Friday, November 21, 2008

Epic Fail

I had been all excited about posting my Clarisonic Brush review for you all today but I never got it done. I was supposed to bake 3 pies last night but the dough for the crust never set up right and it was a crumbly mess. I was going to make an appointment with my eye doctor because my left contact was impossible to see out of…that is until I realized I had put 2 contacts in the SAME EYE! Yeah. I’m a little stressed out. I’m hosting Thanksgiving tonight instead of next Thursday because my Mother In Law is in town this week and will be back home with my Dear Husband’s step father and his family next week. Ugh. So anyway. I’m at work today and my MIL and DH are at home getting everything ready. Being the control freak that I am, nothing will taste right because I didn’t make it and I’m still pissed that we are getting store bought pie because the crusts didn’t set up right.
All this stress was getting to me this morning until I ran across a little post on temptalia’s blog. Yes. MAC & Hello Kitty have merged to create a limited edition (duh!) collection out in stores on Feb 12th (on the web on the 10th) This is as epic as MAC Barbie from 2 years ago. There are awesome pictures on her blog
The collection looks ah-freakin-mazing! I am seriously going to forgo buying Christmas presents for my husband so I can buy everything from this collection. I might need 2 of everything! I’m that serious!

Now before you go off the deep end and start ranting about how much you hate HK, here is a blog you will like.
Hello Kitty Hell!
Many of the posts are disturbing photos and commentary on what some HK fans have done to their homes, cars, clothing, bodies all in love for HK. So before you flame me for loving HK take a look at this site and you will end up laughing about how crazy the HK fans are that you will forget to flame me.
See now we can both be happy.
Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. I really can't wait for the HK collection, I seriously might get everything from it, the pictures look so good!

  2. Good luck with everything! I'm a control freak too, so I can sympathize. :-)

  3. wow that's stressful all right. i am being too relaxed here and don't know what to do as i normally live the life you are facing right now (and worse).

    the raining days stopped me from going into water so i am here surfing. :)

    by the way, that hello kitty site is rather scary. i was speechless upon seeing that tatoo on you-know-what. grrr... not a fan of that cartoon kitty, not a fan at all!

  4. I'm so glad I saw that website. I had planned on getting a hello kitty zombie tattoo for years, but two other people already beat me to it! (even though mine was way cooler )

  5. Sorry to hear about the pies - I hope everything will work out, it usually does in the end.
    And I love HK - not to the point of those crazies on HKHell though. Can't wait to see the MAC HK stuff!

  6. I'm sure everything will go well!

    The HK stuff does NOT appeal to me - I'll just get all the non-MU stuff =)

  7. OK - I didnt think it was going to draw me in! BUT OMG you got me now. I just want the compacts cause they are so damn cute. Thanks for the post. *flame away*

  8. Wow... I'm surprised that the packaging is as nice as it is. I was expecting fluffy pink cutesyness, but its not. It's black, some of it's Swarovski coated, and its a little similar to Dame Edna. Crap... now I want some...

  9. girl, i sounded too inconsiderate in my previous reply. i am sorry and i mean that. i believe you will be fine and everything will be fine. let us know how it turned out. :)

  10. hey E!
    gosh, talk about stress! Why can't the holidays just be easy, right? They are always bittersweet, or should I say stresssweet.

    Hang in there.

    Can someone explain the hello kitty fixation to me? I used to like it when I was a little girl, but then I just grew out of it.

  11. cure site i subscribed! :)
    anyhoo ive been seeing that hello kitty/mac thing everywhere.must save nowm lol


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