% for buying more than 3 products and another 7.5% for another loyalty bonus for some convoluted reason I can't remember... so now I was saving 32.5% on a Lunasol palette. Since the palette was being sold at $49.50 USD I actually purchased it for $33 USD!!! Not bad actually. And one you read my review you will wonder why I even paid that much.
Yeah. I'm not loving the Lunasol palette.
I can't get the shadows to work for me. They crease even with a primer within 5 hours, the dark color does not want to blend at all, if I use it as a liner it migrates to my upper lid and gives me raccoon eyes, and the silver sparkle is useless. The dark pink is nice and all but it's not THAT nice. and if I wear the pink shadow as a base color the dark shadow looks muddy and the silver sparkle looks silly.
As I type this I know I'm going to get flamed for writing about how I don't like the Lunasol eye shadow....but I just don't. I know I have heard wonderful things about Lunasol, how pigmented and soft the shadows are, how wonderful the colors are, how amazing the quality is...but I just don't see it.
I'm not going to give up tho. I will buy another Lunasol quad and see if it was just that one from Snet that sucks or if the quality is the same all around. But, for the time being, I'm going to have to put a big old FAIL on Lighting for Eyes #03 "Soft". Sad to say.


  1. i hated all the lunasol eye shadow quads i tried. nothing worked for me so far. :(

  2. Sorry to laugh at your... expense, but that was comedic genius.

  3. Too bad! Maybe that brand is hit or miss? That seems to happen with some HE brands -looking at NARS and Chanel (or so I've heard)- but it's so disappointing when it happens, especially at that price point. :-(

  4. I only really like the newest Sheer Contrast eyes. The other palettes are so mediocre, not worth the money. Much more worthwhile to buy a Coffret D'or quad =) I sold off quite a few of my Lunasol palettes and will probably get rid of most of my collection soon as I don't reach for them often.
    I will not get the xmas coffret this year either =)

  5. Well the colors are beautiful. Bummer about the wear problems.

  6. Such a shame, because the colors are gorgeous. Especially the dark shade.


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