Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Poll

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Happy Birthday to my wonderful Brother. OK. he doesn't read this blog let alone know I have one but Happy Birthday anyway Anthony! He's 50 BTW. Old man. Thank god I'm no where near that old. LOL!!

So the day before Halloween and I have yet to even get into the mood for the holiday...which makes me wonder how many of you readers actually celebrate Halloween. In the US it's a big deal. Halloween decorations go up in late august (in the stores) and every piece of advertisement has some sort of Halloween theme from selling mattresses to cars to fast food!

The only thing I'm looking forward to is being able to close the porch light at 9:30 and giving all those kids that are too old for trick-or-treating little boxes of raisins instead of candy. HA! That's what you get for showing up at my door at 9:30 without a costume!

On to the poll!

1) Lip of the day? - Guelain Kiss Kiss Laque in Baby Beige

2) Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, to what extent? - Yes. I dress up Darthypie and hand out candy. I carve a pumpkin and usually O.D. on candy corn. I used to get all dressed up in awesome costumes but not since Darthypie was born.

3) What makeup/beauty item are you currently obsessed with? - I think I'm obsessed with facial masks right now. I'm lemming all sorts of facial stuff. My skin has been normal lately (no huge breakouts) so I'm wondering if it's self destructive or self improvement? LOL I'm also obsessed with Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams nail polish and Chanel Rose Dust blush.

4) Do you think $560 USD is too much for a pair of shoes? Even if they are these shoes? (Trying to kill my desire for these Bally shoes called Nobli - Oh yeah, they come in black too!) - Yes it is too much to pay for a pair of shoes. But Damn these are so HOT!!!

5) Next Beauty/Makeup purchase? - I'm leaning towards Shu Uemura The Basic mascara as mine is nearing the 3 month mark. I wish it was something more exciting than that. Perhaps the Banilla Co. eye shadow duo on Kathi's Blog


  1. 1) MAC Chintz on Chintz

    2) No, not really. I don't think we even had any trick or treaters last year.

    3) Hmmm, I don't know about obsessed, but I've been preoccupied with one of the MAC holiday lipsticks that Karla had on her blog yesterday. But not enough to buy the whole set. :-)

    4) Yes, it is too much. But, if I could afford it (aka won the lottery), I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility that I would spend that much on a pair of shoes. And I agree, those are HAWT.

    5) Sparitual polish in Mood :-), and probably Kiehl's eye makeup remover whenever I run out of the sample I got.

  2. LOTD: Awake Lipstick in Flamingo, found in the 75% off jar in the B&BW in Indpendence, MO.

    Celebrate Halloween: Well, if you call going out to celebrate a co-workers 21st b-day (from my cosmetic job) celebrating Halloween, then yes, I am. We are all to be wearing false lashes, an MU product I have never dabbled in, so this should be a good learning experience.

    Current MU Obsession: Oh Gawd, Eyeliners, I just got Clinique Black Honey and rediscovered my Egyptian Cream Liner last night.

    $560 for Shoes!!!!!!!!! Oh Hale No. I could be at least 6 pairs for that or more @ a good sale.
    However, the shoes are very hot!

    Currently Lemming: Actually some BE glimmers I saw in a catalog I received from QVC, of course, they are all neutral colors.

  3. 1. Lancome PS Kiss.
    2. I haven't dressed up for Halloween since college. We are doing "anti-Halloween" this year and going to a fancy dinner instead.
    3. Paul & Joe Red Velvet l/s. I need it. Also, Lipstick Queen Medieval. So I guess I am obsessed w/ red lips right now?
    4.I think $560 is too much for a trendy shoe like that. It's fine for a classic pair of pumps or boots though.
    5. See #3 for current lemmings.

  4. 1. LOTD - C.O. Bigelow Ginger Mentha Lipshine over MAC Strange & Exotic L/S

    2. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I tend to do crazy MU, pass out candy and stay up all night watching Ghost Hunting and Most Haunted shows. I also hold a Pumpkin Palooza, earlier in the month which consists of getting drunk and carving pumpkins.

    3. Falsies and highly decorative face MU, I am trying to brush up on techniques since my artistic ability is about 0.

    4. Yes, but if you bought them your feet would love you forever.

    5. Hmm. Probably concealer, I hit pan on my LM and want to try something new, the MAC Smokey Eyes Palette, and blush. I'm trying to diversify my blush collection as I only own two.

  5. 1) Lip of the day? - Pout First Kiss lipstick

    2) Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, to what extent? - Yes, I buy myself a shitload of candy and I go to the NYC Halloween Parade EVERY year - haven't missed a year since I started going when I was little. And for the first time since I was 10, I'm NOT going to dress like a baby whore and instead, I'll have a real costume. I'm gonna be a vampire with a stake through my chest! Gory MU and all =D

    3) What makeup/beauty item are you currently obsessed with? - I'm obsessed with black lipgloss/lipstick and finding a new storage system for my makeup. I want that scrapbooking cart I keep posting on MUA.

    4) Do you think $560 USD is too much for a pair of shoes? Even if they are these shoes? NOPE. If they're quality, you'll have them forever. And those shoes are HOT.

    5) Next Beauty/Makeup purchase? - I'm on a no-buy but when I meet Poppy on Friday and she recs me a lipcolor...I'll have to cave on principle!

    oh, and for your contest, Josie P.!

  6. LOTD: MAC Classic Dame Mattene (ahhhh love!)

    Celebrate Halloween: No but I make a token attempt at a costume since I am a corporate drudge and can't dress up. There aren't many kids in my apt building and the one that is of age is a BRAT so DH and I turn off the lights and hide. Actually, there is a sign-up sheet in the elevator for trick-or-treatees. Plus, if we bought candy, we'd eat it all before the first ring of the doorbell.

    Current MU Obsession: Avon's new BENT flat tipped eyeliner brush. $1.99 in the upcoming catalogue and I want to buy at least 4!

    $560 for Shoes!!!!!!!!! Not for those shoes. Sorry Darth. $200 tops even though Bally's are supposed to be very comfortable and last a long time. Those look like Bally shoes my mother wore in the 1970s.

    Currently Lemming: Besides Mariusz Kwiecien? Probably a fresh tube of Avon Dew Kiss lip balm even though I have a half-used tube and AVON'S BENT FLAT-TIPPED LINER BRUSH!!!!!!!!!

    For the contest sake, Sarah M.


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