Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New TAUPE Addition to the family - ArtDeco #218

Is it possible that there is a perfect taupe eye shadow? Well I'm not sure, because if that were so, I would have to stop collecting taupe eyeshadow and I really don't want to stop. So I'll proclaim that this is closest to the most perfect taupe eye shadow I have ever found. How's that?
OK. Here it is.

ArtDeco eyeshadow #218 is close to the most perfect light, neutral, taupe I have ever owned.
(hee hee this leaves me open to collecting dark taupes, cool taupes, warm taupes, plummy taupes, brown taupes, etc.) I'm so sneaky. This is a shimmery brown neutral taupe with silver shimmer. It is truly lovely as a crease color or all over lid color. I am in love!

Art Deco eyeshadow as a whole is amazing quality. I really love the shimmery goodness that this shadow has and I also love that they are butter soft and so well pigmented. ArtDeco is a drugstore brand sold primarily in Germany but available in The EC as a whole. Individual shadows retail for approximately €5.30 (appx $7.80). They are TINY...oh so tiny. See in my picture below.

tiny. I told you so!

Thankfully a little goes along way as these pigmented beauties deliver buildable color without becoming muddy. Best of all. they last for hours on the eye. Of course, any good eye base will make your shadows last (ArtDeco makes a wonderful one , so I have been told) but eye base not withstanding, this shadow stayed on my eyelids for over 9 hours and looked just as strong at 6am as they did at 3pm!

What is neat is that each shadow is magnetized so the will fit neatly into an ArtDeco Palette (as pictured above) or in any other magnetized palette that can accommodate the small rectangular shape. I like the 3 pan palette as I can create an easy, on the go, neutral eye, but you can get a palette that will hold 10 at a time if you wish. Some day I might have to get more. As
I have never ever hit the pan on any eye shadow I am not going to buy a back up of #218, but I think I will start my quest to find other great taupes from this line. Any suggestions readers???

As I mentioned above, ArtDeco is not available for sale in the US and if you wish to purchase these little treasures you must a) find someone in Germany willing to do a custom purchase for you or b) find a web site that is willing to ship to the United States. I acquired my eye shadows though a swap with other Makeupalley members, but I have found one site that will show me all the colors but does not ship to the US!!! If any readers out there know of any other websites that sell ArtDeco and ship to the US, please let me know and I will update this post accordingly. Thanks!


  1. I really like the idea of compiling my own palette! This is snazzy indeed! Oh my, their colour selections are massie (just taken a peak at their site).

  2. that is a lovely palette! i love making my own palettes. not many brands have great selections but ArtDeco looks like my kind of brand.

  3. I can CP for you if you like. We have the Artdeco range here in Austria =)

  4. You might have to change your name to the "taupe temptress"! That #218 is just gawjus. And I love a "buttery" eyeshadow. Yum!

  5. wow, pretty! 26 looks lovely too.

  6. I think you're converting me! I'm feeling the taupe-y love. Pretty, pretty color.

  7. I want exactly what you have. These three. In the same adorable compact. Can I just live with you?

  8. I should really use my ArtDeco #218 =/ *is a bad Joeybunny*

  9. glow chaser: I know the site has a plethora of colors. I "need" more!

    jojoba: TY! These are my first ArtDeco shadows and I feel the need to have a ton more! you should look into them!

    kathi: I love you! expect an e-mail from me soon!!

    valerie: You need this. need need need! heh heh heh

    kuri: Hi!! #26 is lovely. it's a perfect all over base shade and just as smooth as all the others.

    /lachesis: Really? you mean that you would trade in your delft paint pot for taupe? lol Well you can experiment first.

    karlasugar: My guest room is always open, but you have to baby sit darthypie and he's a terror on MU! if ArtDeco were ever to be sold in the US you wouldn't have enough arm space for all the colors! :-)

    joey: Bad bunny! no carrot!

  10. These are beautiful! I wish I could find them here!


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