Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Purchase - Clarins So Chic eye shadow palette is Taupetastic-Plumalicious

What can I say about the Clarins So Chic eye shadow palette that hasn’t already been said? I’m a little late reviewing this palette but that's because I held off for so long before buying it. I thought I could “dupe” it. I thought I had the colors already in my collection. I have a ton-o-eye shadow. Surely I must have this combination somewhere. I think I have most of the components except for the plum. The plum color is hard to duplicate. I have a few MAC shadows that might be close buy they were too warm. I realized I had swapped away my Giorgio Armani eye mania # 2 palette for a MAC Beau eye shadow quad (I’ll review that soon enough) and those were the only other plums I had…and to be frank, they weren’t even that plumy or that nice…they were more burgundy and far more sheer than the Clarins eye shadow.

So get to the point Elvira!

OK. So basically I finally caved and purchased the Clarins palette. They were out at my local Nordstrom so I walked across the mall to Macy’s and picked it up there. The very sweet and generous SA gave me a ton of samples and didn’t try to up sell too much. I hate the up sell that Clarins SAs are notorious for. “No I don’t need toner.” No I don’t need cleanser.” “Yes I know my skin is broken out AND I have fine lines.” “No I don’t want the cream/gel/tonic/or whatever will ‘cure’ that.” “Thanks anyway.” No this SA was a doll. I happily left with my plethora of samples and my eye shadow. The So Chic palette proceeded to let it sit in the box for a week. Yeah. I wanted to take pictures of it before I used it. I wanted to have a nice virgin surface to show you all. I’m a little crazy like that.

The palette itself comes in a pretty red cloth that feels like suede with a nice little magnet closure. The colors consists of a pretty glittery black that actually goes on quite matte. It is richly pigmented and a little goes a long way. The next shade is a pretty neutral deep plum. It’s not warm; it’s not cool so I say it’s neutral. It has some slight glitter in it but none that actually shows up upon application. This plum color is also quite pigmented. The highlighter is a frosty white and it’s one of the 2 frosty shades in the palette. The last shade is...

Are you ready?

Duh. Like I would buy a palette without a taupe!
It’s the most beautiful silver taupe. It’s frosty. It’s not glittery. It’s heavily pigmented and well...not entirely unique. I think I have this color in MAC Smoke & Diamonds but it’s ever so slightly cooler than the MAC shadow. Oh but it’s taupe and I can overlook that I might have a dupe of it. I love taupe!

The application of the shadows is fairly nice. They aren’t as smooth as Chanel singles and drag a tad more than Lancome singles but they wear wonderfully. I was actually all ready to return it the first time I wore the palette because by mid day my shadow was creased and starting to fade...even with a primer! Then I realized, that day I had used a sample of a lifting serum on my lids that the Clarins SA had given me. The next day I used just the primer, no serum, and my eye shadow looked fab for 14 hours! The so Chic palette is a keeper!
It’s a tad dramatic for the office but I think I can get away with it. I use the taupe as an all over color, plum in the crease, white to highlight and black to line. I have also worn it with the black in the outer V rather than as a liner and used my Chanel ecriture de Chanel liquid liner in Noir and that looks really awesome too. (Sorry no pictures). You could also wear the plum as a liner but my skin is a tad too pink and it would look like I had a dreadful cold. I think warmer skin tones could definitely rock the plum liner look! So all in all. A MUST BUY. Nice quality, excellent pigmentation, long wear, versatile and TAUPE! Need I say more? Oh this is a Limited Edition so you might want to call your Clarins counter before making the trip or order it directly from


  1. Miss Elvira you have lovely eyes!

    Is that a Khaki-ish taupe?? I love Khaki

  2. That looks beautiful on you (of course, we've yet to see an EOTD of yours that didn't look fantastic, so I think it might be your gorgeous eyes that make everything look so fabulous!)

  3. You look gorgeous in these types of colors! I'm lemming earthly riches like crazy because of your EOTD with it and now I want this! :)

  4. Ohh, I should have picked up that palette...the colours are too pretty and they really enhance your ice-blue eyes..

  5. The plum looks fantastic in the crease. Fantastic!

  6. hmmm, i will agree with you that chanel singles are definitely smoother than so chic but i don't think i can agree with you on lancome. i think they are about the same. and lancome creases faster (a lot faster) than this on me (even though lancome ones are long lasting enough.) so that means this lasts forever!

    i recalled you said that you might have to buy this as a holiday present on my review of this! (i guess you did and it's for you!

    the colours are far richer than how they are on your lids. i think you applied the shades very lightly, no? anyway, that means they can be tone up and down easily too!

    yay! i love this quad! I should have brought it with me on the trip instead of this new Shu Minight Winter Sakura. (I'd write about it soon...)

    i didn't think the colour was taupe... :p (see my review on Clarins Colour Quartet For Eyes 50 So Chic. again, please!)

  7. Hi glow chaser: I would say it's a silvery taupe. it looks warmer on my arm than it does on my eye.

    valerie: awww. thanks. I should have photo shopped the bloodshot look from my eyes out. I need laser surgery so I can get rid of my contacts.

    xfoxglove: Oh MAC Earthly Riches is very nice. Sorry to create a lemming...wait. what am I saying. No I'm not! If you are fortunate enough to have a Cosmetics Company Outlet near by I believe they may still have them.

    birkinbagbeauty: Hi! First let me say that I LOVE your blog! and 2nd. it's not too late to get it. It's not sold out yet!

    /lachesis: Thanks sweetie!

    Hi jojoba: Yes. I meant that I would buy it as a present to myself! No one else buys me makeup so I have to! I can't wait for your review of the Shu palette! The gray color is definitely taupe. it's a silvery taupe similar to Chanel Safari or MAC Smoke & Diamonds, but taupe none the less. Thanks for including a link to your review. I meant to do that in mine, but forgot. now the readers here can see another perspective and the awesome review & pictures!

  8. you wear the shadows much better than they look. i love it. your brows are!

  9. girl, thankls for briefing me on its Chanel and MAC sister. now that you mentioned it, I think you are right. only i think Safari is warmer. NOT sure about MAC as i don't have a clue of that shade. Ha!

  10. Elvira,

    That is a lovely, lovely eyelook. Work it!

  11. I love the look of the taupe but I know off the bat I could never work that plum. Still, I've been reading so much about Clarins quads I should take a look :) Thanks and that was a gorgeous eye look!


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