Monday, November 17, 2008

Purchase - Sephora By OPI: I'm With Brad nail polish and I'm Impressed!

I recently swapped for a OPI by Sephora or Sephora by OPI (they show it 1 way on the web and another on the bottle) nail polish. I swapped for it sight unseen and I must say I am quite pleased. I received "I'm With Brad". Hey, at least they are still being somewhat clever with the names. But personally the only Brads I have ever known have been total Jackasses and I doubt I would ever be "with" them, but I decided to overlook my prejudice of all things "Brad" and go with this polish. I'm glad I did.

"I'm With Brad" is a lovely almost vampy shade that sparkles in the sunlight but looks subtle enough under fluorescent lights to wear to the office. Sephora describes the color as "Shimmering Wine over Dark Coffee" Read=Red shimmer over dark brownish black! I would suck as a color describer. I like to tell it how it is.

The polish applies well, like most OPI polishes, but I will say it definitely needs a good 2 heavy coats, or even three if you want real depth to the color. The first coat looks like a sheer grayish-black with red shimmer, but once the second coat goes on the real beautiful color begins to develop. It does not streak and dries fairly quickly.

I like the wear of this polish. It does not fade and after 3 days no chips! I'm pretty hard on my hands so anything that lasts 3 days makes me happy. Your mileage may vary.

As I have about 10-15 black/gray/charcoal/graphite colored nail polishes this is a nice and refreshing addition. But those with other shimmery wine colored polishes may just want to pass. this one is easily dupeable.

Oh and just so you know. I completely suck at applying nail polish. I was so excited to have an almost decent application to take a picture of on a sunny day. I thought I would add a light coat to my nails before taking a picture and look what happens.

I suck. :-)


  1. You do not suck! That's what q-tips and NP remover were made for. :-)

    And I have had the same experience with people named Brad! Weird. Nice polish though.

    I went to Sephora yesterday to return my Fresh powder, and there was Metro Chic sitting on the shelf. And those biddies had never. even. called. me. I had left my name and number TWICE. Good thing I have some MUA friends watching out for me! :-D

  2. I love this colour , too! And gotta agree with the Brad comment - never met a nice one yet!

  3. I'm still dying for Metro Chic. Gah. I'll get ahold of it one of these days...

    Let me know if you'd ever like to go DC sniffing with our little perfumey group. We're going to Tyson's on the 22nd!

  4. Valerie: Those twits didn't call you? Good thing you have a NP Fairy Godmother to take care of you! ;-)

    the mighty j - Glad to know it's not just me witht he whole brad issue! lol

    kristy: Ooh. I stalked sephora website until it was back in stock. I would love to go with you all on the 22nd but my MIL is in town and we have plans...but PLEASE contact me via e-mail if you all get together another time. I would really like to go!


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