Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all my Brit friends.
I know this has nothing to do with Makeup but I'm having a touch of writers block and the lighting to take pictures of products has been craptacular lately so I'm stalling by celebrating Guy Fawkes Day.
The last time I celebrated this holiday was was 1991. I was living in London. It lived in Maida Vale in the City of Westminster. I was "goth" then, but it's not too hard to be goth when all you wear is black clothing, have white hair and wear blood red lipstick in North Carolina. Going to London I looked like an average Jane.
I miss it there. I never felt safer in a big city. I loved all the clubs. EMF "Unbelievable" was a huge hit then and I laughed because it was such a terrible song. I miss drinking Snakebites and Cider and Ribena. I miss the Tube/Underground that got me everywhere I needed to be. I miss Oxford Street and all the shoe shopping! I miss American tourists asking me for directions and then looking shocked when I spoke w/ my American accent. I miss Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park and keeping my mouth shut so they wouldn't know I was a Yank and start saying how much the US sucks. I miss my Political Science Professor who gave me a tour of Parliament and I got to sit in the PM's seat and listen to my Professor tell awful jokes about the Scottish. I miss The Strand. I miss hearing people say "please" and "cheers" all the time. I miss watching old re-runs of "Neighbours" on the TV.
I don't miss blowing black snot out of my nose every night from the pollution or having holes in my pockets from all the heavy change I carried around. But that's about it.
I know it's a cliche but You never can go home again.


  1. Black snot!! Ah our victorian tubes.

    Snakebites?? ooooh missus you were a "right un" weren't ya?

    Its getting a bit nippy here now and its dark by 4pm! I am not happy....I need to move somewhere warmer.

    Thanks for think of us though!!

  2. First of all, congrats on this historical moment your country is living through (provided you are an Obama supporter).

    Guy Fawkes night here is nothing but an excuse to have fireworks displays :-)

    Greetings from London.

  3. I have GOT to go to london sometime, if only for the clubbing and cyberdog shopping.

    However... you should try getting your Brit Fix by watching The Tudors on showtime - it's a great show. :)

  4. Im watching v for Vendetta to celebrate....what the hell right?

  5. I think we should start a petition for a makeup holiday. One that involves revelry, fireworks, drinking and of course shameless acts of awesome makeup. I'm sure it would go over well, especially in Britain :-)!

  6. glow chaser: I love cold weather. I hide my fat much better in sweaters! LOL

    A Cuban In London: Yes. I support Barack!! Whoo he won!! and hey any excuse to have fireworks is OK by me!

    Kristy: Yes you must go. If only to see all the awesome architecture! Brit fix by watching the Tudors? Humm I might have to pay to ho-time now! :-)

    King of New York Hacks: Love that Movie. I love Alan Moore's work!

    /lachesis: Excellent idea. It can be world wide. I vote for some time between New Years Day and ANZAC Day/Easter. There is always a holiday deficit then!


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