Friday, November 14, 2008

Gift - New Additions to the Pink Sith Taupe Eyeshadow Family

I realized I haven't posted a Taupe e/s picture in a while. And I don't think I'm doing you all any favors by posting a picture of 2 taupe eye shadows (well, 3 because one is a duo) that are both discontinued. Sorry but those have been my recent acquisitions to the Taupe Eyeshadow Family.
I hate to post about discontinued products but you never know with ebay and other outlets you might just be able to find these 2 discontinued eye shadows.

The first one is from Pout. It's called Miss Canada. Pout cosmetics went out of business last year and it is only now that I discover them. Darn it. Thankfully I have managed to acquire through MUA swap 2 blushes and this eyeshadow duo. Miss Canada is a taupe on taupe dream! The shadows look warmer in the pan than they apply. I would put this in the gray taupe family. The texture is smooth and creamy. The color payoff is almost opaque and metallic. One swipe of the eye and you have enough to build on to spread out over the whole lid. The eye shadow wears very well (with a primer underneath) and lasts most of a 14 hour day.

The second one is Lancome color Focus single eyeshadow in Aspen Nights. A friendly MUAer found this at a TJ Maxx at a heavily discounted rate and offered to send me one out of the kindness of her own heart. Sweet! It's a deep dark gray taupe that had some greenish tendencies but only slight. The texture on this one is harder and more powdery than Pout. The color payoff is very good it does not look as metallic on the eye as it does in the pot. It takes a little effort to blend well. It makes a nice liner and a decent crease color if you are willing to work with it. The shadow does not wear as well as other I have but lasts for a good 10 hours (with a primer underneath)

The Pout eye duo is fast becoming a favorite. I find it very versatile and easy to wear. It is one of the nicer light taupes I own. The Lancome Aspen Nights is nice but I still find that my Becca Lame eye shadow is still my favorite of the darker taupes.

Here is an Eye Of The Day using only Pout Miss Canada and Lancome Aspen Nights. As you can see I over blended the Lancome into the Pout but What do you want for 5:30 in the morning? I used Urban Decay Oil Slick liquid liner and Maybelline The Colossal Mascara layered over Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara.


  1. I love your taupe posts, even if it's for DC'd items! I bought some things on sale when Pout was going out of business, and I think Miss Canada was out of stock at that point. I did get the Bamboo cream eyeshadow- it's some gorgeous taupe-liciousness in a tube.

    And speaking of taupe, I've fallen in love with yet another polish! The brand is Barielle (which I had never heard of) and the polish name is Misbehaving Mistress. me-ow. All Lacquered Up has a gorgeous pic of it and describes it as "kind of graphite but with taupe mixed in"


    Hope you have fun at CCO today!

  2. Wow -- taupe is lovely on you!!
    My local TJ Max had tonssssss of Lancome shadows and goodies for a lil under $9.99 each, u just gotta dig thru the piles, but good stuff!!

    and too bad that shadow line is discontinued, dontcha haaate that.

  3. AHHHHH JEALOUS! I want both of those...especially Aspen Nights. Oh well, I have to satisfy myself with my 10000 other taupes. But notice how we never have enough! *sob* by the way, tomorrow I'm getting another chance to meet Poppy King - so your LQ review will be arriving shortly. Hopefully, I'll get pics with her (if I'm not sobbing hysterically out of excitement...because I'm a loser lol!).


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