Monday, October 27, 2008

Updates and a Rant

Just a few updates on recent posts and an itty bitty rant.

First the updates.

I finally heard back from MAC cosmetics about The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. They write me a letter saying that they received my e-mail and were passing along my thoughts to the marketing team. I think that's code for, "We got a good laugh about of your Haikus but I don't think there is enough interest in bringing back some sugary gloopy scrub that didn't sell as well as we hoped...thanks for playing." They included a full size eyeshadow as a "thanks for writing". That was certainly very nice of them. So as a thank you to all of those that read here I would like to give this away to one of my readers. You will receive a full size brand new in box Brule eyeshadow. Just leave me a comment here with your first name and last initial, and on Friday, October 31st, I will announce a winner. Every entry will be assigned a number by the order they post and I will use a random number generator to select the winner. Sound fun? Well maybe not but hey, it's a free eyeshadow! P.S. I will ship internationally.

Sephora has FINALLY replenished their stock of slim liner pencils so my coveted holy grail 114 nude lip liner pencil can now be procured. Yes. I'm going to be buying 3 at one time. I can finally toss away that "dupe" that broke me out along my lip line. While it was a good color match it certainly wasn't a suitable replacement in the long run.

The nivea lip balms I wrote about do have a scent. I was mistaken when I posted that they did not. The peach one does not have a scent but the red and pink ones do. Sorry if you are sensitive to scents in your lip products. I know how annoying that can be. Fortunately the scent does not last long and fades after a while. They are still my Holy Grail lip balms.

I found that the Giorgio Armani Lip Wax when this one did the same thing. Oh well. I guess they products I purchased were too drying for me. The red one (#6) didn't apply evenly enough and it gave me flaky lips. The nude one (#2) was just too orange on me. I have a problem with nude lip colors looking orange on me so I was not surprisedaren't as great as I thought they were. I also think I kind of didn't like the fact that I had to apply with a lip brush. It's a personal thing as many people don't mind lip brushes.... but for me it was just a pain in the butt. Sorry folks.

I eventually returned the Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation. It broke me out (I think it was the silicones) and it just didn't set up on me...but I have been talking to other users with less oily skin than me and they have reported great I hope that those that were interested try it out .... hopefully you can get a sample before you buy.

And now for my rant.
Many of you may read the makeup chat boards. If you don't, be thankful. For the last 3-4 days it has been unbearable. I like a lot of the posters there, don't get me wrong, but recently some of them have been really awful. Sephora came out with special one time use only code for specific Beauty Insider (BI) members. This code was a akin to a 40% savings on a purchase. (ex: save $20 on a $50 purchase or $15 of a $35 purchase). Not every BI member got one of these codes (I didn't). When the word got out that that codes were sent to some people and not all, you would have thought that God himself had personally snubbed some of the people that didn't get the code. The disgusting display of self entitlement was embarrassing and annoying. I was embarrassed for the members that really took it personally that they didn't get a code...some even claiming they would boycott Sephora or not participate in an upcoming 20% discount sale called "Friends and Family"(F&F) and I was annoyed that some of these members didn't stop to think for two seconds what a small population of only US residents got the special one time use only code. There are tons of people that buy from Sephora that a) Don't live in the US and b) Never ever get to partake in sales or the liberal return policy that Sephora in the US offers. Even the F&F sale is for US residents only.
So I say to those that were flipping out: Take a step back. It's only makeup. It's nothing that if you can't buy it you would die. It's not medicine, food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. It's just makeup. For those complaining that they didn't get the discount code, was your life so terribly impacted that you were unable to get up and have a meal, breathe unassisted, walk unassisted, hug a loved one, sleep in a warm bed or post and bitch about it on your computer with Internet access? No. No you weren't. In the big scheme of things it's just pigment, wax and mica in plastic boxes. Is makeup really that crucial to your ability to live, that missing a one time discount was going to kill you?
I may be makeup obsessed but I would trade my whole collection for the assurance that my husband and son were guaranteed happiness and health for the rest of their lives. As much as I love Chanel, Gurelain and Dior I would throw it all away if it meant saving someone I loved.
There are more important things in life. Stop bitching about a one time discount and start taking a harder look in the mirror at yourselves. Someone under all that powder, blush and lipstick is really empty. If feeling that slighted by a missed discount affects you that much, no amount of makeup will ever fix that.


  1. Isn't it just amazing how people let really small (in the grester aspect of things) things really get to them??

    My way through life is to laugh....and always see try to see things from a different perspective.

    I was born in E Africa and I am fortunate enough to find refuge there each time affluenza gets to me. I end up giving everything away and coming back empty handed but brimming with content.

    Makes me think!

    Thank for this post!! Its nice to put things backinto perspective.

  2. OMG I could not agree with your rant more. I was disgusted by some of the behavior and comments made BY GROWN WOMEN! I even had people PMing me to get my code! The audacity of some people is astonishing.

  3. For the Brule contest: Valerie E. :-)

    So glad your lip liner got re-stocked! That's a shame about the GA lip wax. I am still liking the #3 that I got- I do find that I like the color/wear of it better when I apply with my finger tip rather than a lip brush. I hope you are able to return them!

    I feel your pain about the MUA boards...too much silliness for me to be a regular anymore.

  4. For the Brule giveaway contest, I'm Rachel L :)

    Aww, sad to hear that about the Lip Wax. I was lemming it (in #5 and #6) but am not so sure any more after I heard how drying it is. I don't really like applying with fingers/a brush anyway :P

    I totally agree with you about the MUA-Sephora drama. It's totally nuts... c'mon, you guys get samples, you get to return stuff and you get discounts! What's not to love? It's just random, get over it already :P Sadly I feel like running away from MUA whenever there is some huge sale - people get kinda obsessed.

  5. ooo im a suckah for a giveaway =)

    kimberly r.

    and im here to stalk.. i mean read...yeah that's it =)

  6. Karla S.!

    Maybe MAC is just teasin' ya about the Volcanic Ash whatnot. It'll probably be re-released in 4 years or so. :)

  7. Alicia A. Entering for the Brule contest! =)


    Amen. I think the girls on MUA Makeup Boards have been going WAY overboard on this FF Discount Code from Sephora.

    If this is there #1 priority in their lives, then perhaps they need to reevaluate their priorities.

    Kudos to you for coming out and saying what most of us are thinking.

    *clap, clap, clap*

    Katalen aka virginiachick on MUA.

  9. For the giveaway Kalli M.
    It's a bit worrying that people would cause so much trouble for a code from Sephora. The Sephora here is very understocked, has a really bad return system and I can probably find only half of what the US Sephora offers. As much as I love makeup and feel a bit jealous sometimes about the stuff I can't find, it's not a life-and-death situation, it's something that makes me feel good (even though my friends love to joke about me and my makeup).

  10. Thank you! Seriously.... its makeup people! Not the end of the world, not worth going into debt for, and not worth being an assinine ninny over! Its so ridiculous!

    For the contest Lindsay C.

  11. Well,glad I was at the sniffa and missed the drama. Remind me to write to MAC sometime, I have some horror stories about their SAs. Maybe they will send me some schwag.

    I kept meaning to try the Lipwaxes this weekend but never got around to it. argh!

    Kristy K.

  12. Wow, I am way glad I missed the drama on MUA. Way to stand up for what's really important. I'm thinking, the last thing I need is to create drama where there isn't any.

    P.s. I found applying a non-greasy lip balm like Labello under the Armani lip wax helps a lot.

  13. I don't really read the forum no MUA since most of the forum type sites are banned at my workplace. I sure am glad I missed out on the drama. on a side note, i love the 114 pencil too!

  14. for the brule contest: alyson b

    And you already know how I feel about the insanity on the boards. It's ridiculous. Right now I'm sorta LOLing about all the "omg there isn't going to be a FF" dramz. I'm pretty sure there will still be one but I think people just like to freak out. I guess people who freak out over the MU board just don't have enough other important things in real life to freak out about. You don't see the ones who are unemployed/wondering where rent money is coming from bitching about Sephora codes.

  15. ooh brule! it looks purdy! and for your give away: jerlene t.

    dont worry too much about your volcanic ash exfoliator, they'll probably bring it back one day :D

  16. 1. Funny how the comment rate goes up when you are giving away something. But hey, I'll give it a shot....Janine F.

    2. Yes, I did get a code, but ensuing drama was hilarious, it is "just" MU. And while I look forward to my order, I will contemplate the Sith's very wise words and thank my personal spiritual guide (in my case God) for what I have, my very precious family and the fact that I have more MU than I will ever use.

  17. Rebecca F. Entering for the Brule contest! =)

    I didn't think those codes were that serious. I have received several in the last few months but since nothing has really grabbed my attention I haven't used them. With the state of the economy we should be worrying about our jobs, our homes, and our cars and not if we are going to receive that coupon code.

  18. Ingrid N.

    I'm not surprised by the reaction, but I am a college student living in a dorm, constantly witnessing self-entitled & self-absorbed pettiness. I totally agree with you. This is silly. Make-up is my distraction from the awfulness of college (best years of my life? Egads!). I don't want drama infiltrating that sparkly sanctuary.

  19. Hi!

    For the Brule contest: Wendy L
    I'm from Singapore tho, not sure if i'm eligible for this.

    i saw the comments at musings of a muse, but i didn't know that there was such a huge problem abt the sephora codes. i so agree with what u said "There are tons of people that buy from Sephora that a) Don't live in the US and b) Never ever get to partake in sales or the liberal return policy that Sephora in the US offers. Even the F&F sale is for US residents only. "
    oh well.

    thanks for this post!

  20. Nadine E. for the contest.

    I really like your blog by the way! You write so funny and it's always interesting how you review new stuff.

    I don't understand people behaving like this, it's just a coupon...

  21. For the Brule contest: Rachel H.

    I agree with your rant about the MUA board lately. My biggest pet peeve is that there's a notepad dedicated to news on the F&F sale. I've just been avoiding it for the last few days. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one a little put off by the attitudes there.

    -clap clap-

  22. Hi, I'm Engmin T for the Brule giveaway contest :)

  23. Entering for the Brule contest! =)

    May X.

  24. I love the VAE. It'll be interesting to see if MAC will listen to the people.

  25. Thank you for your post. I am mostly a lurker on MUA, and I was quite surprised at the reaction. Good to know some people are still sane :p

    Inge J.

  26. Josie P.

    I just realized you wanted us to post here LOL!

  27. For contest purposes only: Sarah M

    Regarding the Sephora epic and sequels -- entertaining at first, boring after a while, ridiculous from beginning to end. Especially the people who received CODES and complained that
    A) weren't big enough
    B) Not the one they wanted
    C) Wanted to trade one for the other. Jeesh!

  28. For the Brule contest, Amelia T

    I was pretty pissed about the Sephora code thing too but mainly because I've signed up to receive a catalog 4 times now & still haven't received one. I finally sent CS an email about it. The Sephora catalog is like porn to me

  29. That's very kind of you to put this e/s up for a giveway.

    KC C.

    I'm so glad the Sephora discount code drama is done and over with. Good thing they didn't end up with 1 time use codes for this year's F&F or there will definitely be more drama.

  30. Hi!
    This is my first one on your blog. And I'm really impressed with this post. I'm also a member of MUA but I rarely visit their board anymore. Most of the time I just go there to put my reviews on or check on others' reviews. Anyway, I think I can feel you about the drama incident. Many years ago, there's some trashing like this on the board for something quite stupid, I can't exactly remember it now, but people were like, let's split and trash the other side until they left/resign from the web. Too much drama for a grown up ladies when there're so manythings out there to think about. Life's already be a huge drama. Better not add anything up on it. :) I really agree with you on that.
    See you,


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