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Sofina Perfect UV Lucent - My Holy Grail Sunscreen

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I have been struggling over writing this article for some time now. I recently purchased my 3rd large bottle of Sofina Perfect UV Lucent Sunscreen and decided I must tell you all about it. But then I started doing research and all the sunscreen info was confusing and long winded and so many contradictions I started just collecting info and storing it. So now I have all this information that I have yet to decipher and me telling you to buy this particular sunscreen JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO is not good enough. So here’s what I’ll do. I'll post links to some sites. You can check them out, or not. I save space and you don't have to read 1 kazillion lines of text about the differences between physical and chemical sunscreen can read it elsewhere. :-)

A few links about sunscreens: Notepad on Sunscreens
The Melanoma Foundation Prevention Facts Sunscreens Explained Sunscreen Overview Sunscreen article
P&G Science Skincare Chemical versus Physical Sunscreen article

One site to avoid
; The Environmental Working Group (EWG) Cosmetics Database is an alarmist group that actually suggests that sunscreen can actually be harmful to you. They do not site specific studies to back up their claims and I personally find it irresponsible to publish some of the information they do. The Skin Cancer Foundation has gone so far as to post a rebuttal about EWGs claims about Oxybenzone (which, by the way, Sofina Lucent does not contain Oxybenzone)

OK. Now that has been said let me introduce you to Sofina Perfect UV Lucent SPF 50+ PA+++ sunscreen.

Sofina's sunscreen line is called Perfect UV. Sofina has 3 different types of sunscreen, Lucent (which I am reviewing), Nuance Up, and White Protect; all of them are SPF 50+/PA+++. Lucent is the basic sunscreen, Nuance Up is tinted a light pink, allegedly for light coverage but I have been told it does nothing and White Protect contains herbal extracts "whiten skin". But no research has been conclusive that herbal extracts do anything as far as whitening. So being that I don't need extra unnecessary ingredients, I went with the Lucent version.

Sofina Perfect UV Lucent SPF50+ PA+++ is a light weight sunscreen with a matte, translucent finish. It has a very high SPF and does not leave a greasy film on my skin. There is no scent to the product, which I like, and it is supposed to be water-resistant (NOT waterproof). I have been using this sunscreen for over a year now and I have not noticed any breakouts from it. I previously was using Clarins Super UV Plus and I would break out from that all the time. I didn’t try the Shiseido face sunscreen because in my past experiences everything from Shiseido has broken me out and I didn’t want to take a chance. The sunscreen is very watery and you need a good ½ a teaspoon for your face and neck. You have to shake the bottle well before you use it. There is a little ball inside to help mix it.

Here is what I do. I apply the sunscreen AFTER my moisturizer and wait a few minutes before I apply makeup. I can even use this as a primer for your makeup. My foundation goes on smoothly even without my regular primer underneath…but I still use a primer because I’m a product hoor. Ideally, you should reapply sunscreen every 4 to 6 hours and after intense exercise (sweating or swimming) alas, I cannot do a full face a makeup more than once a day so I don’t really rely on it to protect me from direct and intense sun exposure unless I do reapply. If I were going to the beach or lake or just sitting out in the sun (which I don’t do anyway) I would blot then reapply the Sofina sunscreen and then powder.

Where to purchase and how much?

Many on line retailers sell this sunscreen. Please note this was once formerly named UV Cut Milk Extra Block. If you see this advertised it’s OLD. Do not buy it.

Places where I have purchased the 60 ml size (large bottle) on-line are:

* Adam Beauty $28.50
* Ichibanko $30.00
* Bobo Dave $30.10 (but less if you buy more than 1 at a time)

* Facial-Shop $34.99

If wearing sunscreen or a makeup with sunscreen it is HIGHLY recommended to use an oil cleanser to remove the product. I think that was the problem I was having with the Clarins Sunscreen. I hadn’t started to use an oil cleanser on a regular basis until after I purchased the Sofina Lucent Sunscreen. The oil cleanser will help remove the Zinc Oxide found in the sunscreen and other "water resistant" ingredients. Make sure it’s an oil cleanser not just an oil. Rubbing olive oil on your face is not the same as a oil cleanser like DHC or Shu Uemura.

OK. From all my research, the best I can find here are the ingredients for the Sofina Lucent. Please note that there is alcohol and talc in this product. If you are sensitive to either I do not recommend you using it.
Ingredients: cyclomethicone, water, dimethicone, zinc oxide, alcohol, octinoxate, glycerin, talc, polymethylsilsesquioxane, lauryl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate copolymer, polysilicone-9, PEG-12 dimethicone, PEG-3 dimethicone, methicone, titanium dioxide, aluminum hydroxide, silica, alumina , BHT

In closing here is why I love this Sunscreen and why it’s my Holy Grail

1) Smooth matte finish

2) Does not break me out

3) No whitish cast left on skin

4) Seems to control oil for a short while

5) Reasonable price

6) Covers well

7) WORKS!!


  1. Gosh! I reckon if you look into things you could just about convince yourself that everything is bad for you in one way or another!

    This stuff looks good! Thanks for the post, I need some good sunblock for my cape town trip in feb!

    I do like the sun though, its given me strong African bones! hahaha

  2. I think it says in that book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About" that sunscreen causes cancer, not sun exposure. Uh WUT? Ha ha. Crazy.

  3. Would you shoot me if I told you I only wear sunscreen if it's in my MU or moisturizer? Sorry Elvira...

  4. MMM sunscreen.... I have to secretly admit that if I product has sunscreen in it, I am waaayyy more likely to buy it especially in moisturizers and lip products. Love all the little extra linkies, very informative!

  5. don't think we have this here. but we don't have my HG suncreen either. I bought 10 tubes from Australia when i was down there. it is cancer council australia ultra sunscreen. if you don't have your HG already, i'd suggest you seriously looking into australia CC products. that organzation is working ass hard on prevently skin cancer so i trust its prouducts. i also use the sport version as i swim very often.

    good write up! i stray away from the topic too fast. :P gotta rave mine too.

  6. glow chaser: Everything will eventually kill you. :-) Capetown? How exciting!! Yes you will need good sunblock there. it will be summer "I rekon".

    Archellebaker: Oh that natural cures book is such a crock. I think the author is actually being sued!

    Joey: No I wouldn't shoot you, but I will be there in 15 years to say "I told you so" when you have wrinkles. :-P

    /lachesis: YW for the extra links. I don't think I've ever seen anyone type "MMM Sunscreen" LOL

    Jojoba: The cancer council in Australia is amazing. They have done some outstanding research & work in the skin cancer field and for the advancement of appropriate sunscreen. I think I might have to contact my cousins that live in Melbourne to send me some goodies!


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