Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gift - Ode to Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush #99 Rose Petale

I have eyed you from a distance for many years.
I would make attempts to procure you only to be distracted by your sisters, Narcisse, Mocha, Luna, Rose Bronze and Nude.
Your pink hue looked almost peach in the store tester display so I always held back.
Yet I yearned for you still.
Then one day, you arrived as a gift.
You came all the way from Singapore and "Made in France" was stamped on your label.
You were a cousin to the Rose Petal in the US and yet you looked even prettier than your domestic counterpart.
You were more sheer and less powdery than your American kin.
I thought you might not work for me as I have to dig my blush brush into you to get the amount of color that I require.
I think I might hit your pan faster than any other Chanel Blush in your family.
However, once applied to the apples of my cheeks the Angels do sing.
A glowing healthy blush overtakes my sad sallow skin and you seem to light me of from within.
You are my dream come true.
My "perfect" blush.
All is well in the world.....of Pink Sith's blush.


  1. Sounds divine! Hooray for true blush love! :-)

  2. It sounds like one of those things you love, but are afraid to use because it might run out, or get dropped, or something. I think this calls for a Haiku:

    Chanel Powder Blush
    Transcending with flushed wonder
    My one, my precious.


  3. I know I'm not supposed to, but I LOL at this. Lovely ode to Rose Petale. I have been meaning to get it too and maybe now I have to since Angels are singing and everything :)

  4. This is way too funny! I love the way you wrote it! You are the best!!! I didn't know the two version are different. hmmm... cool!

  5. It wasn't sexual enough for me, but still quite lovely, Elvira darling =D one day I hope to sing to a blush in the same way!

  6. Valerie: Yes. but you know how fickle I am. This too shall pass and I'll find another blush love.

    archellebaker: I LOVE your haiku! It's perfect! lol

    parisb: Oh yes. you are supposed to laugh at this. I'm certainly not serious. :-)

    jojoba: Thank you again. Yes. Euro/Asia ones are different formulation than US ones. Odd isn't it?

    katee: Hi! I love that green polish! and your blog has awesome pictures. I wish I could do my nails as nicely as you! Yeah. Blush is a recent obsession of mine. It's rather unhealthy.

    joey: You can love your blush, just don't LOVE your blush. KWIM?

  7. I'm not sure how well this is known outside of Canada, but all Chanel cosmetics in Canada are made in France and shipped here...maybe you should just go the route of getting a CP from someone here instead of getting it from Singapore in the future? Just a thought :) I say this because I picked up Rose Petale a week ago and it's definitely the Euro version shown in your pic!

  8. Hi Anon:
    Thanks for the comment and the tip. The Rose Petale I received was a gift. Fortunately I have gone though friends in Canada to get the Euro Version of other blushes that I like from Chanel!


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