Sunday, November 9, 2008


So I had that drawing for my MAC Brule eye shadow a little over a week ago and announced the winner, but she never contacted me. So I'm going to do another drawing tomorrow. Is that fair or should I wait a little longer for the winner to contact me?


  1. I think that's fair. You told us what day you were going to draw a winner, and it's been over a week. Ya snooze, ya loose. :-)

  2. Do another drawing. It's been long enough.

  3. what the heezy... the winner snoozed - how can u miss out on a free shadow, Ive been GLUED.

  4. i think you should do another drawing, you said how the winner would be announced, but to be honest- i read a LOT of beaut blogs and they all have contests. finding a way to contact the winner via email or something would be nice. :)

  5. Yah do another draw - a week is a fair time to have waited.


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