Monday, November 10, 2008

Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams - A dreamy indulgence

I didn’t think it was possible but I have fallen in love with a nail polish. OK, Maybe I have fallen in love with nail polish before but allow me to clarify that this time I have really fallen in love with a nail polish.

Laura Mercier Caviar Dreams limited edition nail polish is from the Black Tie collection for winter. It is the most beautiful “black” nail polish I have ever worn. I put the “black” in quotation marks because this polish truly changes colors as you move. It flashes green it flashes teal it flashes purple but the base is a frosty gray/black. It is simply stunning. It reminds me of a black pearl. I tried my best to capture the color changes but it was impossible. Just take my word for it. this nail polish it HAWT!
Please excuse the less than professional application. OK WAY less than professional.

There are a few things that I don't really "love" about this polish.
a) It's limited edition. If I love it this much I might have to buy a back up because I plan to wear this one often.

b) The amount you get for the cost is appalling. Damn straight I better love this nail polish because for $15 USD and only 0.35 fl oz it’s a high price for a little product. (OPI nail polish is .5 fl oz)
c) The square cap is not a cap cover like with Chanel and N.Y.C. nail polish. It's straight cap baby and that means that it's not going to be flush with the bottle ever...unless you keep it loose (and why would anyone do that?) or you force it to do that 1/2 turn...which is a bad idea because you might never get it unscrewed again or you might ruin the treads on the cap and bottle. So you are left with a cap that is all wonky. That's a huge FAIL!

Thankfully the good things outweigh the bad.
The color is unique. I have never seen anything like this before.
The application is quick and only needs 2 light coats to become opaque
It dries quickly for a frost polish
It leaves a very nice glossy finish even before the top coat
It wears very well. After multiple hand washings. Changing Darthypie's diapers does a number on my hands I'm constantly washing them. Multiple showers and giving Darthypie baths, my manicure only started to show signs of wear on the 4th day. That's VERY good for me. It only started to chip off after Day 7. That's excellent for me.
It's unique enough to wear to work...maybe on a casual Friday if you work in a conservative office.

All in all. this is an amazing polish. If you want to buy it on line you will have to go to or because it's out of stock on and I can't seem to find it on or But you can still find it in most stores.

Will you be buying this?


  1. I don't usually go for black polishes, I'm more into dark browns and grays, but this one... looks...dreamy. Crap.

    [sorry if I make 2 comments... I thought I made one, then it was *poof* gone!]

  2. That looks so amazing! I agree with you sometimes, buying tiny amounts of things are so worth it.

    I also finally got my Dior Creme de Gloss and holy crap is it amazing! Thank you for that post!

  3. I really hate when you make me want stuff.

  4. valerie: it sure is purdy. aw come on. you need one more dark gray/black polish to finish out your collection right? lol

    /lachesis: Yea!! Yuo got it. Do you love it? Well of course you do I read your review on your blog! heh heh. I just got the same color in the mail yesterday! (i love it too)

    sophia: Hey. That's what I'm here for right?


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