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Sisley Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm. My bank account is hurting just thinking about it!

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Confession. I have 8 different eye creams, gels and balms in my medicine cabinet right now. Why? Because I am trying to replicate the results I got from one product.

Well Elvira, Why don't you just buy that "one product" and stop cluttering your medicine cabinet?
Because life is not that simple my dears! It just isn't
Oops. there I go talking to myself again. (pops my meds)

OK that one product is?
Sisley, Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm.
According to Sisley:
The Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm will moisturize and protect the fragile lip and eye areas.
• Specially formulated for this delicate area.
• Fresh, transparent formula.
• Helps prevent fine lines and dryness.
• Botanical extracts include witch hazel and phytostimulines of tomato.
• Apply in the morning, and you'll also diminish under-eye puffiness.
• 1-ounce jar.

What's true and what isn't
Fresh and transparent = Yes
Prevent fine lines and dryness = Nope not entirely.
Diminish under eye puffiness = YES!

Do buy this if you want to tighten and tone the skin around your eyes and lips. Do not buy this is you need a lot of moisturization. It's that simple. Not eveyone needs a tone of moisturization on their eyes during the day.

I really like this eye gel. OK. I love this eye gel. If I ever win the lottery I'll be buying it on a regular basis.
That's right.
I have to win the lottery in order to buy this gel again.
Sisley Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm is insanely priced at $130 USD for 1 ounce of product!
My Costco had jars of this stuff for only $55 and I purchased 2. They are long gone now but I figured I could at least tell you about the time when my eyes looked fresh and awake and my lips smooth as least for a while.
Damn you Costco for getting me hooked and then taking away my crack...err I mean Sisley!

The Botanical Eye & Lip Contour Balm comes in a small glass jar. Like many eye creams/gels, etc. I wish it came in an airless pump. I always, always use a clean spatula to take this gel like "balm" out of the glass jar or else I run the risk of contaminating it. Since it has active botanicals in the product you really should use the entire jar as soon as possible. It tends to lose it's effectiveness after 6-8 months depending on use, storage, etc. It has no or minimal scent and is a clear, medium weight (non runny) gel.

To get excellent results with this product try the following
Use in the AM after cleansing your skin, and before moisturizer.
Apply a tiny amount under each eye and an even smaller amount on the lid. pat, pat, pat the balm onto the eye. Never rub or you run the risk of stretching the fine skin around your eye.
Apply a slightly larger than tiny amount to your lips and pat, pat, pat.
Now wait.
Wait 5 minutes
Iron your shirt, find your missing sock, brush & style your hair.
OK. Is 5 minutes up?
It is?
Apply your moisturizer and go along with your regular skin care routine that SHOULD include sunscreen of some sort please!
Your result?
An eye area that feels firmer, eye lids that are less crepe-y, smoother lips and overall a more rested look.
Should you apply at night?
I'm not really sure. The product says apply in AM. I didn't see any significant increase in results when I woke up after applying at night, yet I didn't see any decrease in results if I skipped a night. I do like to apply it to my lips at night and then follow with a lip balm. My lips never felt so full and soft!

Remember the trick(s) to this product are: Make sure it is fresh, don't use it after 6-8 months, use it sparingly and wait for it to set before you put on makeup. You will avoid the following: Poor performance, lack of de-puffing (is that a word?), stickiness and general dislike for the product.

OK. So why am I telling you this? Why am I reviewing a $130 jar of eye gel? Because it's the only eye product I have ever used that did what it said it was going to do. Some of you have the money to spend on this gel and I say. Yea! for you! Good for you. Go forth, purchase and enjoy. I'll know who buys it because their under eyes, and lids will be bright and supple. I'll curse you for being so fortunate, but you'll be better for it!

But the question remains. Is it a Holy Grail if I can't afford to buy it? What constitutes a holy grail? Does the price of the item matter or it is based solely on performance, color and texture?
I think price does matter in the Holy Grail scheme of things. I guess I will be living off of sample packets I buy from evilbay and beg off of Sisley Sales Associates (which is a lot harder than you would believe) until I win the lottery.


  1. WoW that is pricey!!! I want a gold plated lid with that for that price. haha

    Great review as always.

  2. I would have a lot more money to buy HGs, regardless of price, if I didn't buy all the mediocre crap that I end up hating/didn't need to begin with!

  3. You had me sold on it all the way up to the price. Though Sophia_was_here makes a good point. We often spend more money on what we think will be cheaper but we probably end up unhappy with the product and buy other ones.

    The life of a product lover is complicated! :)

    BTW I answered your Konad nail question. :)

  4. Dude, suck it up and BUY it!! Skincare that *works* is worth any amount of money. And this is coming from the college student who eats ramen to afford her MU addiction. If I could find a great eye cream, I'd buy it regardless of price =(

    And I say that all lovingly, Elvira. But your eyes need love too!! lol

  5. I agree with Sophia_was_here in that if we didnt buy cheaper products we'd have more money for the more expensive. However, I think half the fun of makeup is constantly trying new things. But then I have a documented case of MU ADD. As for HGs, I think if it works its worth to spend $$ on it, w/in reason. Why does the best stuff have to be the most expensive! Gah!

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  7. you know that i don't spend much on skincare products as i think they are mainly gimmicks and i don't agree spending a fortune on skincare so you know where i stand on your spending on this!!! LOL

    but if you had bought Sisley's eye shadows, then i would go WOW and WOW and WOW again. they are EXPENSIVE but they are great! i haven't bought any simply because of the price. but my MUFE eye shadows are saturated now so i may just do that! :P

  8. Hi All: so the impression I'm getting is Buy the $130 eye gel? Stop wasting my money on eye stuff that doesn't work and clutters up my medicine cabinet? OK maybe that's not the message you all actually sent but it's what I wanted to hear. LOL. Yeah. Excellent point made by Sophia. All that money we spend on finding a dupe could have been used towards buying the real thing. Well. readers. we'll see if I ever get the real thing. If I do I'll let you know.


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