Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

While this PinkSith (me) is on a mini break she wants to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving!
In America Thanksgiving is the day we all sit down and honor the religious persocution, rape and pillaging of native aboriginal indigenous persons of North America, the slaughtering of inbred turkeys, the harvesting of yams, the only use for canned french fried onion rings, breaking bread with people you would rather see choke on a turkey leg than eat with, being relegated to the children's table because you don't have a spouse yet even though you're 30, and FOOTBALL! Well Football is actually good. I'll take that out of the equation.
Not that I'm bitter. I love pumpkin pie.


  1. oooooh! now i know what you are all on about!! haha

    Hey I put up some illamasqua info for you!

  2. I hear ya. But damn I love me some dressing! ;-)

    I've missed your blog this week!

  3. wasn't it Dan Brown (mr Da Vinci code) who said something about history being the collective memory (or lack of memory) of the winning group??? I could not agree more...but I could talk about this subject forever...

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